Thursday, July 24, 2008

So Long, Good Bye

It finally happened. Kayleah's fish, the last remaining from Aunt Janece's WONDERFUL birthday gift, has died. Actually it died on Sunday but I'm just now getting it blogged....very busy week people! Fish dying just wasn't number 1 to blog about. ;)

I am a very compassionate person. Maybe too much at times. However, when it comes to dead fish-na.da. They smelled, took up valuable space on my kitchen counter and who do you think did most of the feeding and cleaning of the bowls?...that's right-ME. UGH.

Kaleb's fish was the first to die. He took his fish passing the hardest of all three. Poor little guy just started crying and instantly got sad when he realized that his fish was gone. After an appropriate amount of grieving I let Kaleb know that we needed to "take care" of the carcass. Well...I'm not one for animal funerals-at least for fish, but my mom stepped in and took care of the arrangements. I have LOTS of fun craft items, as most of you know, and Grandma found a little paper kraft box that he decorated and placed his fish in. Grandma suggested that he take some pictures with his fish to remember him...lovely. Then she took the kids outside for the graveside part of the ceremonies. Kaleb said a few parting words that included "you were a good fish, even though I can't remember what I named you" and "I will miss you"...What a sweet tender hearted boy!

Topher's fish was next. Funny thing about his fish though is that he was just as unique and tricky as Christopher is and can be. We noticed that his fish was loosing his gumption and suggested that maybe we should flush him down the toilet where "all drains lead to the ocean....Nemo anyone?" he could find his family and be happy again. Topher thought about it but each day would say that he wanted to wait one more day to see if his fish could be "happy" with him. JUST BRAKES YOUR HEART! Well, I noticed one morning while doing the dishes that his fish had stared at me just a bit too long. After close inspection and several second opinions-his untimely death was called. ONLY, he didn't flip belly side up and float to the top. Instead he floated to the bottom and appeared to be sleeping. TRUST me he was dead, even after coming out of the water and being placed back in....he sank to the bottom right side up-CREEPY! Anywho, because he looked like he was just asleep or "very sad" we pointed this out to Topher and he decided that sending him home to his family was the best choice. Poor guy watched as his fish circled the toilet until it was gone. When it was, he said, I hope he finds his family and can be happy now. Say it with me...AHHHHH!

Kayleah's fish died on Saturday Night. Now, I feel responsible for this one. I cleaned it's tank and gave it fresh water but didn't realize that I needed to let the tap water set out for a couple of hours to get rid of the chlorine in it. Well, just a few hours after cleaning it we found it dead. Floating belly side up-so sad. I was baffled! Her fish was very active and seemed determine to stay alive. :) Then after talking to some friends I found out about the whole chlorine thing. Turns out I had just gotten lucky all the other times because I would let the water sit out so it was room temp as not to shock the little thing when I did change the water. Saturday I was in a hurry and the water felt room temp right out of the tap. Thank you southern summers. Now brace yourselves for this next may shock you. When I told Kayleah the next morning her fish was dead her response was "Ah, Where's Grandma so I can take a picture?!" all with a smile on her face mind you. She was not sad in the least bit! She had been waiting to have her funeral should I be concerned? LOL :) Well, she took her pictures and then had her graveside funeral as well. Her fish is buried next to Kaleb's, who I'm pretty sure he name Goldie. Kayleah's parting words to her fish, Junie B. Jones were "Well, you have a friend next door." and Kaleb added "You lasted the longest". LOL!! I just LOVE these kids!

Yes they may be Triplets, but they are all so unique and so different, so funny and so talented in so many different ways. I am SO blessed. :)

*I know, you're wondering where the pictures are. Well, my mom took them on her camera so I'm going to have to find out WHERE they are?! I'll get them though-don't worry. LOL*