Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sarah lost her FIRST 2 teeth...on her own!

Several weeks ago we noticed Sarah's two front teeth were loose. REALLY loose. But she just wasn't ready to get them out...until NOW!
Aunt Janece encouraged Sarah to put her first tooth out by offering her part of her Christmas present right then! Well WHO can resist a Christmas present?! NOT Sarah!! So, in no time at all she ripped out that first tooth. And I mean SHE ripped out that tooth! Aunt Janece brought out her present and it was a Junie B Jones book, Toothless Wonder! *wink*
It was soon after that first front tooth came out that Sarah was wiggling at the second one...and soon it was HANGING in her mouth!
And at last, here's toothless wonder! *wink* She is growing up on me so fast!

Christmas Concert

Kaleb and Kayleah are in the school choir, two actually. One of the choir's they're in performed Thursday night. They did SUCH a good job! I was really impressed!! They sang 7 songs. The kids harmonized, sang rounds and really impressed me with how well they worked as a choir with their director. The second song they sang was "Do You See What I See"...brought me to TEARS!! To see and hear my children appreciating and singing music filled me with joy. I'm hoping one of the parents there will burn me a copy of the performance. I did get a few pictures though. *wink*goobers!
Leave it to Kaleb to ham it up!
aww now THATS sweet!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


I finished going through papers from the kids that they brought home the beginning of this week and wanted to share them!

This is Topher's Turkey, on the back he had several things first I thought it was a list of the things he was thankful for...but after I read potatoes I knew that COULDN'T be it! *wink*
Here's a collage of things that Kaleb's thankful for. What I find most amusing is that he has pictures of lots of ducks and then a hunting jacket...hmmm LOL!
Emily drew this holy all by herself! I thought it was I'm sharing. And here's just a cute picture she drew. Funny story-several nights ago we were eating dinner and Kaleb called me Ms Wilson. I said who?! Ms Wilson is his teacher *wink* I then started pointing out how I didn't even LOOK like his teacher...I said she had blonde hair I have brown she's REALLY short I'm just a little short *wink* Then Christopher piped in and said, "ya she's skinny and you're fat" I turned around and acted REALLY shocked that he just said that! The kids were all laughing. I was standing by Emily and she reached over and while squeezing my stomach said "Mom's not fat she's just squishy!" LOL!!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

It's COLD!!!

This morning we walked outside to find everything covered in frost! The kids thought it was GREAT! Me...not so much. Why? Because I had to scrape the car!! hands were FROZEN by the time I was done. But I changed my mind when I got to my best friends house and saw her frozen rose bushes. So beautiful!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I'm thankful to be a mom...

I love the stuff the kids bring home from school! So much so that I have two boxes/tubs and a counter full of their masterpieces that I just can't throw away. I've said it before, but my plan is to keep scanning them and creating a book of all their stuff to share with everyone. But some things just can't wait to be published *wink* Sarah's teacher has them do creative writing almost everyday. I love, love LOVE to read her papers everyday! She is so full of personality! She's also really good at drawing and does a really good job illustrating what she writes about.

I love how the Queen is holding up her skirt and there's a sailor (most likely from the ship wreck *wink*) that's carrying her bags.
This is just too cute. Her teacher had her spell everything...can you tell? Nearly everyday Sarah brings home a paper that says "I like my mom" I LOVE it...who doesn't want to hear that their kids likes them? WHO? Sometimes her paper says "I like my mom"..."my mom likes me" Those are my favorite papers!
I am thankful to be a mom.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

My Princess is now 7

You will NEVER meet another little girl that talks more about her birthday than my Sarah. Seriously. Trust me. It's really quite funny but can be a bit obnoxious at the same time. *wink* Oh how I love my Sarah! So after planning all year long, really ALL year long her birthday was FINALLY here!

A week or so before her actual birthday Sarah sat down with her Grandma, knee to knee on the love seat sofa and planned her party. It was too cute to watch. I was assigned her cake. That's all she said, Grandma's got the rest! Thank goodness for Grandma's!

Sarah's birthday was on a Friday. I brought cupcakes to her school for her as instructed WEEKS before. And since I had been in Nashville earlier that day I got her a special cupcake from a place called gigi's cupcakes. there is only ONE word to describe these cupcakes. Divine. SERIOUSLY! Well, they have a princess birthday cupcake that was just perfect for Sarah. She loved it! Sadly all I had was my blackberry phone camera...but better than nothing!! yay for Blackberry's!!
She had so much fun handing out cupcakes to her friends. The friend she asked to help her pass them out is named Katie, she is so cute. Sarah talks about her all the time.

Sarah's teacher told me to check out Sarah's pictures hanging in the hall. One is this pumpkin. What's so cute about it you ask? Well her teacher asked me if I could tell which one was her's...I quickly spotted it. It's the one with the "ponytail" to the side!! LOL Her teacher had to ask her what that was on top of her pumpkin, she pointed to her hair and said, "Ya know, the ponytail". he he, too cute!
That night we had a girls night slumber party!! SUPER FUN!! We ate sugar, had pizza, threw popcorn at each other and watched a movie. We really had fun. The boys went camping and had a blast as well!

Saturday was Sarah's big party that Grandma had planned with her and she did NOT disappoint! It was so for a princess party decorations and super fun games. Again, I didn't have my camera, but blackberry to the rescue! Overall Sarah had a great 7th birthday. I can't believe she's growing up so fast. I love my princess!

Looking into the family room at Sarah's decorations.
Kayleah made this sweet card for Sarah and had everyone sign it. It was really sweet.


