Sunday, June 29, 2008

Athena The Turtle

We have a turtle living in our flower beds! Today after church we were walking outside and found a turtle walking around in our flowerbeds. So....we put a dot of red nail polish on it's back. This way if we saw another turtle in our flower beds we'd know if it was "our turtle" or not. This is the only pet we have aside from the three gold fish the trips got for their last b-day's (thank you Aunt Janece....ahem) and only Kayleah's is still with us....

Our First Duet

Today Kayleah and I sang our very first duet in Sacrament meeting. We sang 'Teacher Do You Love Me?' from the Primary songbook. She did such a good job! I was so impressed with her. Many people in the Ward came up to her during church to tell her how well she did. Kayleah didn't quite know what to say or how to respond. :) For the first time she was a bit shy and somewhat speachless! I am constantly impressed with the many talents my children have. They are all so gifted. Of course I'm glad that they all like to sing, some more than others ;). Music fills our home daily and that fills my heart.

Saturday, June 28, 2008


Last night we went to the movies....the Drive-In Movies! We saw Wall-E. This was the second time the kids have been to the drive in. The first was last year on Emily's 3rd birthday to see Meet the Robinson's. They love watching from the back of the van. Unfortunately I didn't get pictures this time. We went with our good friends the Taylors. Jen and I had a bit too much fun trying to get the seats all situated in my van *wink* but a few sweat drops, a couple of grunts and a lot of exertion later we were ready to roll! (Jen-that was for you babe!)

The kids really liked the movie, the ones that stayed awake anyway. Emily was out after the first 10 mins and Kayleah only made it half way through before falling asleep. I can't blame them-when you spend your summer days playing outside and swimming it makes you super tired! Emily falling asleep did surprise me a bit though. Out of five kids she's the only one that got her mommas late night owl gene. Usually that girl can outlast just about anyone-if she wants too!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Oh Canada

Elder Johnson took off back to Canada this morning. Micheal came home in May for some minor knee surgery. He has been anxious to get back up to Canada to finish the last four-five months of his mission. It was hard for all of us to say goodbye to him again, but we are so proud of him for doing the Lord's work. Last night Michael, Kelly, Levi (Kelly's husband) and I went for a late night swim....why is swiming at night so much fun?! We took pictures of our fun and also pictures of the kids with Michael and of them waving goodbye to him as Janece and he drove away for the airport.
Kayleah, Christopher, Emily, Kaleb, Uncle Michael, Sarah & Preslee
Kayleah, Uncle Michael, Sarah, Christopher, Emily & Kaleb
Waving goodbye!
We wave untill we can't see each other anymore, it's a family tradition :)
Kelly and Levi
Kelly and Micheal...note his farmer's tan
That's right-we have tans. But up in Canada Micheals won't last for long!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Blogging Overload!

I'm now on day 3 of my faithful blogging resolution. I have had so much fun looking at other people's blogs! I am in awe of every ones creativity. I'm just sad that I didn't do this sooner! That's partly why I added the 90+ picture slide show to my blog. LOL since I can't really go back and "back blog" at least you all can see pictures of what I could have and (go ahead and say it) should have blogged about. ;)

Monday, June 23, 2008


Kaleb and Christopher had a GREAT soccer season! Their team was the Red Hawks. This was the third soccer team they have been on and they both did really well. Their team went through the entire spring season with no losses! They won the finals and brought home two trophies each and a t-shirt! They could not be more thrilled. Christopher took his trophies to school with him to show his class and teacher.

Kaleb's coach and I talked during a break in the round-robin finals and he talked about some of his favorite "Kaleb" moments during the season. One was when he stopped the Referee after a call he had made and tried to tell him how to make the calls....another when he was instructing the goalie, who was excellent, how to cover the whole goal so no one could score on him. Mind you the game was being played during this time and the goalie was getting annoyed at trying to listen to Kaleb AND watch the ball so that the other team DIDN'T score on him! The funnest part about watching Kaleb play soccer is after every "good" play he makes-and good play means he kicked the ball or scored-he would turn and give the crowd a "Hollywood aw shucks smile" and bask in the glory a bit. Sometimes a bit too long....and one time he was so eager to get more cheering that he scored for the other team!
Kaleb-love this shot!

...taking control...
Christopher also had us in stitches at times. He has decided that soccer just isn't what he wants to do and is currently looking at other activities that interest him. This is just as well. Topher did well at soccer....when he wanted too. But sometimes the grass was just too darn interesting! Or a big fighter jet would fly overhead and he just didn't understand why all the other team players wouldn't stop the game for just a bit so they could all stare up at the sky at the cool plane. LOL! Spring season can be a bit cold and sometimes wet. This is not ideal for Topher. Many times during the early games the coaches would have to holler at him to take his hood off and pull his hands out of his jersey so he could see and move to play the game. He usually did as asked but not without giving some pretty nasty looks to the coaches and mumbling to himself! The funniest Christopher story for this season of soccer I missed! I'm not sure if I had taken someone to the bathroom or what but when I returned my mom and sisters were laughing and watching him while he was sitting on the sidelines. Apparently one of the other team members had a bag of skittles that he had left on the ground by his stuff. Topher made his way over to the bag and then nonchalantly started sneaking skittles! He later tried to deny it but my sister had taken pictures of him doing it and showed them to him-to his great horror! It was quite the lesson for him and quite a laugh for us!
Classic Topher-hood up and hands tucked safely and WARMLY in his sleeves. LOL It drove me nuts that most of his pictures are like this-no good face shots...but he was warm and hiding under his hood he could still play!

Dance Recital

Recital time! The girls worked so hard throughout the year and the big pay off was their ballet recital. They all did such a wonderful job. Grandma and Crappa got the girls each a beautiful bouquet of flowers. A funny side note- Sarah could not say the word "recital" instead she would say "recycle". It was so hard not to laugh when she would ask people if they would like to come to her recycle!

Emily, Sarah & Kayleah Dance recital May 31, 2008

Sunday, June 22, 2008


Kayleah, Sarah and Emily all took dance this year for the first time. They had so much fun and did so well! Kayleah's teacher and other instructors at their dance studio (Miss Amy's Dance Studio) commented all the time that she's such a natural. Sarah and Emily were so cute in their class which they took together. In addition to ballet they also took tap-so fun!

Emily looks so tiny but so cute!

Sarah-so cute!

Kayleah is such a beautiful ballerina!

Here I go...........

I have so much to catch up on and after several of you beging me to get it together and start blogging seriously! OK!!! I give in!!! So get ready for an explosion of information and pictures. LOL!