Sunday, September 28, 2008

Chapter 2

Sarah gave a talk in Primary today.  Her talk was about Prayer.  To be specific, the topic was: I know Heavenly Father hears and answers my prayers.  Of course I remembered this yesterday.  While I was making dinner.  Nice.  So while I made dinner Sarah sat in a chair and we talked about ideas for her talk.  Very excitedly she ran and got her scriptures, jumped back into the high chair in the kitchen, crossed her legs and started talking. 
When Sarah gets going she gets going.  She is hilarious to listen to as well as watch.  Her animation is priceless.  First she started telling me that she had to use a story from the scriptures she really needed to read something out of the scriptures for her talk.  I assured her that we would find something in them for her talk.  Then, while I tried to ask her a question, she flipped through them and said "how about this one mom, I think it's Nephi and I see a 5 and a 2.  Is this a good story?  How is this scripture?" I had to smile.

After telling her that I wasn't sure and right now wasn't going to be the time to find the scripture, I got my question out.  I asked her if she could think of a time when she prayed to Heavenly Father and he answered her prayer?  "Oh yes, once when I was sick in bed I prayed that He would make me better, and he did.  Then the next time I prayed *she stops at this point looks up and with hand gestures that I can't describe and says-Chapter Two: the next time I prayed...*" I LOST IT!  I grabbed the counter to hold me up while I doubled over laughing!

This did not phase Sarah and she kept right on with whatever she was saying.  I grabbed a near by piece of paper and started writing down what she had just said so I wouldn't forget what and how she said it.  She saw me doing this and said, "Are you writing this down mom? Oh that will be good..." There I was again, doubled over laughing!  After a few more minutes of me laughing and her talking she said "In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.  How does that sound mom?  Will that work?  I think it will."  Oh how I love my Sarah bear!

Where on earth did the "Chapter 2" come from?  Well, after thinking about it my mom has been reading chapter books to them at night.  Sometimes I fill in-but this is a Grandma and grand kids "thing".  :)  Whenever they come to a new chapter my mom reads the chapter number and title.  I think Sarah has just taken to narrating her own life now!  LOL

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Emily Update

Just a quick update on Emily.  I did take her to the Doctor yesterday, poor thing got hit in the nose two more times-very lightly but it ballooned up right away again.  I got through with the doctor this time and got an appointment.  He looked her over and said that she DID have a concussion and that the effects of it could last for several weeks afterward.
Not that this is a surprise to me, but it irritates me that the Dr. in the ER had the nerve to tell me that she was just fine and all but ignored my concern for my daughter.  He even told me that she most  likely did NOT have a concussion and that  scanning her to confirm his findings would only take longer and put her at risk for getting cancer when she was older because that's what studies are finding now; CT scans in children when they are young increases their likely hood of cancer later in life.  I think they saw how frustrated I was with the pathetic care they were giving my daughter and just wanted us out of there and instead of validating my bringing her in to the ER to be examined they tried to act like I was over reacting to a little goose egg on her head.

You better believe that if/when I do need to take one of my kids to the ER again and I take them to the one here in town, they better be ready for me-cause that time I will take no prisoners.  *I miss the great hospitals in Columbus, OH....sniff, sniff* 

Friday, September 26, 2008

One Month Old

I know I've already posted 3 posts between yesterday and today but I couldn't help but share a quick update on my niece Calee. She is one month old TODAY! Janece took her in this morning for her check up and the results are both good and hilarious. Calee is healthy and growing. At one month she is 11 lbs 5 oz. and 23 inches long! She is in the 95% for both weight and height! LOL I love this cute little girl!

Flashback Friday

Flashback Friday #10

My kids love to do arts and crafts. As evidenced by the boat post below. :) I also love doing arts and crafts. I enjoy just about anything; sewing, stamping, painting, drawing, wood working etc. Anybody with kids knows that every little piece of artwork they bring home from school is just precious. To either the child, you or sometimes both. For having 5 kids that bring home masterpieces on a daily basis I think I've done pretty well to weed out the keeps and keep-nots. LOL

*side note, I'm getting ready to photograph or scan if possible the pieces of artwork that I have kept and have them printed into a book(s). This way we can actually LOOK at their masterpieces without macaroni falling all over the floor or finding glitter has made it's way-EVERYWHERE when we do get down "the box".