OK, so I was GOING to save this for tomorrow and post a Flashback Friday, but I can't wait! I'm impatient like that *wink* A LONG long time ago in a land far away (OH) my good friend Esther and I set out on a trip to Washington, DC with my parents and some other people. We got up WAY too early for this trip. While we were trying to stay alert and still wishing we were in our beds a song came on the radio that woke us up and had us randomly blurting out the lyrics the WHOLE trip! Years later all we have to say is "Ya Toast!" and we fall into a fit of laughs. *sigh* good here for your listening pleasure is a link to the song! Enjoy!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Kaleb's forgotten Pumpkin

Apparently I forgot to put Kaleb's pumpkin find in here and sadly this is the clearest picture I have of it. But it's a good one *wink* He's such a ham!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Yesterday we headed to Centerville to pick a pumpkin out. The place we went too was neat because they have trailers full of pumpkins with prices listed on the trailers and a mailbox with a lock on it, a slot in the front and note posted underneath, with a message that says purchasing the pumpkins is on the honor system. You pick your pumpkins out and then figure out how much you owe and put it in the mailbox slot. In today's world, and today's economy you would think people using the honor system in regards to money would be laughable. I however was glad to see that people still have faith in others to be honest and do the right thing.
Sarah found her pumpkin first. It soon became mom's pumpkin *wink*
Emily found a cute pumpkin and baby one to go with it. Sadly she had to choose only one. She picked the bigger of the two. lol!
We went with our good friends the Taylor's. It's their tradition to come here each year to pick a pumpkin out. Thanks guys for sharing this tradition with us! We had a blast, as always! Isaac was hamming it up for the camera when I asked him to smile. Too cute!
Liah with a little pumpkin...this is not the pumpkin she ended up with, but it was super cute!
Christopher took the longest to find his pumpkin. It had to be perfect. He was fun to watch.

Wow...that's a lot of pumpkins to choose from...
how about this one...
feels good...but is it perfect? it's so hard to see if it's perfect?
yep. He's checking "levelness" of them. lol!
Finally! FOUND IT! And it IS perfect. *wink*
Kayleah found her perfect pumpkin. She tried out several before she settled on this one.
Yes, that is Sarah's pumpkin. And yes, she has turned it into a bridal bouquet. Only Sarah would turn a pumpkin upside down and march up and down the trailers humming the wedding march! *Cute story alert!* In the car on the way home Sarah and Gabriel were sitting in the back seat in Jenn's van. Sarah was apparently tired at one point and laid her head down in Gabriel's lap. Shortly after Gabriel leaned over and kissed her cheek. Now, we've had to have a couple "discussions" with our kids and lovin' each other so's cute, but ya know what I'm talkin' about. Anywho!- Jenn saw this and said "Gabriel..." to which he replied "What mom? I know we can't kiss on the lips until we're married but I'm just kissing her on the cheek" ... Jenn said "I know but you don't need to be kissin' anybody till you're married, so no more kissing" A few minutes later Gabriel leaned over and whispered to Sarah "I'm gonna marry you so I can kiss you." How cute is THAT?! Pretty stinkin' cute I think. *wink*
Gabriel found a pumpkin but I didn't get a picture before he put it in the car. Here, he climbed up on the trailer, sat down and said, "here I am, King Gabriel" and he sat. on his throne. LOL!
All the kids had a ball picking out their pumpkins and then later showing them off to EVERYONE they came in contact with. The day was perfect, the weather cooperated and we couldn't have asked for better company. Ahhh, fall.

Monday, October 5, 2009


Well, my Dad closed the pool today...sniff sniff. That's right, no more swimming at Grandma's and Crapa's house. We deffinitly haven't been swimming as much as we did when we lived there, EVERYDAY! But it's still sad to see that it's closing solidifies the end of summer.
So in honor of the pool closing I found this photo. I know I have TONS more and SO MANY blogs that I need to post...I'm trying I promise! Let me preface this photo, I was sitting across the pool from Emily when I looked up to see her sitting there in GLOVES with a towel over her lap, a hat on lookin' at a book. I started laughing immediately!! I was trying to decide if I was looking at my 5 year old or a flash forward to Emily as a 50 year old *wink* I love how the buttons in the cushions and her hair make it look like she's wearing big dangling earrings!

*lots more swimming photos coming...soon*

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Pillow talk...

Two nights ago I had an intense experience. With my dryer. No, I did not crawl in...or on top of it. I'll start from the beginning. Two days ago I washed my pillow. My FABulous, fall into, laying on a CLOUD, down feather pillow. Well, when you wash a feather pillow it takes SEVERAL drying cycles for it to ACTUALLY dry. So, all day long I kept checking it and pressing start over and over again on the dryer. Well, I finally hit start for the last time an hour or so before I was going to bed. When that blessed time of day came I went to dryer expecting to grab my warm EXTRA fluffy pillow out of the dryer slip it into my nice clean pillow case and fall into blissful sleep. nope. Instead I found this:
I was quite distraught. SO DISTRAUGHT that I didn't even clean it up! I ripped off the tag, turned on my laptop and promptly ordered another one. There is a silver lining to this story...several years ago when I first purchased this pillow it was $60. When I found the website and selected my FABulous pillow to order I discovered that it came in a pair AND it was half the price for TWO! YIPPEE!! SO, really I owe my dryer a huge thank you! ...but it better be nice to these two.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Emily aka Sleeping Beauty

I know I've had many posts on here in the past of Sarah and Emily's sleeping positions. Well this one isn't a "position" that she was in. The picture speaks for itself. The night mask is for her build-a-bear! I have NO IDEA why she felt she needed it or when she would have gotten it during the night. But I had to cover my mouth when I saw it! TOO CUTE!

Another look...

It's not the greatest view of the backyard-and no I'm NOT standing on the property line. Seriously there's one acre of YARD to mow. And YES, I have mowed it ALL...with a PUSH MOWER! I am strong. Or crazy. Crazy strong?... I LIKE it!