Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Circus

LAST Monday we went to the Circus. The kids were given free tickets for attendance from school. Of course you had to have a paying adult to go with you...etc. I've been working on this scrapblog for it and decided to post what I have so far. I HATE getting so behind on posts. Not that I should really stress about this, but as I have mentioned before I'm using this as our family journal and scrapbook...so...the perfectionist in me comes out. Sometimes it gets ugly. LOL! If you're having trouble seeing these just let me know and I'll see what I can do. I'm going to post the text from some under the picture since I know you can't really read it.

On October 6, 2008 we went to the Circus! This was the very first time the kids had gone to a circus. They were so excited the day they came home with free tickets from school. Little did they know or understand that the ticket was only free if accompanied by a paying adult. *wink*
Well, since I messed up taking them to the fair I didn't think they'd forgive me if I didn't take them to the circus. I figured out that it would cost me $40 for all 6 of us, using what free tickets I could!!

Standing in line to purchase our tickets, a gentleman came up and asked me if I had tickets already. I told him no, but showed him the free passes I was hoping to use. He then gave me a purchased adult ticket and told me to have a good time. I was so surprised, and very grateful!
When I got up to the counter I showed the ticket girl what I had and asked her to figure up what I needed to pay. She looked all the tickets over and then said $16.00! Well needless to say, I enjoyed to circus much more with my pocket carrying change. LOL!

The kids were so excited for the show to start. We had front row seats. At first we thought this was great...it didn't take us long before we were rethinking our front row seats. The metal bars the kids are standing behind/infront of, were right in our line of vision. grrrr

Even though some of these smiles look forced, because they are, they really were excited! LOL What they weren't excited about was waiting.

We watched the Tigers pace around in their cages waiting for the show to start. They were fun to watch perform-Especially the ring of FIRE! *edited that here..will do the actual page later-MUCH later*

This group was the special guests performers from Russia.
The first clown of the night was GREAT! The kids just laughed and laughed at his routine. He came out with three stuffed animals. He used a giant key to "wind" up the animals. The first two that he wound up did not work. He tried and tried but nothing. The third animal, the Elephant worked! The little elephant started walking around the circus ring after the silly clown....soon it slowed down and fell over.

The clown wound the elephant again and again. It would walk for a short time, then slow down and fall over. The Ring Master enlisted the help of the children in the audience in giving the clown encouragement-not to give up. The clown wound the elephant one more time...the elephant took off! The clown caught it. He took off the elephant costume and revealed the little dog inside! The kids LOVED it! Christopher was still contemplating the clowns trickery several acts later!

I am DONE. DONE. DONE. using scrapblog for awhile. It is severely slowing down my blogging productivity! :) So I'm going back to shutterfly collages. They are so fast, quick and I'm done lickity split. So now...the rest of our Circus experience. *sweet sigh*

The next act was the Green Acrobats. Of course that's not really the names of these performers (the color of their costumes) but I don't remember what the actual stage names were-so this works! LOL They were beautiful and the girls really loved their acts throughout the night. *they change color of costumes-but still same people*

The Jugglers came out and wowed the crowed. Kaleb kept "air juggling" during the act. It was quite funny to watch. I'm pretty sure he was unaware that he was doing it. He was at least unaware that I and others around us noticed. *wink*

The Muscle Man act came out next. This lost the kids interest AND mine. To me, it's like wrestling. I don't care for the costumes, YUCK, and I'm just not impressed. Kayleah and Emily talked to one of their friends that sat near us. To be fair, it sounded and LOOKED more like flirting....but.....ahem.

Next the blue acrobats came back out, but this time they were wearing RED. So, now they are the red acrobats. LOL They did more stunts where they catapulted one member on top of several others, creating a tall human tower. What was entertaining to me was watching the unused members of the group do a little dance routine in the background. This looks more showman-ish than just standing there twiddling your thumbs I'm sure, but still a bit comical to me. hee hee

The last clown of the night came out and he was hands down the BEST ACT of the entire circus. at least for me. Unfortunately I don't have very many decent pictures of him or his act. My camera doesn't do very well in low light, grrrr, so none of my pictures from the circus are all that great. This is something I will pay more attention too in the future when shopping for a digital camera. :) Anywho-this clown used a whistle that acted as his voice. He picked a little boy from the audience to assist him with his act. He originally pointed to Kayleah but she froze *not characteristic at all* and I tried to tell her to go out but stood there looking very confused. I'm still not sure what was up with that. Oh well.

The little boy was super cute and the clown did such a good job of entertaining the kids. Christopher was laughing so hard at his act that I had to take a picture of him laughing. His laugh can be so infectious. At the very least it makes you smile!

Intermission was next. This was very LONG and most ANNOYING. During intermission they of course try and get to purchase all kinds of junk, as they do throughout the whole show really, and the kids just can't help but beg you to buy these things for them. To pass the time and to avert attention away from the man with the microphone and the crooks carrying out the junk, I let the kids take over the camera.

To my surprise they wanted to take individual pictures of themselves with me. This was pretty amusing. But, the pictures didn't turn out too bad. :) Kayleah took a picture of just me. I think she just wanted to hold the camera without my assistance and used that as her excuse. LOL Finally the wait was coming to an end...but then....

The evil microphone man told us about a final must have buy. The same clown nose as our favorite clown! BLAST! Sarah folded. The prize was too great to pass up for her. Sadly she would have to learn to go on without that beautiful overpriced red nose. This soured her mood going into the final acts of the night. Her sour mood was pure entertainment for me and few others in hearing distance around us.

Before you think I'm just horrid for saying that you must know Sarah. D-RA-MA! So, she's literally pouting over the nose loss when the Elephants come marching out. After the elephants did a few stunts I said:

  • "WOW, isn't that neat?!"

  • Sarah, "No, it's not! I'm not impressed."

  • me (shocked & laughing) "You're not impressed? I think that's pretty impressive, those are BIG animals."

  • Sarah, "Well, I'm not impressed. The only way for me to be impressed is if that elephants climbs that poll and stands on the flag!"

At that declaration I started laughing loudly! So did the grandma sitting behind us! Sarah knew she had an audience now so keeping up the appearance of total elephant bore became her main focus. She did it well, only letting a few genuinely interested looks escape. At the end of their performance the audience clapped and whistled with approval. Brace yourselves for this...Sarah looked around with a very disgusted face at the satisfied audience and started BOOING the elephants! That's right, my daughter BOO-ED the ELEPHANTS?! I lost it. I couldn't stop laughing! Tears were streaming down my face. I love it when something tickles me so that is produces an uncontrollable genuine belly laugh! Sarah gives me lots of those lovable moments! *wink*

Well, Sarah's performance was the highlight of the night for me! There were a few more small acts that followed. A girl who was very talented with hula hoops had the girls....and the boys mesmerized. ahem. She did make really fun shapes with the hula hoops and the number she was able to keep balanced was quite impressive. The green acrobats came back out with two more routines. One routine only featured three of the performers, it was pretty to watch. The second one all came back out and performed with rings at the top of their fabric ropes. One girl suspended herself in the air by just her hair and spun around. That's some strong hair!

The final act of the night had the boys on the edge of their seats. The motorcycles in the sphere act. First there was three, then five then six and finally SEVEN in this metal ball. When they added five I looked at the boys and said, "Wow five, that's amazing!" They both nodded in agreement. But when they added the seventh driver Christopher said, "Now THAT'S a lot!" LOL! We had a really good time. We were all most definitely ready for bed when we got home though. *wink*