Friday, October 31, 2008

Flashback Friday

Flashback Friday #14

Well, you had to see this one comin'..a Halloween flashback. How could I resist? Especially when on flashback day it IS HALLOWEEN?! Now I've said this before, but I'm not a big Halloween fan. It's just not my favorite holiday. In fact, it's my least favorite. But I did still dress up...I DO love to dress up! LOL! I only have a few memories of Halloween's of the past. I remember trick or treating from door to door with my best friend growing up, Melissa Rahr. I don't remember what I wore, but I do remember we used our pillow cases to get candy in and thought we were "so cool" cause we got to go out on our own. Thinking about that in today's world I would call our parents CRAZY for letting us do that! :)

The way I spent most of my Halloweens growing up was celebrating at my house with a big party! Our family would invite several other families over for a bonfire cookout and a trick-or-treating maze around our property. It was fun. I loved hanging out with my friends and we still got a big bag of candy! It beat knocking on doors-no doubt! One of my favorite things about the parties were the haunted houses we would create. It was a thing we traded responsibility for every other year with another family, The O'Day's. They came up with some REALLY cool haunted houses. We had a big shed..REALLY big industrial shed like thing on our property and we would use half the space for our haunted houses.

In this first picture I think it's pretty obvious what I am. My mom helped me come up with this idea and of course the costume. I remember that I didn't have a whole lot of faith that it was going to turn out good...but much to my surprise and happiness IT DID!

I think I'm 9 in this picture. It would have been the first Halloween I celebrated in OH after our move from UT. Over in the upper right hand corner you can see my cousin Tim (Timmy-it's so weird NOT to call him that!) and sitting to my left (your right) is his sister, my cousin Ashley.

I really, REALLY wish we had a better picture of this and I think there's one out there I just can't find it..not yet anyway. This was the last Halloween we celebrated in Moab, I think. I was an Ice Skater. It's hard to see us very clearly but looking at this picture, Janece had a really cool witch costume! I think Kelly is holding onto her hand and she looks like she went as an Angel...and I think Katie is holding onto her and she is a wizard. I think. I have to laugh when I see my pose in this picture...I know a few people that would look at this and say, "Classic". LOL!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Before Fall is gone...*improved*

*improved-you can now click on the pictures and they will enlarge! YAY!*

To say that I'm behind in my blogging is really an understatement. UGH! I just haven't been myself lately and haven't taken the time to sit down and post all the things I've wanted to post. So today, I'm playing catchup! LOL!

It has gotten SO cold here in the last week. I have had to pull out the winter clothes. This means that for over a week now my house has looked like several closets threw up on it! There are clothes in boxes, bags and totes in the family room, the bedrooms, the hallway and even some sitting in the laundry/computer room. I do not enjoy the transition period from one season to another when I have to change out closets and dressers. But slowly it's looking better and better each day.

Before fall is completely gone though I wanted to share an outing we had a couple of Sunday's ago. We took a trip on the Natchez Trace, a historical road. We stopped at a look out picnic spot and had a nice family picnic. It was beautiful. I took some pictures of the kids by a rock wall near where we were. I loved the setting! The kids were so good about not complaining as I stopped SEVERAL times on the trip home to take pictures of the beautiful fall leaves. The most random and unexpected scene we came across was an albino cow just standing by the road. It was beautiful, very white with no markings at all to indicate that it belonged to anyone....and of course just STANDING on the side of the road?! LOL, the kids loved it! Here are some pics of our outing:

Friday, October 24, 2008

Flashback Friday

Flashback Friday #13

Yesterday was Sarah's birthday, so I've naturally been flashing back over the last 6 years just about this whole month. I thought I'd share a little bit of what I've been remembering and moments that I LOVE and cherish. Keep in mind that this is just a few of the pictures and is not a very good splashing of all 6 years. I only have SO much time in the day to find and scan these! *wink* but I'll most likely scan more later.

