Friday, August 15, 2008

Flashback Friday

Flashback #6
Freaky Photo

OK, so this week's flashback was two days late. The first half of Friday was pretty full. Friday afternoon I got a phone call from a dear friend and that occupied my thoughts for the rest of the evening. So.....I know you've all been DYING to see this weeks flashback (especially since NO ONE gave me any blogger love on last weeks, lol) so here it is.

I was going through pictures looking, for the second week in a row, for photos taken from an Olympic weekend many years ago and came across this picture of me just before a New Year's Eve dance, also many years ago. My instant thought was TWILIGHT! LOL!! And the fact that my friend Melissa posted a comment on the movie date changing before I posted this flashback makes this all the more funny to me. That and the fact that it's 11:15 pm and I'm getting a bit slap happy. ;)

Just so you know, I did NOT edit or correct this photo in any way. If you click on the photos they will fill your screen. Please note how Ghostly white I look, my super white and slightly sharpened looking teeth and my red beady eyes! OK, so I'm missing the extreme beauty part of the whole New Born Vampire thing-but other than that, dead ringer for a Vampire! BA-DA-BUM Oh me. Here's another picture of me on the same night with some friends. I like how we all look a bit colorless-hee hee. In this picture left to right, Melissa, Me, Marci and Becky/Lynn. In the background you can see my friend Michael.


Joe and Melissa Vega said...

did you hear the Twilight movie is going to come out in November now instead of December???

Hannah Johnson said...

I did see that on Friday!! This is really good news ;) Too bad we don't live closer and we could have a big Twilight movie party! :) There's a bunch of us going from here. Can't wait!

Joe and Melissa Vega said...

Totally remember that night and I remember my dress too...I think it was Liz Claiborne or something, probably got it at Lazarus. I had that dress for years and wore it to a couple dances I think. Weird that my hair looks red. I think this was one of the years that I had a thing for "CT". Hahhaha those were good times. Love how thrilled Marci looks

Kelly said...

What year was that? That is too funny with the vampire comparison- you could so be Belle- but you are much prettier than they make her to be. Fun times with friends, love it!!
I am on the 6th chapter of Breaking Dawn, and this is the first time I have checked blogs since I started reading it yesterday after church.....I LOVE IT!! Okay, so I love the um, you know scenes- they are to die for!

Jenn said...

Does someone have a little TOO MUCH TwiLiGhT on the brain?! WOW!! November come quickly!! :)

Hannah Johnson said...

LOL!! Because of the banner we printed in the background on the wall for the family party at the house I'm guessing it was 1994-celbrating 1995 new year. :)