Well, I have this plate that I made back in '84. It's one of my masterpieces that I just can't part with. Not because it's going to be worth millions one day but because this is how I viewed myself or my world at the age of 6. I have a really good memory. I'm so grateful for that. I can remember things from my early childhood that are neither significant or defining. I also remember some of the significant, defining things-but everybody remembers that stuff right? :) I don't have any great story that goes behind this plate. It's just something I made a long time ago. It is funny to look at though! LOL

Emily's Acrobatic Nightmare

On Thursday of last week, 9/18/08, Emily decided to try and do a flip off the end of the couch. The end with my dad's wooden hope chest. I was sitting at the kitchen table giving the trips a practice spelling test when all of a sudden we heard a loud thud. The kind of thud that makes your motherly instincts flip on and your throat falls into your stomach-kind of thud. I turned around just in time to see her stand up, her face white as a ghost and even though her face looked like she was screaming there was no sound coming out. Oh ya and she looked like her nose was smashed in.

I grabbed her up and ran back to the kitchen with her. My mom had been in her room grading papers (I think) and she too had heard the thud and was in the kitchen looking Emily over with me. I was so focused on her nose that had disappeared somewhere in her face that I didn't even notice the huge bump and what appeared to be a gash on the side of her head *turns out it was just a scratch on top of the bump*. A quick look over had Grandma thinking she might need stitches. Last week we had a couple of virus' floating around town and I caught one. It's very rare that I get sick-throw up sick, but I was. So the thought of driving and sitting in the ER was less then appealing to me. We did it anyway-OF COURSE! :) Most people know that few things come between me and my kids needs, if any really. So just imagine normal Hannah taking care of her injured baby *she's still MY baby* and on top of that I feel like crap. Those poor Nurses and Dr.'s didn't stand a chance.

They got her in to a Triage Nurse right away who determined that despite the two huge goose eggs on her head, front and side and her badly swollen and smashed in nose, she was just fine and could wait in the waiting area for 2 HOURS. Meanwhile she sent the little boy who came in with us that had big blister on his foot over to urgent care and he was in and out in no time. Lucky them. After we got into a room we waited for another 45 mins. I opened the door after 20 mins so that all the Nurses passing could see my happiness. ha. ha.

Finally the Nurse that placed us in the room, that was badly needed a good cleaning and an air freshener, came in and explained to me that we had come at a bad time to the ER. We arrived at 5 O'clock which is precisely when the Dr.'s shift changes and he has to go over all the charts with the one coming in. I listened to her pathetic attempt at making me happy with waiting as long as we had with my 4 year old who had head injures-mind you. After she was done rambling she waiting for a response of some kind from me. I just looked at her blankly and said "I'm just concerned about my daughter who had a head injury and is only 4." I REALLY wanted to add "Next time we'll be sure not to have a need for the ER during shift changes!" She told me the Dr. should be in soon and walked out- again. She made the mistake of looking at me before she was about to close the door...she left it open.

The Dr. did come in shortly after that and restated everything the Nurse had. I had said nothing but hi when he came in. When he was done I just stared at him, picked Emily up off the bed and woke her up (oh yeah, she kept falling asleep which was not that worry-some but a little) so he could examine her. He did and then said she was fine and didn't want to do any x-rays or anything. This was fine with me-so long as he felt she would heal well on her own. Remarkably her nose wasn't broken and after having ice on it for over 2 hours was looking much better.

