Wednesday, July 23, 2008

An Early Flashback

Today the kids, my mom and I went into Nashville for some back-to-school shopping. We went to two different clothing stores where we found GREAT deals and super cute clothes. We also went to a used book store called McKay's. Oh My Heavens! This store is AMAZING! You can sell, trade or buy books, movies, games etc. Well we didn't even make it through half of the kids isle and we spent over a half hour in the store. I really need to go back when I can spend about 4 hours. I LOVE books and so consequently I need more than 1/2 hour to go through a book store-especially for the first time. All the kids got fun books to read and I got a few for me as well. Grandma went looking for one book in particular and in the first 2 minutes of being in there she found it! A brand new copy to boot for only $7.00 HARDBACK! It's over $15.00 at a retail store.

While trying to help Kayleah find some books she might be interested in I came across a book series that I had COMPLETELY forgotten about-Sweet Valley Twins (also, SVT Jr. High and SV High-apparently there's also SV University but I never read those ?). I just couldn't believe it!! The books cost .10 cents each. LOL!! I remember getting the next book I needed in the series for Easter's, Birthday's, in my stocking at Christmas and other special occasions. I also remember my mom getting me one just because she knew I was ready for the next one and as a way to say thanks for being so helpful. It was so fun to run into this memory from so long ago!

*I know the picture is incredibly small, but it's the best I could find* :)


Kelly said...

I read Sweet Valley High for years!! I loved all of them!! Those were wholesome reads- cant' believe they are so cheap now!

Joe and Melissa Vega said...

OMG....loved those books. I always thought the girls were so pretty. Didn't one have blue eyes and the other green??? I so wanted to be them.

Jenn said...

So I was up due to not feeling well and saw this post...VERY INTERESTING!! I never would have guessed you a sweet valley high fan...yes, I am totally kidding!! I got a good laugh because it is SOOOOOO YOU!! Love ya.

Hannah Johnson said...

Kelli, I couldn't believe how cheap they are now either! It was almost insulting-lol. I had a couple of book series that I read growing up but if someone where to ask me I don't know that I could remember them right off. I really had completely forgotten about this one! I don't know how either-I LOVED them!

Melissa, I can't remember anything about the eye color but I always wanted to be them too! I remember thinking I would most likely have been the "good" twing but secretly would have more fun as the "bad" twin! LOL!!

Of course these book are SOOO me! hahahaha