Thursday, October 23, 2008

Sarah turns 6

I can't believe it's been 6 years since the first time I held my sweet Sarah in my arms.

Today Princess Sarah turned 6! You really have never seen a more enthusiastic 6 year old. really. :) When she woke up this morning, the first thing I said to her as she was stretching in bed was "Good morning-HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" Her reply was classic. "Really?! It's my birthday! Hey you guys! *yelling this as she is running out of the bed and room* I'm awake! The birthday girl is awake!" She was greeted with a beautiful birthday sign hanging in the dinning room that Grandma had made for her.
All morning, ok all day, she talked about herself in the third person. Referring to herself as The Birthday Girl. LOL! She would say things like, "Look out! The birthday girl is coming through!" or "Don't forget about the birthday girl!" *as if! LOL!
After taking Emily to preschool, I headed over to good 'ol Kroger and bought some cupcakes and juice boxes. She really wanted princess ring cupcakes and wouldn't ya know they only had Halloween. This is my sadness over her being an October baby. She is surrounded by Halloween stuff! My least favorite holiday of all! Well the lady behind the Kroger counter was sweet. When I asked her if she had anything birthday she said "what I have there is all I have." Understanding, I was trying to decide which Halloween cupcakes I could handle when a friend of a friend showed up. We attended a Halloween party with him and his family along with another mutual friend just last Saturday (blog coming later, I'm behind!)...anywho-turns out he is one of the big dogs there at Kroger....he he.
Well, he asked what I was doing there. I told him my sad story about the cupcakes. As soon as I got out my sadness over the Halloween cupcakes the bakery lady popped over and asked me how many I needed. 24. She asked if I could give her 15 mins and she could whip up some Princess ring ones for me. just. like. that. LOL! Who says it doesn't pay to know people in high places?! Even at Kroger! Well, Sarah was thrilled with her Princess ring cupcakes. *Thanks Donde!* We spared the boys don't worry-they got Halloween themed rings. ;) Sarah was in all her glory being the center of attention. She doesn't even try to fene shyness. I love her self confidence! She is one of a kind.
A short time after being home from school Sarah's good friend, Gabriel stopped by with a very special present...a bouquet of flowers. OK, the girl is only 6 and she is already getting flowers from boys. sniff, sniff. I talked to his mom a short time ago (ok we text...but that's how I communicate 90% of the time anymore LOL) anywho-she said that he originally wanted to get her a Princess dress. He saw it at Walmart and said "Mom, Sarah loves being a princess and would love this!" Jen and I comment regularly that if we are still around each other when these two are of dating age....well lets just say we'll have some stor-ies to tell!
After he left, Sarah refused to let me put the flowers in a vase. Why you ask? Well, she wanted to keep them in the wrapping so she could play BRIDE with them! LOL! After I agreed, with the stipulation that at dinner time they were going in a vase and there they would stay, she ran into the play room and put on her Little Mermaid dress up dress and came marching out like a bride. It was too cute. She then TOLD me to take some pictures of her. She reviewed each one and would say-"Now take one like this." or "Um, I think maybe we should do that one over again." I think I've created a monster. :)
We had Sarah's favorite dinner. Chicken and rice-my special recipe, rolls and pears-we were out of apple sauce oops! Only thing was Sarah was so excited about her birthday and the presents that awaited her after her -after dinner shower-, that she had no appetite. She maybe took two bites. I was shocked! This is a meal that she will go for THIRDS one people! Sometimes fourths. Oh well.

Tonight she opened gifts from mommy and the kiddos. Tomorrow night we are going have a family party with games and of course cake and ice cream. I'll post that party...when I can. I'm WAY behind in blogging. It's scary. Here's some pictures of her opening presents. Tonight she got two books. One helps her learn to tell time and the other is a punch out paper doll type book. She also got a whole ream of computer paper....for her Barbie Bride rubbing kit that she also got. Some of you might remember these. You put together the bride using two or three rubbing plates then you lay the paper on top, rub the crayon all over top and you have a beautiful looking sketch to finish coloring in if you like! She flipped out for it. Funny thing was, so did the BOYS! You should have SEEN them moving the plates around to come up with dress designs! It was truly a sight. So stinkin' cute though. Kaleb was the most enthusiastic, and sincerely so, about Sarah's designs. She also got a very Sarah faux fur embellished sweater jacket. She is thrilled with this and feels like a Cheetah girl (that's a Disney group) wearing it. LOL!