We came home took pictures and ate dinner. :) Unfortunately Emily has had a headache EVERYDAY since this accident. Not little ones either. This is starting to worry me. I sat on hold forever yesterday trying to get a hold of her pediatrician to schedule an appointment...they never picked up?! I'm going to try again today. I'll let you know what the verdict is. Am I crazy or over reacting because I think a week is too long to still be having headaches from this? Tell me the truth-I can take it! ;) LOL

Thursday, September 25, 2008

1st Sink or Float Rally

It all started because Aunt Janece thought it would be fun to play with trash. Recyclables. She's fun like that. So tonight I sat down at the table with five kiddos ready to play with milk jugs, juice bottles, and empty cartons of all kinds. Not too long after starting this "fun activity" I was trying to remember WHY I thought that it would be fun. Today was a rough day. I just wasn't in the crafting mood. But you can't exactly back out on the 1st EVER Sink or Float Rally AFTER you've told 5, really 6 'cause Preslee participated of course, that you've changed your mind-maybe tomorrow.
So I did my best to help 5 kiddos create the best boats ever that would wouldn't sink. Oh ya, and I managed to throw one together for myself too. Somehow. I honestly thought that by the time the boat making was done that one or more of my children would require a trip to the ER for stitches! They wasted no time grabbing any sharp object they thought would tear open the plastic containers placed before them. Seriously-I had to stop Kayleah from stabbing a pencil repeatedly into the neck of an apple juice container! Frightening.

I thought this project might take 45 mins to 1/2 an hour. Boy was I wrong! We started at 4 pm and ended just after 6pm. We actually worked through dinner. It was funny and crazy all at the same time! When Aunt Janece and Preslee arrived we headed out to the swimming pool to test our creations. Only surprise for us-the mosquito's tested us! There is not enough baking soda and water paste or calomine lotion in this city to ease the scratching and itching!!

Back to the Rally. OK, we put the boats in youngest to oldest. Emily was first with her Care Bear rescue raft. Trailing behind the raft was half a sprite can carrying an orange My Little Pony. The current was too strong and the pony fell out of the sprite life saving device. Lucky for her she was made out of plastic and floated along behind just fine! LOL
Preslee put all three of her boats in next. One was a round boat, another a treasure chest boat and the third a big boat. I'm not sure what it was named/called. All three of her boats floated along nicely. She was so excited about this rally. Preslee helped her mom make cookies and ribbons for all the participants! :)
Next Sarah put her creation into the water. I have to side track here-sorry but it is totally necessary for you to truly appreciate her boat. Trust me! :) OK, last week my cousin Verle came out from Colorado to help my dad work on the addition we're putting onto the house *YAY!!* They made huge progress while he was here. One of the first noticeable things they did was get the roof framed. Last week when the kids got off the bus one day they saw the new peak of the roof. Sarah was very excited about it and said it looked like they were building a castle on top of the house. Kaleb being the nice indulging big brother that he is played along with this and Said "yep it's a castle." Well Sarah then asked him "who's" castle it was. Thinking fast he answered it was Princess Jasmines castle. Sarah LOVED this answer and was very excited.

Now, I'm going to tell you what happened from my point of view shortly after they got in the house. *didn't know the story of the castle talk on the way home* Well, after they all got in the house and told me about their days (all at once mind you so I was still trying to sort out who actually did what, said what etc) I went to my room to finish laundry folding. Janece was over and was sitting on the couch nursing Calee with a clear shot view into the boys room/play room. Kayleah comes into the room with Sarah on her heels both are very frustrated. Kayleah asked me if Crappa and "the boys" are building the new house. At first I was confused but then she asked again and I said "ya, the stuff they're building is the new part of the house" then she puts her hand above her head making a roof shape and asked "even this part?" I said "yes-that's the roof." Kayleah turned around to face Sarah, who had a very angry face on, and said "see I told you!"
Sarah immediately turned around and stomped-really stomped out of our room and into the boys room growling Kaleb's name. Know Sarah and "that look/stomp" I followed her to see what was going on. Janece has perfect view of what's about to unfold as do I and so we watch. We see Sarah march up to Kaleb who is just inside the doorway *he was sitting on the floor but as soon as she growled his name he jumped to his feet* she grabbed him from behind and while literally lifting him off the ground and throwing him back in the room says "IT'S NOT A CASTLE?!"

Janece and I are dazed and confused and also trying our best not to bust out laughing at what just happened! I quickly instructed Sarah and Kaleb to follow me to the family room. I asked what was going on and Sarah said that Kaleb had lied to her. Kaleb told me/us what happened on the way home from the bus and then Janece and I REALLY had trouble holding in the giggles. Sarah stood fuming mad during all of this demanding an apology from him for lying to her and ruining her life!

