Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Emily is playing Soccer!

Emily can now say she can play soccer. She felt so left out because she was the only kid who had not yet been on a soccer team. This fall I sat the kids down and explained that we had to take turns doing a sport or sport like extra activity. Time wise it just was crazy taking 5 kids to different activities and financially...ya-enough said. So Kaleb and Emily are doing soccer right now.
Emily was so excited to be going that she skipped the whole time we were in the store getting her shoes, that are pink and white, and her soccer ball. She was so disappointed that her ball wasn't pink. They were out of the pink ones, but she got a beautiful red one instead. :) Her team is called the Honeybees. How cute is that?! During practice another teammate ran her over knocking her to the ground. She was in such a good mood though that she jumped up and turned around to her coach and laughing said "I fell down!"