Friday, August 8, 2008


*Improved pictures*

My girls and lets be honest sometimes my boys love to play with make up. It's been so fun to see them play beauty shop. Listening on the other side of the bathroom door is always a riot! Kayleah is usually the beautician and does all the makeup for everyone. I have taken a few pictures of them all done up-but since I only let them play with kid makeup, which is very light in color and light in application, you can't really see what they look like with it on. I'm going to have to turn them loose on some of my old unwanted makeup and get some pics from that!

Seeing their fun in pretending to be much older than they are made me look for pictures from growing up...and a flashback Friday was born! LOL I am constantly hearing from people how much Kayleah looks like me. I agree and disagree. I can't disagree that our personalities are almost exactly the same. :) Growing up when it came time to play beauty shop I was always the beautician and LOVED beautifying everyone. Most of the time my siblings and cousins just wanted to look silly-which usually annoyed me but I complied. I always tried to look sophisticated and older. Does this shock anyone really? hee hee

So here are some pictures from my past that are just down right hilarious! This first one is when I was about 3 or maybe 4 years old and I had gotten into some lipstick that I'm pretty sure wasn't willingly given to me.
My Aunt RaeAnn actually did all the make up in this picture. My favorite part is that she gave me a "beauty mole"! I was so fortunate to grow up around so many cousins, we had such a great time growing up.I was the beautician in this can really see the personalities of everyone in this picture come out-it's quite hilarious!OK so I didn't always wear makeup in a sophisticated manner. :) Janece and I somehow got roped into being clowns for a day at Wyndot Lake for Teamster Day.