Friday, October 3, 2008

Flashback Friday

Flashback Friday #11
Hey Sista, Sista!

Who could have guessed that so long ago a single picture could capture our personalities? LOL This is a picture that was taken in our backyard in Moab, UT back in '84-'85 most likely. The same year my beautiful plate was made from last weeks! It looks like there is only three of us Johnson girls in this photo myself, Janece and Katie. But if you look to the right of me back in the greeniery you can see my mom walking with baby Kelly in a snuggly. Katie's pose and face are my favorite by far! I have often feared that ever-so-stretched tummy from pregnancies would forever look a bit pregnant. Well, little did I realize that I've ALWAYS had a bit of a pooch making me look pregnant! tee hee

Don't worry I'm not just going to drop another photo on you without a great memory *wink*. BUT this memory doesn't go with the photo. Our memory for this week comes to you from 1988 in a little house on Sexton drive in Columbus, OH. (yes just phonetically sound out the street name) In this house the four of us girls ruled the upstairs of the house. REALLY. The entire second floor was two bedrooms with one huge closet that connected them. I've actually drawn you a picture of it since there are none in existence to my knowledge. If I find one someday-I'll post it. *please remember I'm not an artists* lol

We tried all kinds of different arrangements of the rooms. We first split them into two rooms between the four of us girls- even though you had to walk through one to get to the other. Janece and I shared and Katie and Kelly shared. Eventually we ended up putting all of our dressers in the first room and then all the beds in the second room. This arrangement worked the best and we LOVED it!

My first memory is during one of the times when Katie and Kelly were using the first room as theirs. Janece and I had gotten in trouble for something....we really can't remember what, I would tell you if I could. :) Anywho-the stairs leading up to our rooms was completely encased making every sound magnified with echos. So while we were in our rooms for a time-out we heard Katie coming up the stairs. Well thinking quick we both slid underneath her bed.
This is the tricky part. Katie and Kelly's beds at the time were toddler beds. They only had top mattresses, no box mattress. The top mattress was held up by removable or floating boards. So, here comes Katie walking nonchalantly up the steps. Janece and I plastered ourselves as close to the wall as we could so she wouldn't see us as she came to the top of the steps. Her bed was positioned so you could EASILY see under the bed as you came up to the room. Luck was on our side and she did not notice us.

She jumped up on her bed and started to doing "something"...? Janece and I quietly slid in position so that we were feet to feet and with our backs pressed against the floor we carefully placed our feet in between the wooden slats directly on the mattress. With a very quiet count of 1...2...3...we both shot our legs up straight, lifting the mattress with Katie on it up off it's base! It was GREAT! But the really great part was Katie's reaction!

Katie started screaming and jumped off the mattress and flew, I mean F-LEW down the stairs screaming for mom! Janece and I later commented that her feet didn't even touch the floor from her bed to the top of the steps! She and I were laughing so loud and so hard that we didn't hear our mom yelling for us. Oh ya, we got in more trouble. But when you're already serving time, what's a little more?! LOL Totally worth it!

I have another memory from this house. Please note the cubby hole, marked cubby hole, on the picture I drew of our rooms. OK, we loved to play in this cubby hole. We would play barbies mostly in it. My mom gave us a bunch of scrap material once and we had so much fun making clothes for our barbies with it. We remember some of them being very fashionable too! It's really a shame we don't have pictures of those memories. :) But that could be a good thing. This way we can keep telling ourselves that our designs were really great, because we will forever remember them the way we thought of them then. Ahhhhh-ok back to the REAL memory.

As much as we loved playing Sexton Drive Runway with our Barbie fashions, we loved to use this cubby hole to scare each other MORE. HEE HEE! We would hear someone coming up the stairs and hurry to quietly get into the hole. It was work to do this quietly. The hole was a bit high up the wall and we didn't have a chair or stool that we used to get into it. We just hoisted ourselves up in it. This usually resulted in our legs banging against the wall bellow it in the process. That sound would give our intentions away to the person coming up the stairs and the surprise element would be lost. So we perfected this silent vault.

We would wait until the poor sister that had come upstairs was just about to the hole and then jump down and scare them to death! And it did scare them/us! Even though we knew half the time that someone had to be waiting, the anticipation was enough to work our nerves up making the job of the person doing the scaring very easy. As a bonus all the adrenaline that we built up waiting to do the scaring usually got our heart pumping and when we scared we got scared! One of us even peed our pants once....I won't reveal who out of love. LOL!

OH, there are so many more memories from this house. I will have to save them for another Friday though as this flashback is characteristically long enough. *wink*