Thursday, August 28, 2008

Momma did WHAT?!

The day before Emily started pre-school I decided a trip to the Duck pond was in order. We called Aunt Janece and our friends the Taylors and invited them all to join us. Our friends Bella and Bubba went with us as well. The kids had a great time-and really what kid doesn't when they get to see ducks and turtles?!

The highlight of the trip was when we spotted two momma ducks with little ducklings. The one momma had 11 babies who were a few weeks older than the second momma's with 6 ducklings. We watched and took pictures for a bit. For purposes of this account we'll call the momma with the 11 babies Big Momma and the other Little Momma.

Shortly after watching the two moms tend their little ones opposite a mud mound from each other, Big Momma's ducklings started wandering over to check out the other side of the mud mound. Little Momma was not so thrilled with this and instantly became protective of her family. At one point one of Big Momma's ducklings got just a bit too close for Little Momma's liking and she pecked at the duckling. Janece and I suspected a fight was brewing and so we quickly got the camera turned from picture to video!
Any other mother might have quickly gathered her children and found some more peaceful ducks to watch. Not us! This was too interesting and the kids were just as engrossed in the spectacle as we were. LOL At one point Big Momma turns and started walking toward us. Isaac, one of the friends with us for the day pulled out the plastic sword from behind his back to protect us-it was GREAT! I think you can hear Janece and I laughing on the video at this. Just too CUTE!
*ok so, the movie WON'T post and I only discovered this AFTER I thought it worked and posted I'm re-posting, but I'm not happy with this. one. bit.* :)

We also got to watch two ducks practice their synchronized swimming routine. The kids thought this was just hilarious! Every time the two ducks would dive and send their tail ends up in the air with their webbed feet flopped over the water, the kids would roar with laughter! The duck pond never disappoints!