Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Chinese Anyone?

This week is just busier than it has business being! I really truly do have lots of things to blog-just not enough time to do it. So I'm just going to have to put up bits of it all when I can squander time. That means right now-when I should be in bed. :)

Sunday we had everybody over for dinner. Janece, Jeremy and Preslee and Kelly and Levi. Grandma (my mom) had been craving Chinese food and since none of the local restaurants were tasting as good as she thought they should, she decided that we would make our own. YUM! Growing up I loved it when mom made egg rolls, fried rice and stir fry.
The kids all love helping in the kitchen so Grandma and Crappa put them to work! *I feel like I should say, in case I haven't already, that when the trips were little my Dad thought it sounded like they were calling him 'crappa' instead of 'grandpa'. He loved it so much that he's trained them all to call him crappa-LOL*

OK back to cooking! So Crappa set the kids up at the kitchen table with him making Crab Rangoon. It was SOOO good. So good in fact that Emily saw Crappa eat a raw wrapper and thought she'd try one as well. Only she picked up a stuffed crap wrapper and started chomping away at it! Mom assured me that it was perfectly safe for her to eat them raw-all the stuff inside was cooked. :)

Our meal was delicious and everybody enjoyed it immensely!

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Kelly said...

Sounds delish!! I love chinese food, and we were just talking about eating out tonight, but since it is Leah's birthday, she chose Bob Evans. Oh well...can't go wrong there- she loves that place!