Monday, July 21, 2008

Soccer Camp

Well I have lots to blog about today and to get started.....Soccer Camp! Kaleb and Christopher played soccer both fall and spring sessions and had a great time. Topher has decided to try baseball this coming fall while Kaleb is sticking with Soccer. This year the soccer association hired Midwest Soccer to facilitate camp this year.
Like anything else nowadays camp was not cheap. Kaleb really wanted to go so we sat down and came up with a way that we could afford the tuition. Our first plan included mommy coming up with half of the money and getting the other half from another source. That plan didn't work. Kaleb was pretty disappointed. I was so impressed that he didn't throw a fit or whine about his understandable disappointment. Instead he started thinking of different ways to come up with the remaining amount. So I sat down and found ways we could cut back and do just that. :)
Kaleb also did various jobs to help earn some of the money as well. He helped substitute on Uncle Jeremy's Tuesday paper route, (poor thing only lasted two hours then had to come home cause he was throwing up! The route is pretty windy), washed vehicles for Uncle Levi, helped with extra house chores, helped with cleanup from the construction outside and other tasks. I am so proud and impressed with my little man.

You should have seen how excited he was walking out to mail his important information the camp headquarters needed out to the mail box and putting the red flag up! I could kick myself for not getting a picture of him doing this-grrr. The next step, and probably the hardest one for him, was to patiently wait for camp to begin!

Camp lasted for one week and was for three hours a day Monday-Friday. Monday was very exciting for Kaleb and he had a blast at his first day. When I picked him up that first day all he wanted to do was go home and cool off in the pool. :) Unfortunately Kaleb didn't drink his Gatorade and water as much as he said he was....and a few hours later was sick from sun exposure. Much to his dismay he missed the second day of camp. On Wednesday Kaleb was all healthy and more than ready to get back to business. The rest of the week went without a hitch.

Kaleb had great coaches, Coach Danny and Coach Mark. They both flew over from Europe to work with MSA here in the states. Just listening to the coaches talk in their accents made driving the kids back and forth everyday, cost of camp and enduring the heat all worth it! Oh and of course Kaleb's happiness was a huge bonus ;)

For the last 1/2 hour of camp on Friday all the "soccer moms" took a ton of pictures and the coaches handed out evaluations and awards for the weeks efforts. Kaleb feels he learned a lot of new cool skills-his words ;) and can't wait for fall season to start! I'm trying to figure out how I'm going to juggle soccer, baseball (yes both will be at the same time-sigh) and whatever it is the girls decide to do. Looking back last year seems so easy schedule wise with just soccer and ballet to juggle!