Thursday, July 31, 2008

Elementary School Open House

Sunday the 27th the kids elementary held their open house. The kids were all so excited to meet their new teachers. The triplets have been separated and all together in the past. This year I decided to separate them. Last year their 1st grade teacher and I noticed that they were getting quite competitive with each other, particularly Kaleb. Competition can be healthy but for one of them it was just disheartening. I'm hoping that being in separate classes will help build confidence in them this year as individuals.
Kaleb's class couldn't be more perfect for him. His teacher loves science as much as he does. Her class room has planets hanging from the ceiling, there are pictures of animals everywhere and a few globes around the room! Kaleb was truly in heaven!!

Christopher's classroom was very organized and structured. this is also perfect for him. He was very excited to see some of his old classmates. His teacher is very sweet.

Christopher liked that everyone else was an animal and he was food! That is until I pointed out that Kaleb and Sarah's animals could eat him! LOL

Kayleah is excited that the desks in her classroom are set up in groups...go figure, she's just a tad bit social. LOL She was excited to see some of her friends had made it into her class this year.

This picture made me laugh. She was trying to make her eyes look crazy like the frog eyes outside her classroom! What a hoot!

Sarah starts kindergarten this year!.....can you hear me sobbing?! I can't believe my little Sarah will be gone during the day now as well. Emily is thrilled to have momma to herself. She is going to Pre-School again this year. She attends two days a week for 1/2 a day. Her open house isn't for another week or so. I do not know what I'm going to do next year when all my babes are in school full-time. I'm sure some of you will get phone calls this year AND next on the first days of school. Just be forewarned that you may not be able to hear anything but sobs on the other end of the line. I have called her 'Sarah Bear' from the time she was a baby. There was actually a time that when asked what her name was she would answer "Sarah Bear". So we had a good laugh when we saw her classroom mascot is a bear!


Joe and Melissa Vega said...

awww that makes me miss being a teacher. The theme for my class was stars. I hung stars from the ceiling in our little conrer library area. I have all these teaching supplies just sitting in my garage. I hate to get rid of them. I guess I'll donate them to my kids teachers someday.

Kelly said...

I can't believe nearly all your kids are in school!! I didn't know Sarah was going into Kindergarten- she is only a year younger than my Leah- that I didn't realize!
Leah will be gone all day and I will just have Celeste at home- what will I do with all that time?! I am anxious, I can tell you that!!

AmShaZam said...

"Back to School Night" is always full of mixed emotions for me. On the one hand, I'm excited for all the new things, all the friends and the adventures the kids will have. But on the other hand, it always reminds me that this was yet another year that passed too quickly with them.

Hannah Johnson said...

...I really am going to have a hard time when they are all in school full-time. But don't worry, I have PLENTY to keep myself busy with! LOL

Tina said...

Everytime I see pictures of the triplets I'm amazed. Where did the time go. That is cool that they are blessed to be in classrooms that seem to suit them. It's funny because you think you'll have all this time when they're in school but then you fill it up with something else.