Thursday, June 26, 2008

Oh Canada

Elder Johnson took off back to Canada this morning. Micheal came home in May for some minor knee surgery. He has been anxious to get back up to Canada to finish the last four-five months of his mission. It was hard for all of us to say goodbye to him again, but we are so proud of him for doing the Lord's work. Last night Michael, Kelly, Levi (Kelly's husband) and I went for a late night swim....why is swiming at night so much fun?! We took pictures of our fun and also pictures of the kids with Michael and of them waving goodbye to him as Janece and he drove away for the airport.
Kayleah, Christopher, Emily, Kaleb, Uncle Michael, Sarah & Preslee
Kayleah, Uncle Michael, Sarah, Christopher, Emily & Kaleb
Waving goodbye!
We wave untill we can't see each other anymore, it's a family tradition :)
Kelly and Levi
Kelly and Micheal...note his farmer's tan
That's right-we have tans. But up in Canada Micheals won't last for long!