Thursday, July 31, 2008

Elementary School Open House

Sunday the 27th the kids elementary held their open house. The kids were all so excited to meet their new teachers. The triplets have been separated and all together in the past. This year I decided to separate them. Last year their 1st grade teacher and I noticed that they were getting quite competitive with each other, particularly Kaleb. Competition can be healthy but for one of them it was just disheartening. I'm hoping that being in separate classes will help build confidence in them this year as individuals.
Kaleb's class couldn't be more perfect for him. His teacher loves science as much as he does. Her class room has planets hanging from the ceiling, there are pictures of animals everywhere and a few globes around the room! Kaleb was truly in heaven!!

Christopher's classroom was very organized and structured. this is also perfect for him. He was very excited to see some of his old classmates. His teacher is very sweet.

Christopher liked that everyone else was an animal and he was food! That is until I pointed out that Kaleb and Sarah's animals could eat him! LOL

Kayleah is excited that the desks in her classroom are set up in groups...go figure, she's just a tad bit social. LOL She was excited to see some of her friends had made it into her class this year.

This picture made me laugh. She was trying to make her eyes look crazy like the frog eyes outside her classroom! What a hoot!

Sarah starts kindergarten this year!.....can you hear me sobbing?! I can't believe my little Sarah will be gone during the day now as well. Emily is thrilled to have momma to herself. She is going to Pre-School again this year. She attends two days a week for 1/2 a day. Her open house isn't for another week or so. I do not know what I'm going to do next year when all my babes are in school full-time. I'm sure some of you will get phone calls this year AND next on the first days of school. Just be forewarned that you may not be able to hear anything but sobs on the other end of the line. I have called her 'Sarah Bear' from the time she was a baby. There was actually a time that when asked what her name was she would answer "Sarah Bear". So we had a good laugh when we saw her classroom mascot is a bear!

Janece's Baby Shower

Janece is having another baby girl. Preslee is thrilled as can be! Janece is ready for this very active little baby to just get out already! LOL Janece has never been one that likes attention, so if we had asked her permission to throw her a baby shower she would have most likely said no.

Well, we really wanted to do a shower for her and after several other people asked if we were I decided we were going to have to throw her a surprise shower....that was the plan. I called mom and Kelly and told them that we should do the shower on my birthday. That way they could get with Janece and make her think that the three of them were planning a surprise birthday luncheon for me-but really it would be a shower for Janece. Jeremy was in on the plan, all was in place.
I started making the invitations right away because we only had 2 weeks before the party. The day that I created the design and printed a test copy of the verbage on the computer, Janece came over. I thought I had cleared away any evidence before she arrived. I had forgotten one printout that had been left on the computer desk in plain sight. Later that night mom saw the printout and called my attention to it. We debated for a short bit about whether or not she saw it. Finally I called Jeremy and because he's a terrible liar (not a bad thing) he confirmed that she did know. The jig was up!
I was so disappointed that my brilliant surprise plan had failed. Oh well, we still had a great shower for her! Even though she knew about the shower we refused to let her know anything about the shower. Janece LOVES game shows and mom found some really great ideas on the Internet.

1st game was a matching game. Some of the cards to match were baby girl, umbilical cord, breastfeeding and a bunch of other baby related things. Once you matched two cards you got a candy bar that went along with that particular card. So, for baby girl they got a baby Ruth, for umbilical cord a pack of twislers, breastfeeding milk duds etc. Everyone but me won a candy bar...sniff...but to be fair I was busy getting the next game ready and only played 2 rounds.
Game #2 was my favorite, The Price is Right! Janece really likes this game and we knew it would be a hit. I downloaded the Theme song from the price is right and made a "Bob Barker" microphone out of a rod, plastic ball and aluminium foil. Mom was the announcer and Kelly was the product model. We used the two big gifts that several people had gone in on together for the bidding items. To choose the contestants for the game we drew pre-addressed envelopes that the guest had filled out when they arrived. Some were super fun to announce because they had not used their given first name. Sister Palmer for example wrote down Goddess Palmer! Another friend put down Hot Momma, SO FUN!
We did commercial brakes during this game. The commercials were drawings out of the basket for "audience" prizes. We did two bidding rounds. Plinko was the second bidding winner game and the first was Pick the Price. For the triplets 5th birthday mom and dad made a plinko board for them. I altered the way you play the game a bit from the show to go with the shower and everyone loved it.
The 3rd game was called Baby Bottle Drink Off! There were three players and each was handed a chilled 4 oz. baby bottle full of apple juice. "On your mark, get set, CHUG!" Jen just didn't have the patience for the tiny hole in the nipple-so she took the nipple off and forfeited, lol. Amy and Jill persevered and eventually Amy won! The prizes for this game were fun to hand out. For the winner we had a package of sippy cups because they had mastered the sucking skill and graduated on to cups. For the two losers we had a package of ring pops. They needed to work on their sucking skills. LOL!!
Kelly was in charge of the food and cake. It was all so tasty and looked great! Mom and the younger girls took care of the decorations. Mom and I did games together and I took care of making invitations and thank you cards.