Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Soccer Fall Season Ends

Today (11/01/08) was Kaleb and Emily's final game day of the Fall Soccer season. YAY! :) They both did really well. Emily's team played so well together, but they did not win...much to Emily's dismay. The worst tragedy about all of this is that after taking two pictures of the game my camera battery died! So, one of the other moms is suppose to send me copies of their team picture...THANKS! click to ENLARGE
Luckily I had enough time in between games to run home and get my other camera. Kaleb's team played very well. Every player on his team scored a goal! They won and thus completed their third consecutive season undefeated! W.O.W. Kaleb's skills have really improved and his confidence and love of the sport has grown as well. Another mom from the green team, the Black Dragons played today, came up to me and asked if I was #2's mom. She told me that she had a GREAT picture of Kaleb that she wanted to share with me. I gave her my email address and that sweet woman sent it to me today! It is a very cute picture of Kaleb. Her little scrapbook look she did to it is darling as well. click to ENLARGE


Jed and Kera said...

oh boy!!! I really have enjoyed reading the posts and looking at pictures of this season! I love your babies!

Hannah said...

Thank you! Love ya!