Saturday, September 27, 2008

Emily Update

Just a quick update on Emily.  I did take her to the Doctor yesterday, poor thing got hit in the nose two more times-very lightly but it ballooned up right away again.  I got through with the doctor this time and got an appointment.  He looked her over and said that she DID have a concussion and that the effects of it could last for several weeks afterward.
Not that this is a surprise to me, but it irritates me that the Dr. in the ER had the nerve to tell me that she was just fine and all but ignored my concern for my daughter.  He even told me that she most  likely did NOT have a concussion and that  scanning her to confirm his findings would only take longer and put her at risk for getting cancer when she was older because that's what studies are finding now; CT scans in children when they are young increases their likely hood of cancer later in life.  I think they saw how frustrated I was with the pathetic care they were giving my daughter and just wanted us out of there and instead of validating my bringing her in to the ER to be examined they tried to act like I was over reacting to a little goose egg on her head.

You better believe that if/when I do need to take one of my kids to the ER again and I take them to the one here in town, they better be ready for me-cause that time I will take no prisoners.  *I miss the great hospitals in Columbus, OH....sniff, sniff*