Friday, August 22, 2008

Flashback Friday

Flashback #7
The Summer Olympics & My Cousin

I LOVE the Olympics. I have favorite events that I love to watch in both the Summer and Winter. However, I'll sit and watch just about any event that doesn't bore me to death simply because I LOVE the Olympics and am in awe of the talent and abilities of the Athletes.

For the last two Flashbacks I've been hunting down a photo that shows some of my family with some of my cousins all crowded in on my parents bed in our House in Galloway, OH. We are watching the Summer Olympics in 1996. If I remember correctly we are specifically watching the Gymnastic events. Clearly this photo, and just about all the rest in this post and other flashbacks, is not the best quality.
My cousins came up from Texas to visit us in OH that summer and we had a blast while they were there. My cousin Cami was already out at BYU so she wasn't with us :( My Cousin Alyssa and I had a lot of fun together though! We took the Martins to visit the ship in downtown Columbus where the church performed the a musical about Christopher Columbus and the discovery of America. I and lots of my friends were in many of these productions. Consequently-LOTS of memories and photos! So, for the first time ever I am going to let you in on what next weeks flashback will be about! Drum roll please......My experience in the Musical!! Get ready for some really hilarious photos. hee hee
OK back to this flashback. While we were touring the ship it started to rain. That's why there's water stains on our clothes and I'm wearing a hat. Not sure why I needed/wanted the hat...but at least I don't look too ridiculous in it. lol
Poor Alyssa had to really arch her back for this photo in order to get her back and arms up and over my big hips! LOL
So, I can't tell from the photos if the jeans we are wearing are the amazing jeans we found that weekend at a store closing sale or not-but I just must tell you the story about those jeans! Well, after going home from some outing some of us "kids" wanted to just get out of the house for some more "in town" fun. So naturally we went shopping! Who ever wanted to go loaded up with me in our 16 passenger van and we headed off to the mall. That's what I drove people. No lie.

There was a store and for the life of me I can't remember the name of was a one name store....Alyssa do you by chance remember?, we go in because there's big signs all over saying the stores closing HUGE sales. Well, most of the clothes were hideous not so fashionable "white girl" clothes. *please note I say that with love I'm so not racist but lets be fair-some fashions are specifically designed for specific bodies and tastes. That's what's so great about fashion!*

So we go inside and it's all a bit of a mess. We start casually looking through the racks and bins and then we start to notice how CHEAP all the clothes are! I'm talking a few dollars here people! Well, Alyssa and I found some jeans. To this day they are the most fashionable and comfortable jeans I have EVER worn. Not to mention they looked SMOKIN' on us!! They were so comfortable that we fell asleep in them that night talking before we got ready for bed. LOL I remember waking up at some point and realizing the lights were still on and we were all sprawled out in our basement room. I got up and turned the light off but Alyssa and I just stayed in our amazing smokin', stylin', super comfortable and best of all CHEAP new jeans. To this day whenever I think about those jeans I get a little nostalgic and sad as I wonder what on EARTH happened to them?! LOL

Um....strangely I have several pictures of me holding animals, dead and alive, where I'm posing to kiss them. I'm not sure what that is all about? I'm sure my sister Kelly could analyze that for me-she's good at that. ;)
So this picture is NOT from our weekend in 1996, it's actually from our family reunion in Moab in 1994. This was the infamous cabin reunion where were run out by sick rats whom the adults just KNEW had the hunta virus. I don't even know how to spell it-but it was a really bad thing. This reunion was truly one for the books. But it has given us so many years of laughter and lots of nights talking and reminiscing about it. This post is getting long enough so I'll have to go into that story another time. Maybe Alyssa or my sisters or any of my other relatives that see this post would care to share the story and comment. :) Ahh, memories. Anywho, I just liked this picture of the two of us and since I had sooo many from this trip thought it was fun to show our growth in two years time. I love ya Alyssa!