Thursday, October 9, 2008

Photo Shoot

OK, I have a few other posts that I need to finish and get up going to the circus, our Dental experiences (lots of fun) and a weird random one just for fun....but instead of doing those right now I'm going to blog about my photo shoot Tuesday night. Mostly because a couple of you have noticed my new profile pic and called me about it (thanks *mowah*) and since I've told some of you about the "other" pictures I'll just get them up here for all to see. LOL

I'm not really ready to go into WHY I had a photo shoot Tuesday night-so don't ask...yet. :) I will tell all soon. My good friend Jennifer took these pictures-she is amazing! Most of the time I was laughing so hard that tears were streaking down my face. *disclaimer: most of these were shots she took at random and not posed...but some were, wink* Oh ya and we did this late, late, LATE at night/early morning. tee hee!