To start with, pregnancy. I actually looked and felt pretty good during my pregnancy with Sarah. I only gained 14 lbs with her pregnancy...WAHOO! I'm one of those lucky women that LOVES to be pregnant and never gets sick and can keep going with life as if she isn't carrying a whole other human being inside of her. The trips were 9 months old when I found out, SURPRISE-I was pregnant. Was I scared, yes. But I also remember feeling VERY excited. I was so excited to get to experience a single birth! I wasn't going to have to divide my time between more than one needy baby. Oh no, I was going to get to spoil and cuddle this one. Or so I thought. Um, it doesn't quite work out that way when you have 3, 18 MONTH OLD TRIPLETS to chase after AND a NEW BORN. LOL! Some how, I still managed to spoil her. I have loved every min of her since.
In this first photo I'm 5 months pregnant with a bunch of my friends. In the second I'm 6 1/2 months pregnant. What a difference one and a half months makes!
My Doctor was WONDERFUL! He delivered ALL of my children. Love. Him. He agreed to let me deliver Sarah as a natural birth. I was less than thrilled with the forced c-section delivery I had with the trips. Well, I went in for my weekly check up on the 21st of Oct. if I remember right...and the DR who saw me that day (only other time I saw anyone other than MY Dr. in that practice mind you) thought I was looking a bit large and ordered an ultrasound to see how big Sarah was getting. They estimated her weight at 8.5 lbs. I was still over two weeks away from my due date in Nov. sniff sniff. They feared that if they let me go full term...i.e. 40 weeks she would weigh over 9 possibly 10 lbs. YIKES!

I REALLY wanted her to be born in Nov. Oh well. So after hearing this new Dr. and MY Dr. fuss over whether or not it was a good idea to let me just go into labor when she decided to come, He decided that she too would be a c-section delivery two days later. Well, it's a good thing they took her early. Even with the Oct. birthday. LOL! She was 8 lbs 6 oz and only 19 inches long. She was the rolliest polliest baby I have EVER seen! :) and I loved it!
Words just can not describe the joy that this sweet. sweet. girl has brought me. The day I had Sarah my sister Janece took care of the triplets for me along with my mom. Janece took them to the Sears portrait studio that she was working at and took pictures of them. They came over after their photo shoot to see and hold Sarah for the first time. I remember thinking they looked SO BIG when they walked into my hospital room. Speaking of hospitals, side note here, Sarah was delivered at Riverside Methodist Hospital in Columbus.....LOVE. THAT. PLACE! I had the trips and Emily at OSU and HANDS DOWN Riverside was a WAY better experience. anywho-

Here's a picture of Sarah and I leaving the hospital to go home. You've got to love the swollen face and NO makeup look. ugh.
3 months old, I absolutely LOVED this outfit.
5 months old-this was my most favorite picture out of the whole photo shoot from that day. I scanned this in from my scrapbook so the quality is a bit shady. sorry.
9 months old-this face really captures her devious side well! LOL! My dad teases Sarah that her name backward is Haras(s). She really loves to find and push the buttons of her siblings! I have to say, she's good at it. tee hee
1 year old. This outfit was so cute and I had been dying to put it on her but forced myself to wait for her birthday. This whole shirt over the head thing came out of nowhere. I walked into the kitchen and she was just walking around like this! I started laughing which of course pleased her. :)
18 months old. Uncle Jeremy took this picture in his studio one early morning. The kids and I stopped in for a little mommy and kiddo photo to snap and print out that day. I had my check up appointment with my Dr. for Emily's birth and wanted to give him a picture of me and all the kids. Honestly, if I ever have any more children it will be awfully darn tempting to temporarily move to what ever state he is practicing in....he really was a GREAT Dr.
This last one is her 2 year photo. I look at this picture and all the sweetness that is Sarah shines through for me. I want to reach inside the photo and pull her out and start tickling her little tummy and kissing her sweet face. I miss her adorable laugh at this age. She has a really great laugh now that I love hearing too.
Sarah was named after one of my best friends Sarah Mohr and also after my mom. They both have the middle name of Kay. I hope Sarah will learn from these two great women she was named after and emulate the good qualities they posses.

