Friday, July 11, 2008

Flashback Friday's

I have had such a great time looking at so many blogs and gleaning great ideas off of them. :) One was the idea of posting from the past. One of my friends Kelly does Throw back Thursday-super cute.

So I thought about what day really would be do-able on a weekly basis and then started coming up with cute names for them. Monday's Memories, Touching Tuesdays-waayy too cheesy, What were we thinking Wednesday's... But in the end I decided to go with Flashback Friday's. I hope you have as much fun reading these fun little memories from day's gone by as I do posting them.

Flashback #1

New Kids On The Block-NKOTB

Joey was my favorite. I remember sitting on my kitchen counter listening to "Please, don't go girl" and stopping and rewinding phrase by phrase to memorize it! I think my (and just about every other girl in America my age) obsession with them could be compared to how a generation before us felt about the Beetles. Too bad their obsession was warranted and ours was a fading fad. But-somehow the music industry has decided that we don't have enough crappy singers on the radio and so they have brought the group back together for a come :) LOL!

Here I am with a button of my favorite NKOTB, Joey McIntyre. That button was stuck to a jean purse I had for the longest time!
I'm not sure if I was smiling/squealing in this picture or crying from excitement? Neither answer is very attractive. LOL! I love the faces of my siblings and cousin in the background. To me they say "Yep, she has completely lost it." To be fair, they were right. :)

Just in case you were wondering, The tape I am holding in the second picture is a NKOTB tape (I really want to say DUH here) and yes, it has the song "Please, Don't Go Girl" on it. Several, SEVERAL years ago I cleaned out all my NKOTB stuff. But my sister Janece couldn't let me throw it all away. She decided we needed to keep at least some of this stuff for posterity sake. She has all my tape cassettes still. Just a few months ago I heard "Hangin' Tough" on the radio and called her laughing. I told her she wouldn't believe what I had just heard on the radio! Then a day or so later she and I were driving back from shopping and heard it. We both had another good laugh. We even joked that we hoped they weren't playing their songs in an effort to prep us for announcing a come back. But the UNCONTROLLABLE laughter came a couple of weeks after that when Janece called me to tell me to turn on the Today Show. Why? Because the NKOTB were on it of course! They were announcing their come back! LOL That was hysterical to watch!!