In case you're wondering-I'm not exaggerating. Sarah is a drama queen through and through! We love her for it-most of the time! LOL In an effort not to minimize Sarah's obvious hurt feelings I explained to Kaleb that it wasn't nice to tease her about something he knows would make her upset. He started to insist that he wasn't teasing her. So I asked him if he really thought they might be building a castle for Jasmine on top of our house. While keeping his face poker straight he said "well, it might be...I didn't know." I gave him the classic "give me a brake" mom look and then doing his best NOT to smile he said "No, I didn't think it was a castle. I thought it was the roof."

He apologized to Sarah for teasing her and then I sent him off to keep playing. Sarah still wanted blood for the trickery. I did my best to explain teasing and joking to her-again. But she wasn't very satisfied with my lecture. LOL After I sent her back to play Janece and I fell apart laughing! Janece commented that Sarah looked like she was going to tear him in half-and she could have! Oh my sweet Sarah-she makes sure there is never a dull moment. Not one!
SO, for her boat she wanted to make a Jasmine boat. Since she couldn't have a castle for her, she might as well have a boat. I thought it turned out really cute! *yes I helped her with design and construction* It's suppose to be Princess Jasmine floating through the clouds, only instead of on a magic carpet she's in a magic boat. LOL *She is my sunshine!*

Kayleah went next. Her boat started out as the "Brother of Jared" boat. Ya know, the one that could be top or bottom side up? Well it worked that way-kuddos to her. She stuffed a small crab bean bag inside to make sure no water leaked in. She built a sturdy boat! Once it was on the water Aunt Janece said it looked like a space ship-she was right! Kayleah loved it and went with that theme. :)
Christopher was next. He made a Bunny Boat with a newspaper anchor. He was so funny making his boat. He kept taking his boat into his room and dropping it from the top of his bunk bed to see if the bunny was able to hold on and not fall out. I really don't know how this had anything to do with floating and after trying to have him explain it to me I gave up and just said "great!" when he reported success! LOL He is such a little engineer in the making!
Kaleb's boat was too fun! I have to admit I suggested he add the floating devices to the side. Mostly because he was so worried about it staying afloat. No amount of assurances from me was calming him. So we added the extra help and in the end the boat looked like the very creature he wanted it to carry! A CRAB! He thought this was very cool and of course-it's what he was trying to do *wink wink and a nod* LOL
Not to be outdone Aunt Janece and I also made boats. In the end every one's boat Floated! YAY! We took pictures and then hurried inside because we were being eaten alive! Inside we celebrated with Preslee's cookies and pinned ribbons on all the kids. They had a great time. Now, instead of cleaning up the disaster that is my kitchen, both from the boat making and dinner, I'm blogging about the event! Can you tell where my priorities are?! LOL

Monday, September 22, 2008

Two Weeks of Soccer FUN!

I've got two weeks worth of soccer games to share with you. So I'll start with 9/13/08. This was a CRAZY day to say the least. First we had to be up and at the elementary school by 7:00 AM for Kaleb's soccer pictures. Then he had his first game of the day at 8:00 AM. Yes I said FIRST game. For some reason this week his team played twice? Kaleb scored a goal in this game and could not have been more pleased when he did! LOL After his game we sprinted home for a half hour. I ate breakfast and put "real" clothes on. Then we were off again!

