Friday, November 14, 2008

Flashback Friday

Flashback Friday #15
Uncle Michael 2006

Michael got home from his mission today! He is OFFICIALLY done. The kids had loads of fun blowing up balloons and decorating the front yard to welcome him home. Everyone here in TN and those not in school (poor Kaleb, Christopher, Kayleah and Sarah) planned to meet him at the airport with other signs of welcoming. Well...his flight was first delayed an hour once he arrived in Atlanta, Georgia and then it was all together cancelled. Emily was SO sad that she didn't get to go to the airport! Even sadder still was the fact that I had already given her Dramamine so she could handle the trip JUST before we found out we wouldn't be going to the airport! Poor thing was so groggy and cranky on top of that.

Fortunately I have a cousin that lives with her husband and three kids in Atlanta. They picked him up at the airport and started driving until they met up with my parents and Levi who started driving from here until they met somewhere in the middle at a Longhorn restaurant. The kids are so excited to see him in the morning. They have big plans to kidnap him in the morning and take him to our amazing doughnut shop here in town!

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