Sunday, August 3, 2008

Happy Belated Birthday to Me

I turned 29 on July 26th. I now feel as though I'm slowly marching to Da Dum Da Da, Da Da Da Da Da Dum Da. No not the wedding march-geesh, the DEATH march. I just can't believe that this is my last birthday to be "20 something". There's a country song, Strawberry Wine by Deana Carter, with this line in it "I still remember, when 30 was old". Well guess what people?! I still think 30 is old!! How can this be?! I don't feel 29 or almost 30. I certainly hope I don't LOOK like I'm 29 or almost 30. Those of you who know what's good for you and still wish to remain on my friend list will confirm these hopes or be stricken from it! lol, sigh

Well, my birthday wasn't all that bad. My mom took care of the kids in the morning so I could sleep in-I am a night person, so sleeping in is a HUGH deal for me. Then I opened presents from the kids and mom and dad. The kids got me a beautiful necklace and earring set and my parents got me an underwater camera to take fun pool pictures with. Then mom took the kids out for the morning and to lunch with Janece and Preslee. This left me with the house all to myself for about an hour. Then Kelly arrived and we started getting ready for Janece's shower.

Right after the shower was over three of my friends, Jen, Jill and Amy took me out for some birthday surprises! All I had been told was that Jen wanted to do something with me for my birthday. Our original plan was to plan something together since her birthday is just two days after mine, she's a year younger though. Blast! she still gets another "20 something" birthday. So Jen and I headed off in her car toward the freeway. We stopped in the parking lot of a restaurant and picked up Amy and Jill, much to my surprise.

Then we headed to Nashville. On the way to pick up Jill and Amy, Jen gave me her present...a Twilight Calendar-yum and a very yummy birthday card...ahem. Not to mention the whole rest of the night was also a gift. Jill and Amy had me open their gifts on the way in to stop #1. Amy got me a really cute necklace that matched what I was wearing so I put it on-loved it! Jill got me a supper comfy beach towel. I pretty much live outside in the pool when I can, so this was great too!
Stop #1-Kobe Steak House. YUMMY! That's all I can say about that! The food was sooo good and the portions were ridiculously huge. I hadn't brought my camera in because until we walked in the door I had no idea where we were going. Jill had brought her's though and graciously let us take pictures with it. The chef was fun and we all ended up with Chicken, Steak and the best Shrimp I've ever eaten on our plates. Along with loads of vegetables, the mushroom and onions were my favorite! That's right people I ate EVERYTHING with chopsticks-even my sherbet!

Stop #2-The Crag. This is a wall climbing facility. I had never done that before and it was so much fun! When we first got there they were having a climbing competition and the place was closed to the public. Jen worked her magic and the guy at the counter agreed to let us use the cave since no one was in there anyway and the competition was almost over. Someone must have said something to him about my birthday because while we were getting our harnesses on he made a comment about it. I laughed and told him since it was my birthday he had to get us the hottest instructor there. He blushed a little and said OK. A few minutes later we were ready to learn and climb! As it was the blushing boy behind the counter WAS our instructor! We had a good laugh behind his back over my comment. When we left that night we all said thanks and at the end I added "thanks for getting me a hot instructor-he was great!" He blushed again and laughed. The kid was maybe 17-poor thing being harassed by a nearly 30 year old woman! LOL *totally joking* Jen and I were the only ones of our little group to do this, so for an hour Amy and Jill watched us and took photos. We really had a good time with it and I'm sure gave others a good laugh at our fun. We laughed at everything but still managed to get in a few good climbs. In case you're wondering I AM wearing a different shirt in the climbing photos-Jill's shirt. Mine was not suitable for this and when she said she wasn't climbing she graciously swapped with me. At the end of the climbing we did NOT switch back. I really didn't think she'd want to trade a dry non stinky shirt for a wet smelly one. We both said we'd wash and swap back another time-lol! Next stop was home....but then we all realized how close to a Coldstone Ice Cream shop we were, soo....

Stop #3 COLDSTONE! I really think they have the best ice cream ever! Our silly moods continued in the store and they nice people working that night gave me a free ice cream since it was my birthday! They even sang to me and then let me sing to them, our family has a fun/morbid Happy Birthday song that's fun to share. They loved it! I even got a picture with them so that the whole trip of events for the afternoon/evening was captured on film. The only thing I didn't get on film was the refreshing and relaxing late night swim I took when I got home. Only it wasn't all that relaxing because for some dumb reason I started to FREEZE 10 mins into the swim! Over all the day was fun and I definitely felt loved and cared about on this very last "20 something" birthday of mine.