Back to the elementary school this time for Emily's soccer pictures. Then we ran over the fields, they are next to the school, for Kaleb's second game of the day. I only got to watch the first 1/2 hour of his second game because Emily's game over lapped with his. So at 11:30 she and I headed down the fields to her game. THEY WON THIS ONE! The score was 3-2 and the Honeybees WON! Emily didn't make any goals but she assisted on two of the three. She really has a natural knack for soccer.
Kaleb's team won both of their games this day keeping them undefeated so far this season. I'm a little curious as to how Kaleb will handle it if his team looses. So far his soccer career here as been amazing. His team has won every single game that they've played since he joined this league in fall 2007. I'm so proud of how well he's doing in soccer and love that I can see his skills improving. With each practice and game I can tell how much Kaleb enjoys playing and love to see the look of satisfaction on his face when he does well.
Moving on to this last weekend's games, 9/20/08. Well Emily was first to play this week and I was so grateful that we got to sleep in! No more 7 am suicide Saturday mornings for me...WAHOO! As most of you know, I am NOT a morning person. Not. Even. Close. Well, this weeks game was very similar to the first Honeybee game. They were slaughtered. LOL They had a blast playing though and you can bet that Emily had a few face plants for this game much like the first one. Poor thing! hee hee, I know- I'm evil! LOL
Kaleb's team just may have found their match in the league this year. I may be just a tad bit biased here but this was one of the most exciting soccer games I've seen. It was a bit nerve racking. For the most part Kaleb's team plays offensive games. They out score the other team by a comfortable margin. This game was very different. This game was all about defense. I think for the first time this season they did not make the first goal. It rattled the Black Dragons a bit at first but they have been well coached and play just as well defensively as they do offensively. At the beginning of the 4th quarter the score was 3-2 Black Dragons (Kaleb scored the third goal-yeah!). These little guys were wore out. I don't think they've been run up and down the field so hard before. Emotions were high and the boys started getting very frustrated as time after time their goal attempts barely missed the mark. It's not been easy for the boys to adjust down to the smaller goal. We are ALL looking forward to the fall '09 season when the boys go back to the way they played last year.
Anwho-the Black Dragons stayed strong and nailed a fourth goal as the the game was wrapping up. You can bet they did not take this win for granted. I think the Black Dragons have come to expect to win every game they play. This is a great way to go into a game mentally. However, you have to make sure you're not letting up on your game and that you respect the other players/opposing team's abilities on the field with you. I'm sure this Saturday their expectations were no different. Play hard, have fun and win. I do think though that this game's win tasted a little bit sweeter. Maybe it's wins like these that coined the phrase "Sweet Victory".

Friday, September 19, 2008

Flashback Friday

Flashback Friday #9

I'm BACK!! I promise that I have not forgotten about flashback Friday's-I have just been rediculously busy. I have had this flashback picked out back when I missed the first flashback Friday. It was a Tuesday and I spent just about all day cutting hair.

First I cut my brother-in-laws hair. It turned out pretty good. He had let it grow too long for Janece's taste. She was all set to cut it but asked if I would be willing instead. I love to cut hair so I said yes. About two seconds after I started I got VERY nervous. Jeremy is a bit of a perfectionist. I can sympathize with him....when it comes to certain things I'm a bit of a perfectionist as well. So anyway, I was nervous. I actually had to take a quick break during the hair cut to pick Emily up from Preschool. When it was all said and done it had taken me about 2 and a half hours to cut his hair. I think it turned out pretty good though. AND Janece liked it! :)

The day of hair cutting ended with me cutting Sarah's hair. She has such beautiful hair! It's thick and fine which makes it perfect to wash and go BUT a pain in the but to keep a ponytail around or cut! So after almost two hours of cutting her hair I gave up. It's decent but it deffinitly needs to be "fixed" by a professional.

So all the talk about hair cuts and styles got me thinking about all the different styles that I have sported throughout the times and I decided to share with you! So get ready for some good laughs!

