Monday, December 1, 2008

First Snow

This morning we woke up to a winter wonder land. Well, as much of one as we'll get here in TN! LOL Though the kids were groggy and dragging their feet to get out of their warm beds and get ready for school, you should have seen them JUMP to get to the windows and look at the snow. That's all I had to do. Say the word, SNOW.
Cute side note: Topher said this to me as we were getting all bundled up to go to school, "Mom, I just figured out something that's cool! Today is December 1st and this is the first snow! That's cool mom!" Well, I gave that too cute little boy of mine a high five! How clever is he?!

Emily didn't have preschool today so I let her sleep and somehow she didn't wake up until more than an hour AFTER the other kids had left for school. So she enjoyed the view from the top of the couch. inside. where it's warm. hee hee