Wednesday, July 30, 2008

24th Celebration

I just didn't have time to edit all the photos from our 24th Celebration at the ward to get this posted last week. But before I'm WAY behind I realized tonight that I need to post, post, post in order to get caught up.

Friday night we had a very fun Ward activity to celebrate the 24th of July. The kids got to do all kinds of fun things. Unfortunately Kaleb wasn't feeling well so he didn't get to stay at the activity, Grandma took him home to rest. Poor thing tried to come but when we arrived in the parking lot he threw up. He was so sad to miss out on the activities. Uncle Levi made him a very cool stick horse! (his was the only one made with a reign-very cool)
There was a homemade ice cream station, a doll making station, a stick horse station and a taffy pulling station. It was so much fun to see all the kids run around making fun stuff and having a great time. There was a parade just before dinner all the kids got to participate in....and some of the adults.
The kids all decorated bikes to ride in the parade, even Kaleb. Since he wasn't there to ride we let another little boy ride. Several children didn't bring bikes to participate in the parade. Christopher was so sweet, he let another little boy ride his bike for awhile so he could have fun too. What a sweetheart!
During the parade Sarah was run over by the Bishop's son! LOL She was alright-more shocked than anything. It was really sweet to see her little friend Gabriel turn around as soon as it happened and rode back to check on her...they have quite the little friendship. ;)
We also had a pie making contest. Mom, Kelly and Jeremy all entered two pies each. First they announced 3rd place-mom's Banana Cream Pie (Dad accepted the ribbon for her). Then the announcer said "2nd place goes to another member of the Johnson family, Kelly" for her Peanut Butter Chocolate Pie, it was divine! And 1st place goes to yet ANOTHER member of the Johnson family, Jeremy for his Strawberry Cream Pie!! Everyone had a good laugh about the Johnson's stealing the contest. We didn't pay the judges off-promise! LOL