Friday, October 10, 2008

Flashback Friday

Flashback Friday #12
Photo Shoot

Well, since I posted about my recent photo shoot I though it would be fun to show some pictures from a photo shoot that my friend Melissa and I took WAAYY back when. Unfortunately I can only find ONE of the pictures we took. TRUST me there are more. LOL! When I find them I will post them for sure. My dad took these for us at my house on Alton Rd. in Galloway, OH. We had a beautiful fireplace that was the back drop to many of our pictures. At least we didn't take these in front of the same scary mural where we took our wedding dress pictures. *please note our perms they are a bit hard to see Also, my nose shadow...the source of many jokes growing up. ahem.* The other photo shoot that really felt like a photo shoot was my High school senior pictures. My friend Esther had gone to her sister, Liza's friend for her pictures and recommended her to me. She was freelance and worked out of her basement. It was interesting. But, in the end I had pretty good senior pictures for a price less than half the cost that most of my friends spent with Peters or Kent smith. And I had twice as many pictures for that price. *big smile* My friends Esther, Sarah, Melissa and Becky all showed up and we had a blast!

TWILIGHT Movie Trailer

Today was the release of the official
NEW Twilight Movie trailer!

*SCREAM!!!* Oh my heavens it's soooooo much better than the first one released. I saw the first one on the big screen when I went to't remember actually....weird! I know I liked it though-anywho it was GREAT but this one is FREAKIN' AMAZING! Dang it-now I'm all sparked up for the movie again and I still have to wait a MONTH! AHH!

Here's the link, enjoy!: