Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Seeing the Ocean for the FIRST time!

Oh I realize that I still haven't blogged the rest of Halloween or Thanksgiving...and now Christmas...(will I ever be caught up?!) and instead of getting more behind I'm sticking with the here and now, moving forward and working on the back log as I can squeeze the time in. lol! So that means you get this, a post one week after Christmas and my final post of the year I wanted to reach 100 post before the end of the year...sigh...I came pretty darn close! And if I had finished ALL the posts I have waiting for some attention that goal would have been reached! *wink*

You should know that the pictures are SORT OF in order/make sense with the paragraph. But they also don't. LOL so enjoy! and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

We . . .

The kids have been pretty disappointed that we haven't taken a vacation this year. Well they had two weeks off school for the Christmas holiday and so we decided to come visit our friends the Wells in North Carolina. We have had a BLAST! Today is our last day here so we are a little sad. :( We are going to have a New Year's Eve party tonight so we're going home with a bang! lol

We have mostly just hung out with Esther and her kiddos here at their house. The kids have been memorized by the boys video games! lol...they have rock band and guitar hero which have been HUGE hits! As well as a variety of plug and play video games.

Esther only lives about 1 and a half hours away from the Pacific Ocean. Yesterday we loaded up the coolers and cars and headed to the edge of the country! This is the farthest East the kids have ever been and their very first time seeing the Ocean. They had a BLAST! It was 67 degrees when we headed out but by the time we hit the beach it was only 64. The Pacific water is usually warm but it still felt a little chilly to Esther and I. The kids didn't even notice and complained that we wouldn't let them swim in it! LOL we did let them walk the shore line and get their feet wet. (Thank goodness for crocs) But as you well know kids NEVER listen. Some "accidentally" fell in. Fortunately we brought a dry change of clothes for everyone JUST in case. We didn't stay at the beach very long, we had no desire to get sick-lol, but we had a lot of fun while we were there.

While we were walking to find a good spot to set up we came across a dead baby shark on the sand. Of course this was fascinating and gross at the same time. So all the kids were obsessed with it. We took pictures and kept moving to find a spot away from the rotting corpse. :)

On our way back to the cars we stopped and took pictures around the Pier on Wrightsville Beach, that's where we went. We also collected sea shells from the time we hit the beach till the time we walked off the sand. hee hee. Emily started helping me look for unusually shaped shells. We found quite a few.

The ride home was almost as adventurous as the beach! Esther's car kept over heating. It first over heated JUST as we pulled into parking spots at the beach. While we played it cooled down and then after we loaded the kids up we filled the radiator with 2 gallons of water and headed out. We were blessed and made it all the way back to town before her car died. literally. at an intersection of course-AND in the left hand turning lane! So on one hand it was a blessing that we made it to town where Jeremy could quickly come get her to tow her home, but on the other hand it really sucked because of WHERE she died. There were a lot of irritated cars that had to go around

But true to what the South is known for, there were way MORE people that stopped to ask if we needed help and offered to do whatever we needed. I love it when people take the time to care. She did have three guys push her across traffic to a parking lot where we waited for Jeremy to come tow her home. The fun didn't stop there though, oh no. On the way home the chain broke twice and after the second time Esther just coasted home and into the driveway! UGH! I really felt bad for her. After Jeremy had gotten there to help I took some of the kids in my car and we came home to start baths and dinner. The whole day was quite an adventure!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Are you ready to P-A-R-T-A-Y!

Never in my life did I think I would be celebrating Halloween, the very holiday I DON'T like SO STINKIN' MUCH! I really think that we got invited to just about EVERY party around. Okay, so we had the kids enjoyed what that we now have enough candy and more importantly CHOCOLATE to start our own small candy store?! Well, okay I'll stop complaining. :) I am REALLY enjoying this never ending supply of yummies! All 700+ pieces of it!

*I know it took me forever to finish this post that I started, but funny thing about the candy...we are STILL eating it!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


I truly hope that you all have a wonderful and blessed Christmas!

With love,

Hannah, Kaleb, Christopher, Kayleah, Sarah and Emily.

*actual Christmas letter/card will be coming later :)

Monday, December 22, 2008

Where did she learn THAT?!

The other day I was taking a shower *don't worry...this is "G" rated* lol, anywho- I was taking a shower and the funniest thing happened! Like most people I'm trying to teach my kids modesty. Well, the lock on our bathroom does not work. And my despite my best efforts some of my children have not learned how to knock on the door AND WAIT for a response before entering a room. Such is the case with my two youngest. sigh.

So, here's the story...Emily comes bursting into the bathroom and has to use the potty RIGHT that very second. no. she can't wait. It was a little odd to me that she had such an URGENT need to be in the bathroom on the toilet and yet once she got there was pretty much just hanging out, telling me about her day etc. FYI during all of this I have made her close her eyes because as she burst in I was stepping out of the shower.... tee hee-now clear your mental image ;)
Next thing I know Sarah comes bursting into the bathroom, apparently she had been looking for Emily who was conveniently on the toilet in the sanctuary of the bathroom and/or more appropriately my safe presence. *insert all knowing-mhm-mommy face/smile* and Sarah wasn't too thrilled with her...ya.

I reminded Sarah of our privacy rules and asked her to please step outside the door, leave it open a crack and talk to me through the door. Well, she positioned herself behind the door but her head was still poking around. So I told her I could still see her and therefore she could still see me and she needed to back up.

