Friday, August 1, 2008

Flashback #4

Flashback #4
School Day's

OK Today's flashback will be kind of short...I might be able to write more later. Today was Kaleb, Christopher and Kayleah's first day of school. I have been bawling all morning! It's just so hard to see them grow up and go back to school. I have really loved having all of them home for the summer. We've had so much fun. I really can't believe how much they've grown up. Sarah also starts Kindergarten here after screening and then I'm really in for a hard day!

So I dug out my old pictures from Kindergarten and 2nd grade since that's the grades the kids are entering this year. SO MANY MEMORIES come flooding back when I think of my days back at Southeast Elementary in Moab, UT. For one, my best friend all three years I attended there was Cassidy Every. She and I attended church together and FINALLY got to be in the same class in 2nd grade. I spent many sleepovers at her house and have lots of fun memories that go along with those.She and I and a couple other girls made up themes for how we would dress the days of the week. The only one I can remember was Wednesday was "Wedding Day" which meant we had to wear a very beautiful dress. I can still remember some of the frilly dresses I wore. I always thought Cassidy had the most beautiful dresses! One Wednesday I was dressed up in the prettiest dress I had ever worn, and it was new and I was too sick to go to school. I fought my mom so hard to go. I tried my best to convince her I would be fine. So I got dressed and she started to do my hair. I couldn't even sit up long enough for her to do my hair I was so ill. I had to lay down on the floor for a rest. That's when she pulled the plug on my most gorgeous Wednesday "Wedding Day" dress ever! LOL

I don't remember much of Kindergarten except that I got to take a towel in to rest on and I thought that was great. Only I don't remember "resting" much. I wasn't one for quiet non-social time...I'm sure some of you are just having a hard time imagining that *wink*. The only other thing I can remember about Kindergarten was some kids making fun of the birthmark I use to have on my left hand. Some said it looked like a bug, other said it looked like chocolate. The chocolate comments weren't so bad, I wasn't fond of the bug ones though.