Okay, I'm starting to tear up and I better wrap this up for now. Otherwise this post will end up being a record breaker. Just don't think I'm done with Sarah memory lane!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Sarah turns 6

I can't believe it's been 6 years since the first time I held my sweet Sarah in my arms.

Today Princess Sarah turned 6! You really have never seen a more enthusiastic 6 year old. really. :) When she woke up this morning, the first thing I said to her as she was stretching in bed was "Good morning-HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" Her reply was classic. "Really?! It's my birthday! Hey you guys! *yelling this as she is running out of the bed and room* I'm awake! The birthday girl is awake!" She was greeted with a beautiful birthday sign hanging in the dinning room that Grandma had made for her.
All morning, ok all day, she talked about herself in the third person. Referring to herself as The Birthday Girl. LOL! She would say things like, "Look out! The birthday girl is coming through!" or "Don't forget about the birthday girl!" *as if! LOL!
After taking Emily to preschool, I headed over to good 'ol Kroger and bought some cupcakes and juice boxes. She really wanted princess ring cupcakes and wouldn't ya know they only had Halloween. This is my sadness over her being an October baby. She is surrounded by Halloween stuff! My least favorite holiday of all! Well the lady behind the Kroger counter was sweet. When I asked her if she had anything birthday she said "what I have there is all I have." Understanding, I was trying to decide which Halloween cupcakes I could handle when a friend of a friend showed up. We attended a Halloween party with him and his family along with another mutual friend just last Saturday (blog coming later, I'm behind!)...anywho-turns out he is one of the big dogs there at Kroger....he he.
Well, he asked what I was doing there. I told him my sad story about the cupcakes. As soon as I got out my sadness over the Halloween cupcakes the bakery lady popped over and asked me how many I needed. 24. She asked if I could give her 15 mins and she could whip up some Princess ring ones for me. just. like. that. LOL! Who says it doesn't pay to know people in high places?! Even at Kroger! Well, Sarah was thrilled with her Princess ring cupcakes. *Thanks Donde!* We spared the boys don't worry-they got Halloween themed rings. ;) Sarah was in all her glory being the center of attention. She doesn't even try to fene shyness. I love her self confidence! She is one of a kind.
A short time after being home from school Sarah's good friend, Gabriel stopped by with a very special present...a bouquet of flowers. OK, the girl is only 6 and she is already getting flowers from boys. sniff, sniff. I talked to his mom a short time ago (ok we text...but that's how I communicate 90% of the time anymore LOL) anywho-she said that he originally wanted to get her a Princess dress. He saw it at Walmart and said "Mom, Sarah loves being a princess and would love this!" Jen and I comment regularly that if we are still around each other when these two are of dating age....well lets just say we'll have some stor-ies to tell!
After he left, Sarah refused to let me put the flowers in a vase. Why you ask? Well, she wanted to keep them in the wrapping so she could play BRIDE with them! LOL! After I agreed, with the stipulation that at dinner time they were going in a vase and there they would stay, she ran into the play room and put on her Little Mermaid dress up dress and came marching out like a bride. It was too cute. She then TOLD me to take some pictures of her. She reviewed each one and would say-"Now take one like this." or "Um, I think maybe we should do that one over again." I think I've created a monster. :)
We had Sarah's favorite dinner. Chicken and rice-my special recipe, rolls and pears-we were out of apple sauce oops! Only thing was Sarah was so excited about her birthday and the presents that awaited her after her -after dinner shower-, that she had no appetite. She maybe took two bites. I was shocked! This is a meal that she will go for THIRDS one people! Sometimes fourths. Oh well.

