Thursday, July 31, 2008

Elementary School Open House

Sunday the 27th the kids elementary held their open house. The kids were all so excited to meet their new teachers. The triplets have been separated and all together in the past. This year I decided to separate them. Last year their 1st grade teacher and I noticed that they were getting quite competitive with each other, particularly Kaleb. Competition can be healthy but for one of them it was just disheartening. I'm hoping that being in separate classes will help build confidence in them this year as individuals.
Kaleb's class couldn't be more perfect for him. His teacher loves science as much as he does. Her class room has planets hanging from the ceiling, there are pictures of animals everywhere and a few globes around the room! Kaleb was truly in heaven!!

Christopher's classroom was very organized and structured. this is also perfect for him. He was very excited to see some of his old classmates. His teacher is very sweet.

Christopher liked that everyone else was an animal and he was food! That is until I pointed out that Kaleb and Sarah's animals could eat him! LOL

Kayleah is excited that the desks in her classroom are set up in groups...go figure, she's just a tad bit social. LOL She was excited to see some of her friends had made it into her class this year.

This picture made me laugh. She was trying to make her eyes look crazy like the frog eyes outside her classroom! What a hoot!

Sarah starts kindergarten this year!.....can you hear me sobbing?! I can't believe my little Sarah will be gone during the day now as well. Emily is thrilled to have momma to herself. She is going to Pre-School again this year. She attends two days a week for 1/2 a day. Her open house isn't for another week or so. I do not know what I'm going to do next year when all my babes are in school full-time. I'm sure some of you will get phone calls this year AND next on the first days of school. Just be forewarned that you may not be able to hear anything but sobs on the other end of the line. I have called her 'Sarah Bear' from the time she was a baby. There was actually a time that when asked what her name was she would answer "Sarah Bear". So we had a good laugh when we saw her classroom mascot is a bear!

Janece's Baby Shower

Janece is having another baby girl. Preslee is thrilled as can be! Janece is ready for this very active little baby to just get out already! LOL Janece has never been one that likes attention, so if we had asked her permission to throw her a baby shower she would have most likely said no.

Well, we really wanted to do a shower for her and after several other people asked if we were I decided we were going to have to throw her a surprise shower....that was the plan. I called mom and Kelly and told them that we should do the shower on my birthday. That way they could get with Janece and make her think that the three of them were planning a surprise birthday luncheon for me-but really it would be a shower for Janece. Jeremy was in on the plan, all was in place.
I started making the invitations right away because we only had 2 weeks before the party. The day that I created the design and printed a test copy of the verbage on the computer, Janece came over. I thought I had cleared away any evidence before she arrived. I had forgotten one printout that had been left on the computer desk in plain sight. Later that night mom saw the printout and called my attention to it. We debated for a short bit about whether or not she saw it. Finally I called Jeremy and because he's a terrible liar (not a bad thing) he confirmed that she did know. The jig was up!
I was so disappointed that my brilliant surprise plan had failed. Oh well, we still had a great shower for her! Even though she knew about the shower we refused to let her know anything about the shower. Janece LOVES game shows and mom found some really great ideas on the Internet.

1st game was a matching game. Some of the cards to match were baby girl, umbilical cord, breastfeeding and a bunch of other baby related things. Once you matched two cards you got a candy bar that went along with that particular card. So, for baby girl they got a baby Ruth, for umbilical cord a pack of twislers, breastfeeding milk duds etc. Everyone but me won a candy bar...sniff...but to be fair I was busy getting the next game ready and only played 2 rounds.
Game #2 was my favorite, The Price is Right! Janece really likes this game and we knew it would be a hit. I downloaded the Theme song from the price is right and made a "Bob Barker" microphone out of a rod, plastic ball and aluminium foil. Mom was the announcer and Kelly was the product model. We used the two big gifts that several people had gone in on together for the bidding items. To choose the contestants for the game we drew pre-addressed envelopes that the guest had filled out when they arrived. Some were super fun to announce because they had not used their given first name. Sister Palmer for example wrote down Goddess Palmer! Another friend put down Hot Momma, SO FUN!
We did commercial brakes during this game. The commercials were drawings out of the basket for "audience" prizes. We did two bidding rounds. Plinko was the second bidding winner game and the first was Pick the Price. For the triplets 5th birthday mom and dad made a plinko board for them. I altered the way you play the game a bit from the show to go with the shower and everyone loved it.
The 3rd game was called Baby Bottle Drink Off! There were three players and each was handed a chilled 4 oz. baby bottle full of apple juice. "On your mark, get set, CHUG!" Jen just didn't have the patience for the tiny hole in the nipple-so she took the nipple off and forfeited, lol. Amy and Jill persevered and eventually Amy won! The prizes for this game were fun to hand out. For the winner we had a package of sippy cups because they had mastered the sucking skill and graduated on to cups. For the two losers we had a package of ring pops. They needed to work on their sucking skills. LOL!!
Kelly was in charge of the food and cake. It was all so tasty and looked great! Mom and the younger girls took care of the decorations. Mom and I did games together and I took care of making invitations and thank you cards.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

