Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Sleeping Beauty

Parents are often laughed at for how many pictures we take of our kids sleeping. when they are little babies, every new face and same expression is still so new and beautiful that we can't resist snapping a shot! I know I am no exception to this. I have many pictures of my children sleeping, from the time they were newborns to now. I still love to see the sweet Serene looks on their face's when they are tucked safely and soundly in bed.
I think the ways my kids sleep often hints to their personalities. Tonight when I checked on the kids after they had gone to sleep, I had to stifle a little giggle as I saw how Sarah was sleeping. I must tell you that she is constantly "posing" in her sleep! The positions that I find her in on a regular basis are just down right laughable and just sooo her. She is a fireball of drama, emotion, flair, fashion and all out talent. I have said often that if she doesn't go into theatre-it will be a waste of talent. As you can see, even in her sleep she is a diva-I just LOVE this little girl!