Tonight she opened gifts from mommy and the kiddos. Tomorrow night we are going have a family party with games and of course cake and ice cream. I'll post that party...when I can. I'm WAY behind in blogging. It's scary. Here's some pictures of her opening presents. Tonight she got two books. One helps her learn to tell time and the other is a punch out paper doll type book. She also got a whole ream of computer paper....for her Barbie Bride rubbing kit that she also got. Some of you might remember these. You put together the bride using two or three rubbing plates then you lay the paper on top, rub the crayon all over top and you have a beautiful looking sketch to finish coloring in if you like! She flipped out for it. Funny thing was, so did the BOYS! You should have SEEN them moving the plates around to come up with dress designs! It was truly a sight. So stinkin' cute though. Kaleb was the most enthusiastic, and sincerely so, about Sarah's designs. She also got a very Sarah faux fur embellished sweater jacket. She is thrilled with this and feels like a Cheetah girl (that's a Disney group) wearing it. LOL!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Circus

LAST Monday we went to the Circus. The kids were given free tickets for attendance from school. Of course you had to have a paying adult to go with you...etc. I've been working on this scrapblog for it and decided to post what I have so far. I HATE getting so behind on posts. Not that I should really stress about this, but as I have mentioned before I'm using this as our family journal and perfectionist in me comes out. Sometimes it gets ugly. LOL! If you're having trouble seeing these just let me know and I'll see what I can do. I'm going to post the text from some under the picture since I know you can't really read it.

On October 6, 2008 we went to the Circus! This was the very first time the kids had gone to a circus. They were so excited the day they came home with free tickets from school. Little did they know or understand that the ticket was only free if accompanied by a paying adult. *wink*
Well, since I messed up taking them to the fair I didn't think they'd forgive me if I didn't take them to the circus. I figured out that it would cost me $40 for all 6 of us, using what free tickets I could!!

Standing in line to purchase our tickets, a gentleman came up and asked me if I had tickets already. I told him no, but showed him the free passes I was hoping to use. He then gave me a purchased adult ticket and told me to have a good time. I was so surprised, and very grateful!
When I got up to the counter I showed the ticket girl what I had and asked her to figure up what I needed to pay. She looked all the tickets over and then said $16.00! Well needless to say, I enjoyed to circus much more with my pocket carrying change. LOL!

The kids were so excited for the show to start. We had front row seats. At first we thought this was didn't take us long before we were rethinking our front row seats. The metal bars the kids are standing behind/infront of, were right in our line of vision. grrrr

Even though some of these smiles look forced, because they are, they really were excited! LOL What they weren't excited about was waiting.

We watched the Tigers pace around in their cages waiting for the show to start. They were fun to watch perform-Especially the ring of FIRE! *edited that here..will do the actual page later-MUCH later*

This group was the special guests performers from Russia.
The first clown of the night was GREAT! The kids just laughed and laughed at his routine. He came out with three stuffed animals. He used a giant key to "wind" up the animals. The first two that he wound up did not work. He tried and tried but nothing. The third animal, the Elephant worked! The little elephant started walking around the circus ring after the silly clown....soon it slowed down and fell over.

The clown wound the elephant again and again. It would walk for a short time, then slow down and fall over. The Ring Master enlisted the help of the children in the audience in giving the clown encouragement-not to give up. The clown wound the elephant one more time...the elephant took off! The clown caught it. He took off the elephant costume and revealed the little dog inside! The kids LOVED it! Christopher was still contemplating the clowns trickery several acts later!

I am DONE. DONE. DONE. using scrapblog for awhile. It is severely slowing down my blogging productivity! :) So I'm going back to shutterfly collages. They are so fast, quick and I'm done lickity split. So now...the rest of our Circus experience. *sweet sigh*

The next act was the Green Acrobats. Of course that's not really the names of these performers (the color of their costumes) but I don't remember what the actual stage names were-so this works! LOL They were beautiful and the girls really loved their acts throughout the night. *they change color of costumes-but still same people*

The Jugglers came out and wowed the crowed. Kaleb kept "air juggling" during the act. It was quite funny to watch. I'm pretty sure he was unaware that he was doing it. He was at least unaware that I and others around us noticed. *wink*

The Muscle Man act came out next. This lost the kids interest AND mine. To me, it's like wrestling. I don't care for the costumes, YUCK, and I'm just not impressed. Kayleah and Emily talked to one of their friends that sat near us. To be fair, it sounded and LOOKED more like flirting....but.....ahem.