24th Celebration

I just didn't have time to edit all the photos from our 24th Celebration at the ward to get this posted last week. But before I'm WAY behind I realized tonight that I need to post, post, post in order to get caught up.

Friday night we had a very fun Ward activity to celebrate the 24th of July. The kids got to do all kinds of fun things. Unfortunately Kaleb wasn't feeling well so he didn't get to stay at the activity, Grandma took him home to rest. Poor thing tried to come but when we arrived in the parking lot he threw up. He was so sad to miss out on the activities. Uncle Levi made him a very cool stick horse! (his was the only one made with a reign-very cool)
There was a homemade ice cream station, a doll making station, a stick horse station and a taffy pulling station. It was so much fun to see all the kids run around making fun stuff and having a great time. There was a parade just before dinner all the kids got to participate in....and some of the adults.
The kids all decorated bikes to ride in the parade, even Kaleb. Since he wasn't there to ride we let another little boy ride. Several children didn't bring bikes to participate in the parade. Christopher was so sweet, he let another little boy ride his bike for awhile so he could have fun too. What a sweetheart!
During the parade Sarah was run over by the Bishop's son! LOL She was alright-more shocked than anything. It was really sweet to see her little friend Gabriel turn around as soon as it happened and rode back to check on her...they have quite the little friendship. ;)
We also had a pie making contest. Mom, Kelly and Jeremy all entered two pies each. First they announced 3rd place-mom's Banana Cream Pie (Dad accepted the ribbon for her). Then the announcer said "2nd place goes to another member of the Johnson family, Kelly" for her Peanut Butter Chocolate Pie, it was divine! And 1st place goes to yet ANOTHER member of the Johnson family, Jeremy for his Strawberry Cream Pie!! Everyone had a good laugh about the Johnson's stealing the contest. We didn't pay the judges off-promise! LOL

Friday, July 25, 2008

Flashback Friday

It's my Party and I'll Cry if I want to

OK, it's late but it's STILL Friday. lol Well I thought for my flashback today I would share my first Birthday away from my family as a "big girl". First, there are NO pictures of me in this one. Sorry, I know you were all dying to see more fabulous pictures of me growing up but sadly you'll just have to wait until next time. *note-read that last sentence with a sarcastic undertone* haha!

I spent my 18th birthday practically alone, and yes- sulking, in Utah while attending LDSBC in Salt Lake City. I have no pictures of that momentous day. Of myself that is. My family on the other hand has MANY! Janece wrote me a letter (email was not really up and flowing then) and mailed pictures to me of how they celebrated my birthday, without me.

They went boating!! That's right people, boating. You ask, did we ever do something so extravengant before to celebrate my birthday while I lived there? n.o. LOL rest assured that while I did cry on my birthday because I missed my family and wished oddly enough that I was with them to celebrate, I was very happy for them that they had found a way to go on without me and go boating. Tee Hee! All joking aside the pictures were great to get in the mail and it was a hoot to see what they had all been up to. :)

Here's a picture of everyone but my mom after the boating trip. I should tell you that she didn't send me any pictures of them actually boating, just pictures after. hmmmm tricky you say? I agree!

*PICTURE HAS BEEN REMOVED AT KATIE'S REQUEST, BECAUSE I LOVE HER-I REMOVED IT* :) Katie decided it would be fun for someone to put sunblock on and leave hand prints on her back. I laughed so hard when I got this picture! It was SO Katie!This was taken sometime, maybe even a few days, after my birthday. So much could be read into this picture....but there's not enough time tonight for that. ;)
Janece is my most hilarious sibling. Many people do not know that she has an amazing sense of humor and it's very spontaneous. On the back of this picture she just simply wrote: Janece 97. This picture is SO Janece!

