Saturday, August 23, 2008

Spectacular Saturday

Today was a spectacular day! I love to have fun with the kids on the weekend especially since school is back in full swing and I miss the time we had during the summer. It just so happened that this Saturday we had TONS of fun!

The day started off with a trip to Lowe's Home Improvement store. They have a great program that's company wide, where little kids can go and build projects for FREE! They do it here about twice a month and the kids love it. They get to wear a little work apron and goggles and use little hammers that are just their size! The kids have built several projects now and we just don't know where to put them all anymore. This time they built a truck. Each time they complete the project they get a certificate and a little badge to put on their apron. I need to get them on the aprons...but the few methods of quickly getting them on have just not worked out so well. Any suggestions for getting "boy scout" type badges on half plastic half fabric aprons? :)

As we were leaving Lowe's the kids wanted to race their trucks down the big shopping lanes. So I though "Why not?!" They had a good time racing. I only let them race twice though much to their dismay. Just as we got close to the cash registers the kids all started to BELT out "Called to Serve" from primary! I was a little caught off guard by this. They sing the children's hymns all the time at home which I love but I'm not sure what brought that loud so fun and cute performance on in the middle of a home improvement store?! As much as I loved it, I told them we'd better wait to finish until we got outside. So, as soon as we passed through the store door they started singing. Two men were loading up their truck with lumber and turned to see what was going on. when they saw my five kids all singing like a little choir they just smiled at me and each other. :)

We left Lowe's and headed straight over to Aunt JoJo's apartment. (aka my sister Kelly) There Grandma and Aunt JoJo were waiting with a special Boxcar Children lunch!! Each night after the kids are in bed my mom has been reading chapter series books with them. She has wanted to read the Boxcar Children for a while now but has been unable to find the 1st book in the series. So she read three books from another series that the kids loved until she finally found the first book in the boxcar series.

We had all made plans to go to Kelly's for lunch after Lowe's since we were staying in town most of the morning and early afternoon for various fun activities. Grandma thought it would be really fun if we ate lunch the way the orphans did in the book. So when we arrived for lunch the kids were so excited to see a blanket laid out in the middle of the family room with cut up chunks of bread, cheese, grapes, water and a surprise wrapped up in a towel. The kids were ecstatic!
During lunch they decided to pretend to actually be the boxcar children and act out some of the book scenes they had already read. It was so cute and just so darn adorable!!
After our very tasty and fun lunch we headed over to the bowling lane just down the way from Aunt JoJo's house. The bowling alley was celebrating 6 years of business. Because of this for certain hours of the day bowling and shoe rental was FREE! The kids had been asking me for several days if not a few weeks if I could take them bowling. When Janece saw this in the paper we were so excited and just had to go!
Watching the kids bowl was entertainment all in it's own. Kaleb is a natural bowler. The kid was hitting almost every pin down each time and not always using the bumpers. After a bit this went to his head a bit though and his game went down hill. He just thought it was funny though! He's so great at laughing at himself and not taking things too seriously! What a great kid!

Christopher is very serious about just about everything he does. So he was a bit downhearted when he just couldn't get all or even most of the pins to knock down. He had a massive cheering section though from all the family there and soon forgot about competition and had a BLAST! It was really fun to watch his reaction though when he did knock a lot of pins down! He's just so stinkin' adorable!
Kayleah had a lot of fun trying to compete with her Aunt JoJo. It seemed they were up to bowl at the same time just about every round. This might be a good place to mention that we took up two lanes. LOL She was dramatic with her bowling-of course. I got some good video of her bowling and watching the pins, it's really funny to watch! She's just too graceful to throw around a heavy ball!

Sarah had the hardest luck. It was so hard not to laugh at the fact that Sarah could still get gutter balls using the bumpers! It really was weird. She would roll the ball and it would bounce back and forth like you'd expect and then at the end pick a side and roll right on in without touching a single pin! Poor thing would just turn around and look at us like "what is wrong with this game?!" She never gave up though. Each time her name came up she went up and tried again. After some private lessons from Aunt JoJo, Sarah improved her game and found success. Let me tell you, it was SWEET success!! So fun to see her beautiful smile and face light up with such excitement!

