Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Before Fall is gone...*improved*

*improved-you can now click on the pictures and they will enlarge! YAY!*

To say that I'm behind in my blogging is really an understatement. UGH! I just haven't been myself lately and haven't taken the time to sit down and post all the things I've wanted to post. So today, I'm playing catchup! LOL!

It has gotten SO cold here in the last week. I have had to pull out the winter clothes. This means that for over a week now my house has looked like several closets threw up on it! There are clothes in boxes, bags and totes in the family room, the bedrooms, the hallway and even some sitting in the laundry/computer room. I do not enjoy the transition period from one season to another when I have to change out closets and dressers. But slowly it's looking better and better each day.

Before fall is completely gone though I wanted to share an outing we had a couple of Sunday's ago. We took a trip on the Natchez Trace, a historical road. We stopped at a look out picnic spot and had a nice family picnic. It was beautiful. I took some pictures of the kids by a rock wall near where we were. I loved the setting! The kids were so good about not complaining as I stopped SEVERAL times on the trip home to take pictures of the beautiful fall leaves. The most random and unexpected scene we came across was an albino cow just standing by the road. It was beautiful, very white with no markings at all to indicate that it belonged to anyone....and of course just STANDING on the side of the road?! LOL, the kids loved it! Here are some pics of our outing: