Monday, November 24, 2008

The End of Fall '08

The end of Fall is near. The beautiful colors on the trees have faded to dull browns and oranges. Most of the trees have lost just about all their leaves. Believe me, they are all in our yard! lol Tennessee is just beautiful during the fall, I have really enjoyed driving around for the last month or so. I hope you enjoy seeing what we saw on some of our trips around town.

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This last picture, though I was not trying to do this, makes me think of Christmas. Kinda cool....fall pictures leading up to a Christmas one...cheesy I know! LOL, oh well!

I'm here I swear!

Now that our Internet is finally reliable again...although I'm still not a com cast fan, I feel like I can let myself back into the blogging world! Ya that might sound crazy but when I couldn't blog-I had a million things to blog and it was making crazy that I COULDN'T. Now that I technically can, it's been hard to find the time to do it. So, tonight is blogging marathon night! WAHOO!