Sunday, August 3, 2008

Yes, I'm "One of Them"

OK, so for at least two years, maybe three, several friends and a cousin of mine have said to me "you HAVE to read the Twilight series". At first I asked what it was about and when the response was Vampires I was instantly NOT interested. Time goes on and occasionally people ask if I have read the books or heard of the series. I have usually forgotten all about it at this point and have to re-ask what it is soon as I hear Vampires I sigh and say no and again have no interest.

A few months ago Kelly bought the first book Twilight. She read it so fast that I decided I would give it a shot. I was done with it in a day...and was TOTALLY hooked! I went out and got the next two books in the series, New Moon and Eclipse and had the first three read in under a week. These books are not small either and I still had to function as a person and mom and take care of my house and kids. This was not easy to do at times. I couldn't put the books down! After I finished the third my family cautiously asked when the fourth book was due out, they wanted to know how much time they had before I became a useless for a day or so again. LOL

While I waited for Breaking Dawn to come out I re-read all three of the series three times each. One book I started a fourth time but thought I might be borderline obsessed so I found another book to read. It was hard to get into. I also read another book from the Author and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Friday night at 11 pm I was stalking the local Walmart. This is really funny since I live in a small town and really didn't need to be there so early, but I was still the same. I had some fun while there watching the crazy people who shop normally at these hours, it really was comical at times. Even the employees were hilarious! They randomly came over the intercom with very forward and blunt messages for one another-hee hee.

At midnight the sales associate FINALLY pulled the cart containing 100 copies the store had to sell out to the "display table". This table was a fold up table standing in front of the clothes with NO sign or any indication that it was where the very much anticipated Breaking Dawn book would be placed. Those of us who came to get the book at "stupid hour"-lol followed her like a little train out to the table and watched as she opened the first box and set out three books.

Everyone there just stood there. There was about 25 people-seriously that's all. I was in the front of the line since 11pm until about a quarter till (my friend Jen showed up later and stood with me-thanks Jen for not leaving me alone and again you're welcome for getting you hooked too!) when two high school looking aged girls showed up and ever so casually stood in front of me waiting. I really didn't care to be "first" so I said nothing. The crowd waiting was a fun one though and when no one lunged for the books someone behind me said "oh come on guys-somebody start". So the H.S. girls and I walked forward. I had stepped back to let them know I didn't care if they took the first ones but then at the last minute I thought it would be funny to lunge in front of them and slap my hand on the top copy and say "This one's MINE!". So I did and everyone laughed! The same woman from behind said laughing, "look out people, it's about to get CRAZY!".

I've never anticipated a book's release before and have always thought it a bit insane to camp out for books or movies. But after having read this saga and just about dying in anticipation of this final book to the series I now understand why other people do. I highly recommend this series to anyone who likes fantasy and loves a good love story....and a little passion to quicken their hearts!

p.s. Let the MOVIE countdown BEGIN!!


Es said...

Your crazy (i mean crazy for these books, HAHA) We live in small towns now--no real excitement, right? You should have drove into Nashville and went to a real book store to get the book. Then you might have had the chance to push and shove someone out of your way--the real thrill you were looking for. It is too cute that you made it fun anyway. I love that about you!!!

Hannah Johnson said...

I will somehow get you to read these books-at least the first three. I'm not as impressed with the 4th book as I thought I would be. For several reasons-but I won't go into those incase you do read them because I'd spoil the book for you ;) Maybe I should start calling you late at night and reading chapters to! You know I would! :)

Tina said...

I was like you when people told me about this series. But I finally broke down and read it and I'm hooked also! I didn't wait in line to buy the new book. A friend of mine has the books so I borrow them! I went to Stephanie's website and downloaded the movie picture as my desktop picture.:)

Hannah Johnson said...

Tina woman how are you?! I will ask Jeremy for that Strawberry recipe. :)

Jenn said...

And you wonder where Sarah gets the drama???? mhmmm...You always love to spice things up a bit *wink* :)

Hannah Johnson said...

well to be fair I don't really wonder where the drama comes from-she just got more than her fair share of the drama gene! LOL