Sunday, November 2, 2008


Two Saturday's ago we had a surprise visit from my sister Katie and niece Kumora. They came out to surprise Janece and be here for Calee's baby blessing. But after she bought her plane ticket Janece and Jeremy had to move the blessing day to Nov. 2nd-today. So, they came anyway and had LOTS of fun with us!

Emily will tell anyone that asks her that Kumora is HER little sister. When Janece was prego with Calee, Preslee was so excited to have a little sister. And who wouldn't be right?! :) Well, Emily started to feel a little jealous of this whole big sister stuff and decided one day that Kumora was her little sister. Bonus for Emily was that Kumora was born first! LOL...well she adores her and had the time of her life playing with her little sister. Here are a few pictures of the fun weekend.

Emily couldn't kiss and hug Kumora enough!
Seeing Calee and Kumora together was super adorable!

Helping Nanny KK give Kumora a bath was super fun! Emily liked using the sprayer! Kumora had her own thoughts about the whole invasion of her privacy...

Just 4 days after arriving Katie and Kumora had to fly home. We took them into Franklin for a day of hanging out before Kelly dropped her off at mom's work. Mom and Dad took them to the airport later that night. As a funny side note, we went to Franklin because they have a Once Upon a Child store there and we were hoping to sell some of our stuff for a decent amount of money. We were SORELY disappointed. It's a bit touchy to go into..LOL! After leaving OUAC, we trusted the GPS in Kelly's car to take us to a near by park for an impromptu picnic lunch. Well, after driving around in a couple circles...literally...we found a baseball park. It worked. We ate lunch and Preslee and Emily got to run around on a very nice baseball field that was completely empty! *there was even a treat for me...ahem* ANYWHO! We had a good time. The end. wink wink and a nod...


*I have added pictures from the shoot with facial expressions to help in this explanation...this is a random bonus from pictures that otherwise have NO use what-so-ever. enjoy*

Why did I do a photo shoot a few several weeks back? It's simple really. I needed a picture to go on the cover of my album. Since I didn't like the photographer that my producer picked, I decided to take matters into my own hands. Mind you, his WIFE was the photographer and her idea of a professional picture was to have me stand in front of a fireplace and smile. no. lie.

So, I set up a back drop, added some lighting, a little breeze from a floor fan and VOILA! Instant photo shoot. My friend Jen came over and pushed the button...THANKS you're a peach. She refused to be involved in posing, fan blowing etc. when I suggested she come take the pics instead of me relying on the timer...

'cause those turned out so well...
Just to be clear, she was unable to just PUSH the button. LOL...oh the crazy fun time we had taking these pictures.

My CD is out and it has a decent photo on it. *this is my Celine Dion impression. and no, it is NOT the picture I* However, baring some very good detective work on your part, you will never hear it. Why, you ask? Because the producer is a MORON! The whole track is very poor quality. He messed with my voice making the vocals sound higher up the scale than they were when I recorded. He used the first "this isn't real, let's just get this on tape so you can hear the balance etc between your voice and the music" track. So consequently I sang half heartedly. Well, for some reason he thought it would be a good idea to use that track instead of using a later track laid down that same night but was MUCH better. He could have even pieced parts from the different tracks and it would have been much better..but that would have involved a few hours of editing work. Which he said he was going to do! So, there you have it. THAT'S the story behind my photo shoot...sniff, sniff. This was a toad experience.