Saturday, June 28, 2008


Last night we went to the movies....the Drive-In Movies! We saw Wall-E. This was the second time the kids have been to the drive in. The first was last year on Emily's 3rd birthday to see Meet the Robinson's. They love watching from the back of the van. Unfortunately I didn't get pictures this time. We went with our good friends the Taylors. Jen and I had a bit too much fun trying to get the seats all situated in my van *wink* but a few sweat drops, a couple of grunts and a lot of exertion later we were ready to roll! (Jen-that was for you babe!)

The kids really liked the movie, the ones that stayed awake anyway. Emily was out after the first 10 mins and Kayleah only made it half way through before falling asleep. I can't blame them-when you spend your summer days playing outside and swimming it makes you super tired! Emily falling asleep did surprise me a bit though. Out of five kids she's the only one that got her mommas late night owl gene. Usually that girl can outlast just about anyone-if she wants too!