Saturday, December 13, 2008

Sleeping Beauties

How stinkin' cute is this?! For some reason my kids just flat out refuse to keep blankets on. So I wake up every few hours, because I've had children and therefore my bladder now thinks it must empty as if I'm still carrying them!-ahem..., and make my rounds to cover up my sleeping babes. I love to look at them sleeping. And yes it's more than just the fact that they are asleep! *wink wink and a nod* I love it even more when I have to hold back a giggle with what I find. I just had to share what I found tonight when checking on Sarah and Emily. Say it with me...AHHH! :) nightie nite.

Talented Kiddos

So, since I'm taking soooo long to finish the several posts that I've got in editting mode....ugh....I thought I'd share some of the treasures my kids create. You're in for a treat!

Some of these are from school and others are from home. I don't even bother buying coloring books anymore. They go untouched. Our computer paper stack however is ALWAYS low! I love that Topher asks what we are thankful for! So like him to want to know what others think. :) so...what ARE you thanksful for?

Kaleb's thankfullness paper reminds me of prayers my brother Michael use to say growing up. He would bless/thank God for everything from the forks to the food. It would drive us nuts at meal times, LOL! I don't think I've ever heard him say he was thankful for sweet! LOL

This to do list of Kayleah's cracks me up!! At least she has excersis on the list..with CANDY. hee hee It's quite possible she gets the need to make lists from me, I am the queen of sticky notes EVERYWHERE! I'm anxious to be a "crackberry addicted" as my friend Amanda puts it, and get rid of the sticky notes!

Topher's cornocopia

Sarah's cornocopia

Emily's Santa from preschool :) SO CUTE!

This one cracks me up! OK, Sarah came home from school just bursting with excitement to tell me about this amazing book her teacher read in class. It was about a purple crayon and a little boy who did a very bad thing with his crayon. He wrote on EVERYTHING with it! My teacher says he had an adventure with his purple crayon. So guess what we did?! We had an adventure of our very own with a purple crayon! I love how she tells me about her day!!

I'm pretty sure Kayleah doesn't want Santa to "Wack" her...LOL and ya know, who wouldn't want Santa to call them?! :)

This was just cleaver and cute. Kaleb wrote his own story using an Indian symbol key...can you read his story? :)

This is just one of those papers I look at and do a double take on. Kayleah is a very good speller, rarely misses one word on her tests. But some words are just HARD! LOL...Look at #5

another one...look at the 3rd one. :)

OK-this one just amazed me! Kaleb loves to draw. He likes detail and he spends more time on people than most kids his age that I've seen draw. Impressive huh?!

Kyleah's gingerbread girl *on the back of her to do list drawing earlier in post* Should I be worried about the RED eyes?.. lol

Uh...ya, I don't think I'll be letting Kayleah help cook Thanksgiving dinner anyime soon. Not without some serious cooking lessons! LOL wink