Emily was all about just having fun! She had me or someone else help her a few rounds but eventually wanted to just go up like her big brothers and sisters and do it all on her own. It was so funny to see her waddle up with the ball and then slide/run to the end of the lane and throw the ball down just about taking her down the lane with it! Then she'd stand, spin around or stay on the ground if it knocked her down and watch the ball. It was so fun to see her determination at being counted among the big kids who bowled for herself! I wish she'd just stop growing up! :) LOL

My niece Prelsee was there too and she was just so adorable about all of it. She is very animated and super cute and hilarious! She reminds me of her mom in so many ways. She has the classic only child way of talking in that she says phrases above her age level. I LOVE to hear her tell me a story or recount an event! She so adorable you just have to pick her up and give her a big "squish!"

Not only did we all get to bowl for free but they were also handing out free popcorn and had free face painting for the kids! The businesses in this town have a great sense of community and do a wonderful job of promoting their businesses in fun and family oriented ways!
After all the fun of the morning and early afternoon we finally headed back home. But the fun was not over. Several of us suited up and headed out to the pool. The kids had so much fun playing and swimming. One of our favorite things to do in the pool is take a swim noodle and stick one end in the water return which acts like a hose and then start spraying people down! The kids had fun doing this as they have many times throughout this summer, only this time there was a surprise. When Sarah and Topher took over the noodle it sprouted a leak in the middle of the noodle creating a double spraying!! At first it kind of shocked them when it happened but they quickly burst into fits of giggles and used this to their advantage. It was a BLAST!
After swimming we went inside and watched some of the Olympics together. At this point all the other family members had gone home and even Grandma and Crapa had left to run some errands. The kids and I enjoyed our time together with just us in the house. After watching some sports together, talking about our super fun day and the kids talked with their other grandparents in Oh on the phone, it was time for me to get dinner ready. I hated to get back to business as usual. It was so fun to just "have fun" with the kids all day. The cherry on top of the day was listening to the kids laugh and enjoy each other playing board games while I worked in the kitchen. It truly was a Spectacular Saturday!

Kaleb Beckham Returns!

Kaleb is back baby!! That's right, he's back to playing soccer. Anyone who watches him or listens to him talk about himself on the field would agree that to him, He. Is. The MAN! LOL It was so fun to see Kaleb reunite with many of his team players from the previous two seasons. For some reason Emily's coach did not have the team uniforms yet to pass out, but Kaleb's did. They are SO COOL looking! His team name is the Black Dragons. Very cool!

Kaleb's skills have improved in many areas over the last two seasons. However, he still has one MAJOR area that needs a lot of improvement....pushing. He just can't resist grabbing and pushing somebody away from him when he's going after the ball! Poor guy! It is a natural instinct, a gut reaction if you will. It is not kosher with the league though ;) So after trying to remind him during practice the Coach finally told Kaleb that every time he pushed in practice or in a game he has to drop and give him 10 push-ups or sit-ups. Kaleb thinks this is hilarious, so we'll see how effective it is! LOL
The exercises the coaches did with the kids were fun to watch. The boys had fun doing them as well. I'm so grateful that Kaleb has the same coaches now for this third season here. They both understand that they boys should have fun and enjoy what they're doing. At the same time, they are good at teaching them how to properly play the sport and improve their individual skills. It's a great balance. Here's some video of his practice.

In this video, Kaleb's been chosen to take out each player one at a time. To do this he has to kick his ball outside the circle of cones. He did really well with this. He really enjoyed taking on his Coach!

Kayleah's Trophy

Last week Kayleah won a trophy in Gym class. I'm still sketchy on the details but basically her class played a game, she won and got to bring a trophy home for the weekend. Sadly she had to return the trophy on Monday. Unlike when Olympians are instructed to return their metals, Kayleah knew this was a short term loan.

I think this idea of the traveling trophy is really cute! She was so excited coming off the bus with it. I think she carried it around almost the rest of the day at home and I even found it in bed with her that night. LOL This picture is from Monday just before she had to return it. She did vow though that she would get it back before the end of the year! I believe her!!