I don't know if there is a background story with this lime dress or not...I really should ask. This picture of Kelly also arrived in that "birthday" letter with pictures from Janece. It's a cute picture of Kelly all sunburnt and green. :)

Last but not least, the wig picture. Why you ask? I would like to know myself. Many people have had a good laugh at my hair over the years. It truly does have a mind of it's own at times. I've endured some pretty harsh nicknames while growing out major mistakes...ahem. So again, so much could be read into this picture. Janece labeled the back: Nice Hair! from left to right: Timmy, Ashley, Janece, Alison, Kelly, Tony, Grandma Chapman (Aunt Juanita's mom), Katie, Michael. Just in case you were wondering, Kelly is the only one NOT wearing a wig. lol!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

So Long, Good Bye

It finally happened. Kayleah's fish, the last remaining from Aunt Janece's WONDERFUL birthday gift, has died. Actually it died on Sunday but I'm just now getting it blogged....very busy week people! Fish dying just wasn't number 1 to blog about. ;)

I am a very compassionate person. Maybe too much at times. However, when it comes to dead fish-na.da. They smelled, took up valuable space on my kitchen counter and who do you think did most of the feeding and cleaning of the bowls?...that's right-ME. UGH.

Kaleb's fish was the first to die. He took his fish passing the hardest of all three. Poor little guy just started crying and instantly got sad when he realized that his fish was gone. After an appropriate amount of grieving I let Kaleb know that we needed to "take care" of the carcass. Well...I'm not one for animal funerals-at least for fish, but my mom stepped in and took care of the arrangements. I have LOTS of fun craft items, as most of you know, and Grandma found a little paper kraft box that he decorated and placed his fish in. Grandma suggested that he take some pictures with his fish to remember him...lovely. Then she took the kids outside for the graveside part of the ceremonies. Kaleb said a few parting words that included "you were a good fish, even though I can't remember what I named you" and "I will miss you"...What a sweet tender hearted boy!

Topher's fish was next. Funny thing about his fish though is that he was just as unique and tricky as Christopher is and can be. We noticed that his fish was loosing his gumption and suggested that maybe we should flush him down the toilet where "all drains lead to the ocean....Nemo anyone?" he could find his family and be happy again. Topher thought about it but each day would say that he wanted to wait one more day to see if his fish could be "happy" with him. JUST BRAKES YOUR HEART! Well, I noticed one morning while doing the dishes that his fish had stared at me just a bit too long. After close inspection and several second opinions-his untimely death was called. ONLY, he didn't flip belly side up and float to the top. Instead he floated to the bottom and appeared to be sleeping. TRUST me he was dead, even after coming out of the water and being placed back in....he sank to the bottom right side up-CREEPY! Anywho, because he looked like he was just asleep or "very sad" we pointed this out to Topher and he decided that sending him home to his family was the best choice. Poor guy watched as his fish circled the toilet until it was gone. When it was, he said, I hope he finds his family and can be happy now. Say it with me...AHHHHH!

Kayleah's fish died on Saturday Night. Now, I feel responsible for this one. I cleaned it's tank and gave it fresh water but didn't realize that I needed to let the tap water set out for a couple of hours to get rid of the chlorine in it. Well, just a few hours after cleaning it we found it dead. Floating belly side up-so sad. I was baffled! Her fish was very active and seemed determine to stay alive. :) Then after talking to some friends I found out about the whole chlorine thing. Turns out I had just gotten lucky all the other times because I would let the water sit out so it was room temp as not to shock the little thing when I did change the water. Saturday I was in a hurry and the water felt room temp right out of the tap. Thank you southern summers. Now brace yourselves for this next may shock you. When I told Kayleah the next morning her fish was dead her response was "Ah, Where's Grandma so I can take a picture?!" all with a smile on her face mind you. She was not sad in the least bit! She had been waiting to have her funeral should I be concerned? LOL :) Well, she took her pictures and then had her graveside funeral as well. Her fish is buried next to Kaleb's, who I'm pretty sure he name Goldie. Kayleah's parting words to her fish, Junie B. Jones were "Well, you have a friend next door." and Kaleb added "You lasted the longest". LOL!! I just LOVE these kids!