OK in this first collage we have the younger years. On the bottom right this is me-when I FINALLY had hair. LOL I was pretty much bald until I was two. Please note-I was blonde. That's right people-I'm a natural blonde! *wink wink and a nod* Next to that we have a school picture. Obviously the blonde didn't last. ;) Then we have an Easter picture. Before you think that the hair style I had must have fallen out prior to the picture-it didn't. That's actually how I wore it. Remember when it was popoular to have "wings" on either side of your head and then split curl your bangs, half up and half down? Yep. This is my version. If you keep going with that memory, after a while it became stylish to just spray out ONE side of your head. Gotta love the late 80's early 90's! Above that is the most scary hair style of all! For WHATEVER reason I had had my hair cut really short and decided to put it in a ponytail on the top of my head-all the hair that would go in the ponytail, and then curled my bangs. So. Sad. And last the picture of me and my sisters sportting the Ferra Fossett hair style! TEE HEE
I like to think of this second collage as "the good, the bad and the WHAT?!" LOL So, starting at the top left this time this would be "the good". It's a picture of me and my cousin Cori with our hair long and tucked away with a headband. Even though I have a big forehead (my mother reminds me of this when I pull my hair back-she's not a fan) I think it looks pretty good. Under that we have the first of "the bad". Oh yes, that's a mullet. I look at pictures during this year of my life and just have to ask WHY?! *shudder* Moving right along-the mullet just got worse! How you ask can there be anything worse than a mullet? Well, I'll tell you what's worse-when you PERM the back! Do your eyes a favor and don't linger long on that one. Next to that is my pigtail phase. That style wasn't so bad. Above that is "the WHAT?!" Yeah. It's the mullet, with a perm and much longer. I don't know how I had ANY friends?!
Finally this third collage is the most embarrassing. Why is this one the most embarrasing? Because I styled my own hair in these! Middle school and High school are hard enough without looking like a total dork. It's no wonder my self esteem was low! LOL OK- no, I don't wear glasses nor do I need them. We went to a wack eye Dr. one year who put just about all of us in glasses. He promised the headachs would go away but they never did. Next year we went to a new DR. and VIOLA I had perfect eyes. mhm.... So the next two pictures just really are embarrassing styles as well. I think the bottom one is my Junior year in HS?..but I'm not sure.
Well I hope you've enjoyed laughing at my hair as much as I have. :) I thought about doing a collage of my after HS hair styles but they are much better and so, where's the fun in that?!

Monday, September 15, 2008

First Soccer Games of the Season

So, last-Last Saturday Kaleb and Emily (for the first time EVER) had their first Soccer games of the season. It was both hilarious an heartbreaking. OK, so heartbreaking is a bit dramatic, tiny bit sad would be more appropriate. :)

Kaleb was first. He really had a good time playing in a REAL game. He's just a tiny bit competitive. The fact that his team won 5-0 was mildly thrilling for him. *seriously, if you don't know me-you really must read most of my posts (of this nature) with as much dripping sarcasm as possible* OK-so, the fun and surprising part was two of his friends played for the opposing team! LOL Harrison and Weston attend the same church class Kaleb does. At one point during the game Kaleb tried talking to Harrison while everyone repositioned for a throw in, Harrison just looked at him and kept walking. It was pretty hilarious. I imagine from the look on Harrison's face the thought "you've gotta be kidding me right? No fraternizing with the Enemy...any of that ring a bell?!" LOL probably not though since he's just about the sweetest kid. This year the league knocked his age group back in game rules. There were no goalies this year and they had to go back to the "kiddie goals". None of the boys, and coaches for that matter, are very thrilled about this. You can not imagine how many balls barely missed the goal. Every parent was thinking "if they were playing with a REAL goal net that would have been a goal!" The star player on Kaleb's team would have scored liked 9 more points if it weren't for the kiddie goal. Silver lining; they will be forced to work on accuracy and kick some serious soccer-ahem, come next year! *wink*

Emily's very FIRST EVER debut soccer game was next. You have never seen a four year old girl as excited as she was. She was literally jumping all over the field waiting for the game to start! Her coach was laughing at her enthusiasm. During the game Emily was squashed and taken to the ground. By her own teammate. True. Right after Sarah, Emily was first in line to draw from the drama gene pool and therefore hammed up her injuries. It was hard not to laugh. Or take steady pictures. The assistant coach kept looking at me funny. I think she thought it was really strange that I didn't jump up and run onto the field to save my baby! Actually, I'm a bit shocked myself. Usually I'm all about protection. Ask anyone. LOLAfter the game the coach and assistant coach commented that they could tell she had played on a team before. Jokes on them cause she never has! Ha Ha. She really was great out there and showed no fear, but come on-she's been watching soccer since just about BIRTH when her siblings started playing! PLUS she plays at home in the yard. The soccer goal that Crappa and Uncle Jeremy built for practice has been put to some good use. :) Unfortunately all the energy in the world, or fake experience, was unable to land them a win. They lost. 2-10. Tragic. In their defense (yes I must-I'm her mom) the other team was older, by at LEAST 6 months! LOLEveryone had a great time. We spent pretty much ALL morning at the soccer fields. We came home for a VERY short lunch in between games. Sadly none of the family members living close were able to make it to either game. Grandma and Preslee put together a special lunch in honor of Emily's first game ever! It was all about the color ORANGE-since it's Em's favorite color. It was very sweet of them. Those NOT playing in soccer games found other lost and ignored children to have fun with. ;) They had a ball playing tag, various hand games and London Bridges. Christopher was pretty much the only boy in a sea of lonely-and bored little girls. Hmmm...foreshadowing of the future?..... I'd rather not think about that THANK YOU! LOL

