Friday, October 24, 2008

Flashback Friday

Flashback Friday #13

Yesterday was Sarah's birthday, so I've naturally been flashing back over the last 6 years just about this whole month. I thought I'd share a little bit of what I've been remembering and moments that I LOVE and cherish. Keep in mind that this is just a few of the pictures and is not a very good splashing of all 6 years. I only have SO much time in the day to find and scan these! *wink* but I'll most likely scan more later.

To start with, pregnancy. I actually looked and felt pretty good during my pregnancy with Sarah. I only gained 14 lbs with her pregnancy...WAHOO! I'm one of those lucky women that LOVES to be pregnant and never gets sick and can keep going with life as if she isn't carrying a whole other human being inside of her. The trips were 9 months old when I found out, SURPRISE-I was pregnant. Was I scared, yes. But I also remember feeling VERY excited. I was so excited to get to experience a single birth! I wasn't going to have to divide my time between more than one needy baby. Oh no, I was going to get to spoil and cuddle this one. Or so I thought. Um, it doesn't quite work out that way when you have 3, 18 MONTH OLD TRIPLETS to chase after AND a NEW BORN. LOL! Some how, I still managed to spoil her. I have loved every min of her since.
In this first photo I'm 5 months pregnant with a bunch of my friends. In the second I'm 6 1/2 months pregnant. What a difference one and a half months makes!
My Doctor was WONDERFUL! He delivered ALL of my children. Love. Him. He agreed to let me deliver Sarah as a natural birth. I was less than thrilled with the forced c-section delivery I had with the trips. Well, I went in for my weekly check up on the 21st of Oct. if I remember right...and the DR who saw me that day (only other time I saw anyone other than MY Dr. in that practice mind you) thought I was looking a bit large and ordered an ultrasound to see how big Sarah was getting. They estimated her weight at 8.5 lbs. I was still over two weeks away from my due date in Nov. sniff sniff. They feared that if they let me go full term...i.e. 40 weeks she would weigh over 9 possibly 10 lbs. YIKES!

I REALLY wanted her to be born in Nov. Oh well. So after hearing this new Dr. and MY Dr. fuss over whether or not it was a good idea to let me just go into labor when she decided to come, He decided that she too would be a c-section delivery two days later. Well, it's a good thing they took her early. Even with the Oct. birthday. LOL! She was 8 lbs 6 oz and only 19 inches long. She was the rolliest polliest baby I have EVER seen! :) and I loved it!
Words just can not describe the joy that this sweet. sweet. girl has brought me. The day I had Sarah my sister Janece took care of the triplets for me along with my mom. Janece took them to the Sears portrait studio that she was working at and took pictures of them. They came over after their photo shoot to see and hold Sarah for the first time. I remember thinking they looked SO BIG when they walked into my hospital room. Speaking of hospitals, side note here, Sarah was delivered at Riverside Methodist Hospital in Columbus.....LOVE. THAT. PLACE! I had the trips and Emily at OSU and HANDS DOWN Riverside was a WAY better experience. anywho-

Here's a picture of Sarah and I leaving the hospital to go home. You've got to love the swollen face and NO makeup look. ugh.
3 months old, I absolutely LOVED this outfit.
5 months old-this was my most favorite picture out of the whole photo shoot from that day. I scanned this in from my scrapbook so the quality is a bit shady. sorry.
9 months old-this face really captures her devious side well! LOL! My dad teases Sarah that her name backward is Haras(s). She really loves to find and push the buttons of her siblings! I have to say, she's good at it. tee hee
1 year old. This outfit was so cute and I had been dying to put it on her but forced myself to wait for her birthday. This whole shirt over the head thing came out of nowhere. I walked into the kitchen and she was just walking around like this! I started laughing which of course pleased her. :)
18 months old. Uncle Jeremy took this picture in his studio one early morning. The kids and I stopped in for a little mommy and kiddo photo to snap and print out that day. I had my check up appointment with my Dr. for Emily's birth and wanted to give him a picture of me and all the kids. Honestly, if I ever have any more children it will be awfully darn tempting to temporarily move to what ever state he is practicing in....he really was a GREAT Dr.
This last one is her 2 year photo. I look at this picture and all the sweetness that is Sarah shines through for me. I want to reach inside the photo and pull her out and start tickling her little tummy and kissing her sweet face. I miss her adorable laugh at this age. She has a really great laugh now that I love hearing too.
Sarah was named after one of my best friends Sarah Mohr and also after my mom. They both have the middle name of Kay. I hope Sarah will learn from these two great women she was named after and emulate the good qualities they posses.

Okay, I'm starting to tear up and I better wrap this up for now. Otherwise this post will end up being a record breaker. Just don't think I'm done with Sarah memory lane!