Yes they may be Triplets, but they are all so unique and so different, so funny and so talented in so many different ways. I am SO blessed. :)

*I know, you're wondering where the pictures are. Well, my mom took them on her camera so I'm going to have to find out WHERE they are?! I'll get them though-don't worry. LOL*

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

An Early Flashback

Today the kids, my mom and I went into Nashville for some back-to-school shopping. We went to two different clothing stores where we found GREAT deals and super cute clothes. We also went to a used book store called McKay's. Oh My Heavens! This store is AMAZING! You can sell, trade or buy books, movies, games etc. Well we didn't even make it through half of the kids isle and we spent over a half hour in the store. I really need to go back when I can spend about 4 hours. I LOVE books and so consequently I need more than 1/2 hour to go through a book store-especially for the first time. All the kids got fun books to read and I got a few for me as well. Grandma went looking for one book in particular and in the first 2 minutes of being in there she found it! A brand new copy to boot for only $7.00 HARDBACK! It's over $15.00 at a retail store.

While trying to help Kayleah find some books she might be interested in I came across a book series that I had COMPLETELY forgotten about-Sweet Valley Twins (also, SVT Jr. High and SV High-apparently there's also SV University but I never read those ?). I just couldn't believe it!! The books cost .10 cents each. LOL!! I remember getting the next book I needed in the series for Easter's, Birthday's, in my stocking at Christmas and other special occasions. I also remember my mom getting me one just because she knew I was ready for the next one and as a way to say thanks for being so helpful. It was so fun to run into this memory from so long ago!

*I know the picture is incredibly small, but it's the best I could find* :)

Chinese Anyone?

This week is just busier than it has business being! I really truly do have lots of things to blog-just not enough time to do it. So I'm just going to have to put up bits of it all when I can squander time. That means right now-when I should be in bed. :)

Sunday we had everybody over for dinner. Janece, Jeremy and Preslee and Kelly and Levi. Grandma (my mom) had been craving Chinese food and since none of the local restaurants were tasting as good as she thought they should, she decided that we would make our own. YUM! Growing up I loved it when mom made egg rolls, fried rice and stir fry.
The kids all love helping in the kitchen so Grandma and Crappa put them to work! *I feel like I should say, in case I haven't already, that when the trips were little my Dad thought it sounded like they were calling him 'crappa' instead of 'grandpa'. He loved it so much that he's trained them all to call him crappa-LOL*

OK back to cooking! So Crappa set the kids up at the kitchen table with him making Crab Rangoon. It was SOOO good. So good in fact that Emily saw Crappa eat a raw wrapper and thought she'd try one as well. Only she picked up a stuffed crap wrapper and started chomping away at it! Mom assured me that it was perfectly safe for her to eat them raw-all the stuff inside was cooked. :)

Our meal was delicious and everybody enjoyed it immensely!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Soccer Camp

Well I have lots to blog about today and to get started.....Soccer Camp! Kaleb and Christopher played soccer both fall and spring sessions and had a great time. Topher has decided to try baseball this coming fall while Kaleb is sticking with Soccer. This year the soccer association hired Midwest Soccer to facilitate camp this year.
Like anything else nowadays camp was not cheap. Kaleb really wanted to go so we sat down and came up with a way that we could afford the tuition. Our first plan included mommy coming up with half of the money and getting the other half from another source. That plan didn't work. Kaleb was pretty disappointed. I was so impressed that he didn't throw a fit or whine about his understandable disappointment. Instead he started thinking of different ways to come up with the remaining amount. So I sat down and found ways we could cut back and do just that. :)
Kaleb also did various jobs to help earn some of the money as well. He helped substitute on Uncle Jeremy's Tuesday paper route, (poor thing only lasted two hours then had to come home cause he was throwing up! The route is pretty windy), washed vehicles for Uncle Levi, helped with extra house chores, helped with cleanup from the construction outside and other tasks. I am so proud and impressed with my little man.

You should have seen how excited he was walking out to mail his important information the camp headquarters needed out to the mail box and putting the red flag up! I could kick myself for not getting a picture of him doing this-grrr. The next step, and probably the hardest one for him, was to patiently wait for camp to begin!

Camp lasted for one week and was for three hours a day Monday-Friday. Monday was very exciting for Kaleb and he had a blast at his first day. When I picked him up that first day all he wanted to do was go home and cool off in the pool. :) Unfortunately Kaleb didn't drink his Gatorade and water as much as he said he was....and a few hours later was sick from sun exposure. Much to his dismay he missed the second day of camp. On Wednesday Kaleb was all healthy and more than ready to get back to business. The rest of the week went without a hitch.

