Sunday, September 28, 2008

Chapter 2

Sarah gave a talk in Primary today.  Her talk was about Prayer.  To be specific, the topic was: I know Heavenly Father hears and answers my prayers.  Of course I remembered this yesterday.  While I was making dinner.  Nice.  So while I made dinner Sarah sat in a chair and we talked about ideas for her talk.  Very excitedly she ran and got her scriptures, jumped back into the high chair in the kitchen, crossed her legs and started talking. 
When Sarah gets going she gets going.  She is hilarious to listen to as well as watch.  Her animation is priceless.  First she started telling me that she had to use a story from the scriptures she really needed to read something out of the scriptures for her talk.  I assured her that we would find something in them for her talk.  Then, while I tried to ask her a question, she flipped through them and said "how about this one mom, I think it's Nephi and I see a 5 and a 2.  Is this a good story?  How is this scripture?" I had to smile.

After telling her that I wasn't sure and right now wasn't going to be the time to find the scripture, I got my question out.  I asked her if she could think of a time when she prayed to Heavenly Father and he answered her prayer?  "Oh yes, once when I was sick in bed I prayed that He would make me better, and he did.  Then the next time I prayed *she stops at this point looks up and with hand gestures that I can't describe and says-Chapter Two: the next time I prayed...*" I LOST IT!  I grabbed the counter to hold me up while I doubled over laughing!

This did not phase Sarah and she kept right on with whatever she was saying.  I grabbed a near by piece of paper and started writing down what she had just said so I wouldn't forget what and how she said it.  She saw me doing this and said, "Are you writing this down mom? Oh that will be good..." There I was again, doubled over laughing!  After a few more minutes of me laughing and her talking she said "In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.  How does that sound mom?  Will that work?  I think it will."  Oh how I love my Sarah bear!

Where on earth did the "Chapter 2" come from?  Well, after thinking about it my mom has been reading chapter books to them at night.  Sometimes I fill in-but this is a Grandma and grand kids "thing".  :)  Whenever they come to a new chapter my mom reads the chapter number and title.  I think Sarah has just taken to narrating her own life now!  LOL