I know, I KNOW!

It's been a week AND I missed another Flashback. I promise I'm not loosing my blogging spirit. I'm just INCREDIBLY busy lately. I could give you all the excuses, but I won't. Because I don't have time to explain. tee hee! Seriously though, I don't. So with that said-I will do my very BEST to get caught up in the next few days AND I've already started on the flashback for this Friday so hopefully there won't be any hiccups. :) In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this picture I took of a Butterfly on the Butterfly Bushes in our front yard. Convenient don't you think? :) Me too!

Monday, September 8, 2008


Before you get all excited and think that I some how hit the jackpot and found the man of my dreams who is also a DR that took me to Hawaii OR landed a singing contract that has left me ridiculously wealthy and thus I took myself to Hawaii, the answer is. uh. no. To be perfectly honest, I wouldn't mind either one though. LOL!

Last Saturday (8-30-08) the kids had a primary activity day that took them to "Hawaii". I have to tell you a little side story about this. :) it's really cute, hee hee. OK, so the kids have been asking my parents and I to take them to Hawaii for the longest time now! A short time after we moved in with my parents Aunt Janece got the kids a "piggy bank" that is in the shape of a guitar with Elvis in Hawaii pictured on the front!

They LOVE putting money into this thing. Well, at first we were all putting coins in to save for a family reunion camping trip to OH that we took last summer. We saved enough for the kids to buy flashlights that we also used for 72 hour kits. *wink* When we got home the kids asked what trip we were going to save our coins for now? Kaleb quickly decided for us. "I know!" he said, "We should save our money and go to Hawaii! Wouldn't that be fun?! You've always said you wanted to go and we want to go too!" Well, how do you say no to that? You don't.

So, we've been putting coins into Elvis' guitar now for over a year. Guess what? We still don't have enough money to go to Hawaii. Shocked?! LOL, well the kids are! So when the Primary president told the kids they would be having a Hawaiian party in just a few weeks my kids were VERY excited! Christopher even asked me if this meant we finally had enough money to go to Hawaii from the guitar bank. It was not easy to keep a straight face as I explained. He's so cute, and so understanding! Kids innocence and ignorance can be so darn cute!I've digressed. Oh me. It's just so easy to do when I'm telling stories about my kids. Back to the activity! Well, they asked me if I would be willing to do one of the stops on the tour around Hawaii. I said yes. Yes, I'm crazy. I was in charge of games! WAHOO! So, we had around the Hawaiian Islands (played just like around the world basket ball) and we had musical beach towels (I don't need to explain that one do I?) and we had Limbo-which we never played and my MOST favorite game of all.....Tacky Tourist Relay! This was SOOOO much fun! The kids were split into two teams. One player from each team ran down to a table filled with "tourist" items; beach hat, goggles, sunglasses, Hawaiian shirt or sun dress, fanny pack or purse, a pool floaty and flippers! The players took one item, put it on and then raced back to their team. They then had to take off the item or items and pass them to the team mate next in line. Who had to put all of the items on, correctly, and race down to add another item and so forth. The first team across the line with ALL the items on won! This was an ABSOLUTE HOOT to watch! My camera does not take really great pictures in the Churches gymnasium lights, so they're not the greatest-but you get the idea. :)During the activity they also ate Hawaiian food and made paper flowers. But the BIG event was the the homemade SLIP-N-SLIDE! At a certain point the Bishop poured dish soap all over the plastic to make the slipping part go better. It worked. The boys thought it was much more fun to go down the slide together. They only went down individually once-I think. So sadly I don't have any pics of just Kaleb by himself. But the ones I have of them together are just priceless! I love the look of pure joy on their faces sliding down and crashing into the bottom together!Kayleah was graceful nearly every time she went down. She is a natural athlete so she figured out how to work the slide for the best ride quickly. Her only big flops were when other people came down too soon and landed on her! LOL Sarah was. well. Sarah. I just love, love, love this hilarious little girl! Her giggle always makes me laugh-even if I don't want to. The song I sang to Sarah when she was a baby that was her song was You Are My Sunshine. Well, she really IS my sunshine! Emily mostly ran down the slide. She got a couple of good slides in, but after one of them she got up and ran down more of the hill and fell into a hidden drain pipe. She banged up her shin pretty good and gave herself a pretty impressive bruise that is STILL faintly there. It didn't stop her from going down again, though afterward she was very cautious on her slides and quickly stopped herself at the end. :)


