Monday, December 22, 2008

Where did she learn THAT?!

The other day I was taking a shower *don't worry...this is "G" rated* lol, anywho- I was taking a shower and the funniest thing happened! Like most people I'm trying to teach my kids modesty. Well, the lock on our bathroom does not work. And my despite my best efforts some of my children have not learned how to knock on the door AND WAIT for a response before entering a room. Such is the case with my two youngest. sigh.

So, here's the story...Emily comes bursting into the bathroom and has to use the potty RIGHT that very second. no. she can't wait. It was a little odd to me that she had such an URGENT need to be in the bathroom on the toilet and yet once she got there was pretty much just hanging out, telling me about her day etc. FYI during all of this I have made her close her eyes because as she burst in I was stepping out of the shower.... tee hee-now clear your mental image ;)
Next thing I know Sarah comes bursting into the bathroom, apparently she had been looking for Emily who was conveniently on the toilet in the sanctuary of the bathroom and/or more appropriately my safe presence. *insert all knowing-mhm-mommy face/smile* and Sarah wasn't too thrilled with her...ya.

I reminded Sarah of our privacy rules and asked her to please step outside the door, leave it open a crack and talk to me through the door. Well, she positioned herself behind the door but her head was still poking around. So I told her I could still see her and therefore she could still see me and she needed to back up.

With a huff and a stomp of her foot, LITERALLY, she said FINE and backed all the way out of the bathroom leaving the door opened just a crack so I could "hear" her talking to me. What happened next almost made me pee my pants. no lie. As soon as she backed out she stuck her hand through and around the crack in the door and proceeded to talk to me using her hand as a "sock puppet" moving it as she talked!! I hit the floor of the bath tub instantly! I was laughing so hard!

she quickly came back into the bathroom to see what was so hilarious and all I could do was laugh. As soon as I could talk I asked her if she was a sock puppet, she said "what? I was just trying to tell you something and I used my hands, I use them a lot when I talk"... I have NEVER seen her do that and I had NO idea where she got that from! Telling this story just really doesn't do what happened justice-because you just needed to have SEEN her do this! But, I'm sure if you know Sarah very well you can picture it pretty well! LOL

On Friday the kids all had their Christmas parties at school. This being Sarah's first grade school party I signed up to help in her class room. I got to help the kids make reindeer hot coco crafts. :) They were cute. There were lots of parent helpers in the Kindergarten class, big shock, so I was able to make my way around to all the kids parties. It was so much fun seeing them in their classes interacting with their friends. I loved it!

When it was over I was helping Sarah gather her things up to come home and talked with her teacher a bit. I asked her if she used sock puppets in the classroom. Guess what? SHE DOES! I told her my bathroom story and she laughed!! She told me how much she just LOVES having Sarah in her class. She's bright and happy, with a big beautiful smile on her face-ALWAYS and she just loves her personality! Who doesn't right?! Oh my Sarah! I love my little sunshine!