With a huff and a stomp of her foot, LITERALLY, she said FINE and backed all the way out of the bathroom leaving the door opened just a crack so I could "hear" her talking to me. What happened next almost made me pee my pants. no lie. As soon as she backed out she stuck her hand through and around the crack in the door and proceeded to talk to me using her hand as a "sock puppet" moving it as she talked!! I hit the floor of the bath tub instantly! I was laughing so hard!

she quickly came back into the bathroom to see what was so hilarious and all I could do was laugh. As soon as I could talk I asked her if she was a sock puppet, she said "what? I was just trying to tell you something and I used my hands, I use them a lot when I talk"... I have NEVER seen her do that and I had NO idea where she got that from! Telling this story just really doesn't do what happened justice-because you just needed to have SEEN her do this! But, I'm sure if you know Sarah very well you can picture it pretty well! LOL

On Friday the kids all had their Christmas parties at school. This being Sarah's first grade school party I signed up to help in her class room. I got to help the kids make reindeer hot coco crafts. :) They were cute. There were lots of parent helpers in the Kindergarten class, big shock, so I was able to make my way around to all the kids parties. It was so much fun seeing them in their classes interacting with their friends. I loved it!

When it was over I was helping Sarah gather her things up to come home and talked with her teacher a bit. I asked her if she used sock puppets in the classroom. Guess what? SHE DOES! I told her my bathroom story and she laughed!! She told me how much she just LOVES having Sarah in her class. She's bright and happy, with a big beautiful smile on her face-ALWAYS and she just loves her personality! Who doesn't right?! Oh my Sarah! I love my little sunshine!

Monday, December 15, 2008

The rest of Sarah's B-day Celebrations

I know, I know Sarah's birthday was in October BUT the rest the celebrations are finally scrap blogged. :) click to ENLARGE

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Sleeping Beauties

How stinkin' cute is this?! For some reason my kids just flat out refuse to keep blankets on. So I wake up every few hours, because I've had children and therefore my bladder now thinks it must empty as if I'm still carrying them!-ahem..., and make my rounds to cover up my sleeping babes. I love to look at them sleeping. And yes it's more than just the fact that they are asleep! *wink wink and a nod* I love it even more when I have to hold back a giggle with what I find. I just had to share what I found tonight when checking on Sarah and Emily. Say it with me...AHHH! :) nightie nite.

Talented Kiddos

So, since I'm taking soooo long to finish the several posts that I've got in editting mode....ugh....I thought I'd share some of the treasures my kids create. You're in for a treat!

Some of these are from school and others are from home. I don't even bother buying coloring books anymore. They go untouched. Our computer paper stack however is ALWAYS low! I love that Topher asks what we are thankful for! So like him to want to know what others think. :) so...what ARE you thanksful for?

Kaleb's thankfullness paper reminds me of prayers my brother Michael use to say growing up. He would bless/thank God for everything from the forks to the food. It would drive us nuts at meal times, LOL! I don't think I've ever heard him say he was thankful for sweet! LOL

This to do list of Kayleah's cracks me up!! At least she has excersis on the list..with CANDY. hee hee It's quite possible she gets the need to make lists from me, I am the queen of sticky notes EVERYWHERE! I'm anxious to be a "crackberry addicted" as my friend Amanda puts it, and get rid of the sticky notes!

Topher's cornocopia

Sarah's cornocopia

Emily's Santa from preschool :) SO CUTE!

This one cracks me up! OK, Sarah came home from school just bursting with excitement to tell me about this amazing book her teacher read in class. It was about a purple crayon and a little boy who did a very bad thing with his crayon. He wrote on EVERYTHING with it! My teacher says he had an adventure with his purple crayon. So guess what we did?! We had an adventure of our very own with a purple crayon! I love how she tells me about her day!!

I'm pretty sure Kayleah doesn't want Santa to "Wack" her...LOL and ya know, who wouldn't want Santa to call them?! :)

This was just cleaver and cute. Kaleb wrote his own story using an Indian symbol key...can you read his story? :)

This is just one of those papers I look at and do a double take on. Kayleah is a very good speller, rarely misses one word on her tests. But some words are just HARD! LOL...Look at #5

another one...look at the 3rd one. :)

OK-this one just amazed me! Kaleb loves to draw. He likes detail and he spends more time on people than most kids his age that I've seen draw. Impressive huh?!

Kyleah's gingerbread girl *on the back of her to do list drawing earlier in post* Should I be worried about the RED eyes?.. lol

Uh...ya, I don't think I'll be letting Kayleah help cook Thanksgiving dinner anyime soon. Not without some serious cooking lessons! LOL wink

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Amazing Sunset

So tonight as the kids and I were doing homework, the most joy of all joys-sense the sarcasm people...we were treated to an AMAZING sunset. It looked as if everything had been hugged by a layer of orange. The pictures I took just do not do it justice-but you at least get the idea. Enjoy! *ps I do enjoy helping the kids with their homework...most of the time (wink) lol
click to ENLARGE:

The ugly dead brown leaves that are left on the trees now looked as if they had been painted a brighter more brilliant color. The leaves that littered the ground were stunning. Sounds weird I know-but it's true!

LOVE the vine look of these leaves...they were SO PRETTY!