Last Sunday my sister Janece was re-admitted to the hospital for an intra uterine infection. These things are scary! Mom and I got on the Internet to look them up and after reading about them felt very blessed that Janece got to the hospital as early on with the infection as she did. To say the least this last week has been an emotional roller coaster; but one that ended with smiles.

After Sacrament meeting in church last Sunday, Jeremy called Janece to check on her and Calee. She was in tears from the pain along with some other symptoms that worried Jeremy. He and my Dad went immediately home to give her a blessing and get her to the hospital. I met them at the emergency room entrance with a wheelchair for her. I teared up as I watched my Dad and my brother-in-law help her from the car to the wheelchair. Janece will say that she has a low threshold for pain, even still I rarely see her cry. So you can imagine how difficult it was to see her catching her breath from the pain while tears streaked her cheeks.

Dad and I stayed in a small waiting area with Calee until the triage nurse assessed Janece. After she had been initially examined by an ER doctor they had me take Calee home to wait for them there instead of the hospital. Up to this point Janece had been nursing Calee. When I got home she was hungry, as instructed by Janece and Jeremy, I gave her her first bottle. She was LESS than impressed. :) Still I struggled not to cry, as I held this sweet girl, with feelings of guilt. Guilt, because I would have wanted to be the one to give my baby their first bottle.

Memories of leaving the Triplets behind in the hospital just a week after their delivery flooded my mind. I felt so empty without my babies and cried everyday, mostly at night, longing to hold and take care of them myself. Now my sister was temporarily separated from her baby and my heart ached for her. Janece and Calee's situation tugged greatly at those heartstrings from what feels like so long ago. This may be the reason why, or it could just be my insane love of babies, that I have grown so fond of this sweet little girl.

I felt relieved that even though it is difficult to be separated from your new born, at least Janece didn't have to feel anxious over leaving her precious child with strangers. Calee was well cared for and loved by her Grandma and Grandpa, Aunts, cousins and of course Big sister Preslee and her Dad. You can tell she's the baby in the family now!

Most of you know that if there's a new baby around I just can't resist cuddling up and gushing over it! Well, this was no different. The more time I got to spend helping with Calee the more pictures I took of her! So get ready! You may start to think that I have more photos of her than my own kids at this current point in time. Individually...maybe. Collectively, not a chance! LOL

We just can't get over all the dark hair she has!! It's so pretty and has that baby softness you can't resist touching. As cute as her hair, head, eyes, nose, mouth, cheeks-ok you get the point ;) as cute as Calee is, the girl has got Crappa's feet. We feel for her now, and we will feel for her as she gets older and wants to wear cute toe less shoes or sandals. Even this picture doesn't do the second toe justice. I'll try to get a better one soon. LOLTo finish up Janece's story, she was admitted back to Labor and Delivery on Sunday afternoon and was released on Tuesday, Calee's one week birthday, to come home. They stayed at our house until Saturday night. It was hard to see them go. It's been so fun having them here! Preslee has had a ball with all the instant playmates around and of course it's been fun to peak and kiss that sweet baby almost any hour of the day! We are all so happy Janece is healthy and home with her family.