Kaleb had great coaches, Coach Danny and Coach Mark. They both flew over from Europe to work with MSA here in the states. Just listening to the coaches talk in their accents made driving the kids back and forth everyday, cost of camp and enduring the heat all worth it! Oh and of course Kaleb's happiness was a huge bonus ;)

For the last 1/2 hour of camp on Friday all the "soccer moms" took a ton of pictures and the coaches handed out evaluations and awards for the weeks efforts. Kaleb feels he learned a lot of new cool skills-his words ;) and can't wait for fall season to start! I'm trying to figure out how I'm going to juggle soccer, baseball (yes both will be at the same time-sigh) and whatever it is the girls decide to do. Looking back last year seems so easy schedule wise with just soccer and ballet to juggle!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Flashback Friday

Flashback #2

The summer I turned 9 years old my family moved from Utah to Ohio. After that we traveled to Utah every two years to visit with family and friends. I have many fond memories of family reunions in Utah. One year, the summer I turned 12, when we were driving home (we always drove) we started to notice some boxes along the highway. They looked like they had accidentally fallen off of a truck the way they were strewn about. After passing/dogging a few my MOM yelled at my Dad to STOP!

She had seen a box that she couldn't just drive by. It was a wedding preservation box. Yes, someones very tiny but beautiful wedding dress was sealed inside. So we stuck the box in our already overloaded van and continued the drive home to OH. We all joked that in a few minutes or miles up the road we'd see a tux box. HAHA Well the whole trip back we kept a lookout for a moving truck with it's back up or just people who "looked" like they were looking for lost boxes. We never saw any.

When we got home my Mom tried to find the owner of the dress. I'm not exactly sure how or what she did to do this. Eventually she decided that she had done all she could and gave the dress to us girls to add to our "dress-up" collection.

My 12th birthday finally arrived and not a moment too soon! Growing up my parents had decided that 12 was the appropriate age to "do" certain things. Things like wear makeup and shave our legs...ahem, and arms. ;) Well 12 was also the age that we got to have a friend birthday party and I decided to have a sleep over party!

We had a BLAST! First, my friends all decided that they would all make sure to come with smooth legs and arms-I was finally one of them! I have very dark brown hair. Consequently the hair color on the "rest" of my body is pretty much BLACK. *side step* I was eleven during sixth grade. It was not very fun for me to wear shorts. Middle School is just about the most evil three years of all 13 years we attend. My Mom teaches sixth graders-just ask her. :) I was constantly made fun of at the beginning of the year and even called Monkey girl.* So, I wore long pants and endured the heat during while everyone else wore shorts. Turning 12 was a VERY big deal to me.

OK, so back to the dress I mentioned earlier. Well after a ton of fun putting make-up on and eating fun foods and doing other slumber party birthday things we brought the dress out. I'm pretty sure everyone that attended my party took a turn putting the dress on and my Dad photographed all of us! It was SO MUCH FUN! I remember feeling so beautiful in that dress. And now ...the pictures! *I hope no one kills me for putting these pics on here*hehe

This is Me in the Dress. The scene in the background was actually our wall paper on one of our family room walls. I always thought it was ugly. I have a few friends who had the same wallpaper in their houses growing up. LOL

Sarah-she looked the most "bride-to-be" to me :)

Becky Rachel

Rachel and Marci had a lot of fun using the make up to be more creative ;)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Sleeping Beauty

Parents are often laughed at for how many pictures we take of our kids sleeping. when they are little babies, every new face and same expression is still so new and beautiful that we can't resist snapping a shot! I know I am no exception to this. I have many pictures of my children sleeping, from the time they were newborns to now. I still love to see the sweet Serene looks on their face's when they are tucked safely and soundly in bed.
I think the ways my kids sleep often hints to their personalities. Tonight when I checked on the kids after they had gone to sleep, I had to stifle a little giggle as I saw how Sarah was sleeping. I must tell you that she is constantly "posing" in her sleep! The positions that I find her in on a regular basis are just down right laughable and just sooo her. She is a fireball of drama, emotion, flair, fashion and all out talent. I have said often that if she doesn't go into theatre-it will be a waste of talent. As you can see, even in her sleep she is a diva-I just LOVE this little girl!