Friday, September 26, 2008

One Month Old

I know I've already posted 3 posts between yesterday and today but I couldn't help but share a quick update on my niece Calee. She is one month old TODAY! Janece took her in this morning for her check up and the results are both good and hilarious. Calee is healthy and growing. At one month she is 11 lbs 5 oz. and 23 inches long! She is in the 95% for both weight and height! LOL I love this cute little girl!

Flashback Friday

Flashback Friday #10

My kids love to do arts and crafts. As evidenced by the boat post below. :) I also love doing arts and crafts. I enjoy just about anything; sewing, stamping, painting, drawing, wood working etc. Anybody with kids knows that every little piece of artwork they bring home from school is just precious. To either the child, you or sometimes both. For having 5 kids that bring home masterpieces on a daily basis I think I've done pretty well to weed out the keeps and keep-nots. LOL

*side note, I'm getting ready to photograph or scan if possible the pieces of artwork that I have kept and have them printed into a book(s). This way we can actually LOOK at their masterpieces without macaroni falling all over the floor or finding glitter has made it's way-EVERYWHERE when we do get down "the box".

Well, I have this plate that I made back in '84. It's one of my masterpieces that I just can't part with. Not because it's going to be worth millions one day but because this is how I viewed myself or my world at the age of 6. I have a really good memory. I'm so grateful for that. I can remember things from my early childhood that are neither significant or defining. I also remember some of the significant, defining things-but everybody remembers that stuff right? :) I don't have any great story that goes behind this plate. It's just something I made a long time ago. It is funny to look at though! LOL

Emily's Acrobatic Nightmare

On Thursday of last week, 9/18/08, Emily decided to try and do a flip off the end of the couch. The end with my dad's wooden hope chest. I was sitting at the kitchen table giving the trips a practice spelling test when all of a sudden we heard a loud thud. The kind of thud that makes your motherly instincts flip on and your throat falls into your stomach-kind of thud. I turned around just in time to see her stand up, her face white as a ghost and even though her face looked like she was screaming there was no sound coming out. Oh ya and she looked like her nose was smashed in.

I grabbed her up and ran back to the kitchen with her. My mom had been in her room grading papers (I think) and she too had heard the thud and was in the kitchen looking Emily over with me. I was so focused on her nose that had disappeared somewhere in her face that I didn't even notice the huge bump and what appeared to be a gash on the side of her head *turns out it was just a scratch on top of the bump*. A quick look over had Grandma thinking she might need stitches. Last week we had a couple of virus' floating around town and I caught one. It's very rare that I get sick-throw up sick, but I was. So the thought of driving and sitting in the ER was less then appealing to me. We did it anyway-OF COURSE! :) Most people know that few things come between me and my kids needs, if any really. So just imagine normal Hannah taking care of her injured baby *she's still MY baby* and on top of that I feel like crap. Those poor Nurses and Dr.'s didn't stand a chance.

They got her in to a Triage Nurse right away who determined that despite the two huge goose eggs on her head, front and side and her badly swollen and smashed in nose, she was just fine and could wait in the waiting area for 2 HOURS. Meanwhile she sent the little boy who came in with us that had big blister on his foot over to urgent care and he was in and out in no time. Lucky them. After we got into a room we waited for another 45 mins. I opened the door after 20 mins so that all the Nurses passing could see my happiness. ha. ha.

Finally the Nurse that placed us in the room, that was badly needed a good cleaning and an air freshener, came in and explained to me that we had come at a bad time to the ER. We arrived at 5 O'clock which is precisely when the Dr.'s shift changes and he has to go over all the charts with the one coming in. I listened to her pathetic attempt at making me happy with waiting as long as we had with my 4 year old who had head injures-mind you. After she was done rambling she waiting for a response of some kind from me. I just looked at her blankly and said "I'm just concerned about my daughter who had a head injury and is only 4." I REALLY wanted to add "Next time we'll be sure not to have a need for the ER during shift changes!" She told me the Dr. should be in soon and walked out- again. She made the mistake of looking at me before she was about to close the door...she left it open.

The Dr. did come in shortly after that and restated everything the Nurse had. I had said nothing but hi when he came in. When he was done I just stared at him, picked Emily up off the bed and woke her up (oh yeah, she kept falling asleep which was not that worry-some but a little) so he could examine her. He did and then said she was fine and didn't want to do any x-rays or anything. This was fine with me-so long as he felt she would heal well on her own. Remarkably her nose wasn't broken and after having ice on it for over 2 hours was looking much better.

We came home took pictures and ate dinner. :) Unfortunately Emily has had a headache EVERYDAY since this accident. Not little ones either. This is starting to worry me. I sat on hold forever yesterday trying to get a hold of her pediatrician to schedule an appointment...they never picked up?! I'm going to try again today. I'll let you know what the verdict is. Am I crazy or over reacting because I think a week is too long to still be having headaches from this? Tell me the truth-I can take it! ;) LOL