Next the blue acrobats came back out, but this time they were wearing RED. So, now they are the red acrobats. LOL They did more stunts where they catapulted one member on top of several others, creating a tall human tower. What was entertaining to me was watching the unused members of the group do a little dance routine in the background. This looks more showman-ish than just standing there twiddling your thumbs I'm sure, but still a bit comical to me. hee hee

The last clown of the night came out and he was hands down the BEST ACT of the entire circus. at least for me. Unfortunately I don't have very many decent pictures of him or his act. My camera doesn't do very well in low light, grrrr, so none of my pictures from the circus are all that great. This is something I will pay more attention too in the future when shopping for a digital camera. :) Anywho-this clown used a whistle that acted as his voice. He picked a little boy from the audience to assist him with his act. He originally pointed to Kayleah but she froze *not characteristic at all* and I tried to tell her to go out but stood there looking very confused. I'm still not sure what was up with that. Oh well.

The little boy was super cute and the clown did such a good job of entertaining the kids. Christopher was laughing so hard at his act that I had to take a picture of him laughing. His laugh can be so infectious. At the very least it makes you smile!

Intermission was next. This was very LONG and most ANNOYING. During intermission they of course try and get to purchase all kinds of junk, as they do throughout the whole show really, and the kids just can't help but beg you to buy these things for them. To pass the time and to avert attention away from the man with the microphone and the crooks carrying out the junk, I let the kids take over the camera.

To my surprise they wanted to take individual pictures of themselves with me. This was pretty amusing. But, the pictures didn't turn out too bad. :) Kayleah took a picture of just me. I think she just wanted to hold the camera without my assistance and used that as her excuse. LOL Finally the wait was coming to an end...but then....

The evil microphone man told us about a final must have buy. The same clown nose as our favorite clown! BLAST! Sarah folded. The prize was too great to pass up for her. Sadly she would have to learn to go on without that beautiful overpriced red nose. This soured her mood going into the final acts of the night. Her sour mood was pure entertainment for me and few others in hearing distance around us.

Before you think I'm just horrid for saying that you must know Sarah. D-RA-MA! So, she's literally pouting over the nose loss when the Elephants come marching out. After the elephants did a few stunts I said:

  • "WOW, isn't that neat?!"

  • Sarah, "No, it's not! I'm not impressed."

  • me (shocked & laughing) "You're not impressed? I think that's pretty impressive, those are BIG animals."

  • Sarah, "Well, I'm not impressed. The only way for me to be impressed is if that elephants climbs that poll and stands on the flag!"

At that declaration I started laughing loudly! So did the grandma sitting behind us! Sarah knew she had an audience now so keeping up the appearance of total elephant bore became her main focus. She did it well, only letting a few genuinely interested looks escape. At the end of their performance the audience clapped and whistled with approval. Brace yourselves for this...Sarah looked around with a very disgusted face at the satisfied audience and started BOOING the elephants! That's right, my daughter BOO-ED the ELEPHANTS?! I lost it. I couldn't stop laughing! Tears were streaming down my face. I love it when something tickles me so that is produces an uncontrollable genuine belly laugh! Sarah gives me lots of those lovable moments! *wink*

Well, Sarah's performance was the highlight of the night for me! There were a few more small acts that followed. A girl who was very talented with hula hoops had the girls....and the boys mesmerized. ahem. She did make really fun shapes with the hula hoops and the number she was able to keep balanced was quite impressive. The green acrobats came back out with two more routines. One routine only featured three of the performers, it was pretty to watch. The second one all came back out and performed with rings at the top of their fabric ropes. One girl suspended herself in the air by just her hair and spun around. That's some strong hair!

The final act of the night had the boys on the edge of their seats. The motorcycles in the sphere act. First there was three, then five then six and finally SEVEN in this metal ball. When they added five I looked at the boys and said, "Wow five, that's amazing!" They both nodded in agreement. But when they added the seventh driver Christopher said, "Now THAT'S a lot!" LOL! We had a really good time. We were all most definitely ready for bed when we got home though. *wink*