Friday, July 18, 2008

Flashback Friday

Flashback #2

The summer I turned 9 years old my family moved from Utah to Ohio. After that we traveled to Utah every two years to visit with family and friends. I have many fond memories of family reunions in Utah. One year, the summer I turned 12, when we were driving home (we always drove) we started to notice some boxes along the highway. They looked like they had accidentally fallen off of a truck the way they were strewn about. After passing/dogging a few my MOM yelled at my Dad to STOP!

She had seen a box that she couldn't just drive by. It was a wedding preservation box. Yes, someones very tiny but beautiful wedding dress was sealed inside. So we stuck the box in our already overloaded van and continued the drive home to OH. We all joked that in a few minutes or miles up the road we'd see a tux box. HAHA Well the whole trip back we kept a lookout for a moving truck with it's back up or just people who "looked" like they were looking for lost boxes. We never saw any.

When we got home my Mom tried to find the owner of the dress. I'm not exactly sure how or what she did to do this. Eventually she decided that she had done all she could and gave the dress to us girls to add to our "dress-up" collection.

My 12th birthday finally arrived and not a moment too soon! Growing up my parents had decided that 12 was the appropriate age to "do" certain things. Things like wear makeup and shave our legs...ahem, and arms. ;) Well 12 was also the age that we got to have a friend birthday party and I decided to have a sleep over party!

We had a BLAST! First, my friends all decided that they would all make sure to come with smooth legs and arms-I was finally one of them! I have very dark brown hair. Consequently the hair color on the "rest" of my body is pretty much BLACK. *side step* I was eleven during sixth grade. It was not very fun for me to wear shorts. Middle School is just about the most evil three years of all 13 years we attend. My Mom teaches sixth graders-just ask her. :) I was constantly made fun of at the beginning of the year and even called Monkey girl.* So, I wore long pants and endured the heat during while everyone else wore shorts. Turning 12 was a VERY big deal to me.

OK, so back to the dress I mentioned earlier. Well after a ton of fun putting make-up on and eating fun foods and doing other slumber party birthday things we brought the dress out. I'm pretty sure everyone that attended my party took a turn putting the dress on and my Dad photographed all of us! It was SO MUCH FUN! I remember feeling so beautiful in that dress. And now ...the pictures! *I hope no one kills me for putting these pics on here*hehe

This is Me in the Dress. The scene in the background was actually our wall paper on one of our family room walls. I always thought it was ugly. I have a few friends who had the same wallpaper in their houses growing up. LOL

Sarah-she looked the most "bride-to-be" to me :)

Becky Rachel

Rachel and Marci had a lot of fun using the make up to be more creative ;)