The celebrations continued the next day on Sunday with Dinner. Because I was out with the girls for my birthday dinner we had our family dinner and "cake" the next day. Mom made Lasagna, one of my favorite dishes. The food was delicious and it was nice to have dinner with all the family members here. My cake was the best ever! It was a tower made of strawberries dipped in chocolate with super fun candles sticking out!

Janece and Jeremy gave me a really pretty wall plaque that Janece had designed and Kelly and Levi gave me a pool float to lounge around in. It's fun to use but the kids usually end up making it a boat for them to incorporate into their silly pool games! It's fun to play with them though and I LOVE surprising them and tipping them out from underneath. :)
While I was gone climbing rocks and eating great food the kids partied at home. They watched part of the Hannah Montana 3-D concert on Disney channel!! For weeks they had been telling me they wished it was my birthday already. Thinking it was because they couldn't wait to celebrate me, their mom, and give me their present I was touched. But then the REAL reason came out when we found out Walmart was giving out free 3-D glasses at their stores for the concert on TV. MHM-that's right, they were excited about a very different Hannah! LOL
They Had a great time singing and dancing along to the songs. Emily, Sarah and Preslee couldn't keep the glasses on their faces and dance around at the same time. Quick thinking Aunt Janece had them get their Lowe's goggles (they get these when they build projects at Lowes, very cool program check out their website) and stuffed the 3-D glasses inside those. They look SO Adorable!! Sarah refused to be a part of these pictures...sometimes she just has "those" days.

I also received a few phone calls, emails, facebook messages, cards and gifts in the mail that made me feel great and reminded me how blessed I am to have so many people in my life that love and care about me. THANK YOU!!

Yes, I'm "One of Them"

OK, so for at least two years, maybe three, several friends and a cousin of mine have said to me "you HAVE to read the Twilight series". At first I asked what it was about and when the response was Vampires I was instantly NOT interested. Time goes on and occasionally people ask if I have read the books or heard of the series. I have usually forgotten all about it at this point and have to re-ask what it is soon as I hear Vampires I sigh and say no and again have no interest.

A few months ago Kelly bought the first book Twilight. She read it so fast that I decided I would give it a shot. I was done with it in a day...and was TOTALLY hooked! I went out and got the next two books in the series, New Moon and Eclipse and had the first three read in under a week. These books are not small either and I still had to function as a person and mom and take care of my house and kids. This was not easy to do at times. I couldn't put the books down! After I finished the third my family cautiously asked when the fourth book was due out, they wanted to know how much time they had before I became a useless for a day or so again. LOL

While I waited for Breaking Dawn to come out I re-read all three of the series three times each. One book I started a fourth time but thought I might be borderline obsessed so I found another book to read. It was hard to get into. I also read another book from the Author and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Friday night at 11 pm I was stalking the local Walmart. This is really funny since I live in a small town and really didn't need to be there so early, but I was still the same. I had some fun while there watching the crazy people who shop normally at these hours, it really was comical at times. Even the employees were hilarious! They randomly came over the intercom with very forward and blunt messages for one another-hee hee.

At midnight the sales associate FINALLY pulled the cart containing 100 copies the store had to sell out to the "display table". This table was a fold up table standing in front of the clothes with NO sign or any indication that it was where the very much anticipated Breaking Dawn book would be placed. Those of us who came to get the book at "stupid hour"-lol followed her like a little train out to the table and watched as she opened the first box and set out three books.

Everyone there just stood there. There was about 25 people-seriously that's all. I was in the front of the line since 11pm until about a quarter till (my friend Jen showed up later and stood with me-thanks Jen for not leaving me alone and again you're welcome for getting you hooked too!) when two high school looking aged girls showed up and ever so casually stood in front of me waiting. I really didn't care to be "first" so I said nothing. The crowd waiting was a fun one though and when no one lunged for the books someone behind me said "oh come on guys-somebody start". So the H.S. girls and I walked forward. I had stepped back to let them know I didn't care if they took the first ones but then at the last minute I thought it would be funny to lunge in front of them and slap my hand on the top copy and say "This one's MINE!". So I did and everyone laughed! The same woman from behind said laughing, "look out people, it's about to get CRAZY!".

I've never anticipated a book's release before and have always thought it a bit insane to camp out for books or movies. But after having read this saga and just about dying in anticipation of this final book to the series I now understand why other people do. I highly recommend this series to anyone who likes fantasy and loves a good love story....and a little passion to quicken their hearts!

p.s. Let the MOVIE countdown BEGIN!!