Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Coolest Dentist EVER!

*This post was started October 7th when this all happened...yes I've seriously had it in draft mode this whole time. sad. I know. lol..enjoy!-I have updated where possible*

This is not usually something that I would think to include in a family scrapbook/journal. However, our experience was interesting enough that I called a few friends and recounted it to them and my I guess that means that I DO think it's interesting enough to blog about. And that's because it is! LOL!

Remember going to the dentist growing up and the office was cold, it had that smell-you know the smell of the tools they used on your teeth..the ones that kinda "smoked" when it was turned on and grinding away a part of your precious enamel? Plus, they were BORING! You had to sit there forever, quietly and it was so boring. Well one little boy, who had much the same experiences I had growing up and going to the dentist, decided to grow up to be a dentist and change the dental WORLD! You guessed it...I'm in a dramatic mood today! :) LOL!
Get a load of the Dental office MY KIDS get to go to! This is not the scary dentist located off Broad street. No sirree bob. hee hee! They get to watch TV with earphones and wear sunglasses, if they want, while their teeth are cleaned/worked on.
Well this was Emily's first visit to the Dentist where they actually CLEANED her teeth. She was SO excited to get up on the chair...and a little nervous at the same time. I was not allowed to be out of her sight. She did so well! Despite how hard the Dentist tried he could not get her to smile at his jokes. lol Her mouth is healthy and teeth beautiful! The only alarming or slightly alarming thing is that she has a spot on her tongue that shouldn't be there. So I'm keeping an eye on it and if it doesn't go away in a month...back she goes. The odd thing about this spot is that it's perfectly round in shape. If she bit her tongue, which is what he suspects, usually the bruise wouldn't be perfectly round and even in color. BUT it's not impossible. *I'm happy to report the spot is gone*
Kayleah's mouth and teeth were healthy as well. Poor thing has her mommas teeth. She inherited the same deep grooving in her back molars that I HAD. So she goes back in a couple of days to get her teeth sealed to prevent her from getting cavities. *She handled this like a champ! It was pretty funny though because they gave her laughing gas along with a local. She kept telling us there was something in her mouth. No matter how many times we tried to tell her there wasn't anything in her mouth she kept sticking her fingers in her mouth sweeping it for whatever it was that she thought was in her mouth. LOL Watching her after it was all done with the laughing gas was SO funny! LOL*
Christopher just doesn't have enough mouth for all his teeth! The dentist said the SIZE of his permanent teeth are just about as big as they get. Certainly as big as he's ever seen. lol poor guy! I must say, when his teeth did start coming in our first thoughts were "wow...those are big teeth, but ya know he'll grow into them.." I sure hope that's right! He actually has to go back in January to start the process of giving him more room. His bottom front teeth are pretty crooked. Mostly because they just don't have ANY room to come in. He will most likely need to have a few teeth pulled. poor thing!
Kaleb is JUST fine. EXCEPT that he won't wiggle those baby teeth to get them out. He's got permanent teeth growing in BEHIND his baby teeth that are still planted firmly in place. The dentist gave him one month to get them out or he's going to pull those as well to give those permanent teeth room to come in! LOL *he worked VERY hard to get his teeth out and WAS successful.
And Sarah, well Sarah was the most involved of all...but I've already blogged about her experience in the post Sarah's New Smile below. What was funny though was the Dentist just couldn't get a good picture to see her missing tooth so he kept sending her back for another one with a different camera or different angle. She would act like she couldn't BELIEVE they were going to take ANOTHER picture and sigh as she got up to walk back to the room...LOVING every min of the attention! wink lol You might be thinking "how crazy would it be to take FIVE kids to the dentist at the same time?!" but oddly enough it wasn't crazy AT ALL! The office and staff were wonderful and we were in and out in NO time-I was shocked! So going to the dentist was fun, quick and eventful!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Sarah's New Smile

I've known since day one that Sarah was a special little girl. She has her own uniqueness about her and I LOVE that! True, there are some days I'm not so much with the loving it...wink, but I still wouldn't know what to do with out my little sunshine!

The first time Sarah went to the dentist he informed me that she was missing one of her bottom front baby teeth. Nothing to be alarmed about, it may have just fused itself with the other one to form one big baby tooth. Since the one in the very front was a little off centered yet a bit odd in shape that seemed most likely. He assured me that it had no baring on permanent teeth. We just had to wait for her 6 year x-rays when we could see her whole mouth. Well...guess what? That missing baby tooth was THERE! Or WAS it?...

The Dentist and the Oral Surgeon he referred us too disagreed at first as to whether it was in fact the MISSING tooth or a defective EXTRA tooth. Dentist said missing, Surgeon said extra. So, after the first visit with the Surgeon he said he was going to walk across the street to the Dentist office (oh that's right-WALK, benefits of a small town and get back with me. Later that week he called us back to his office and told us that they now BOTH agreed it was in fact the MISSING baby tooth.It would never come out on it's own and leaving it in would not be good for the permanent teeth. So, it had to come out. The smartest way to do that was to remove the three baby teeth in it's way of coming out. So after waiting FOREVER for the insurance company to approve the procedures, surgery day came.

Sarah had not lost ANY teeth yet so to loose FOUR baby teeth in one bang was going to be HUGE with the Tooth Fairy. wink wink. Sarah was very brave Tuesday morning as she and I walked into the Surgeon's office. She was a little nervous but MOSTLY she was HUNGRY! lol Bless her heart, she was not allowed to eat or drink ANY thing before the procedure. The whole 45 min drive there she planned the foods she was going to eat the rest of the day when we got home. It was HILARIOUS! and yet sad at the same time. sniff sniff.
She was a champ though and bravely walked into the room and sat up in the chair when the nurse came to the waiting room to get us. They barely let me walk back with her, give her a quick hug and kiss, snap a photo of her beautiful baby teeth smile and then practically KICKED me out of room and sent me back to the waiting room for the next 45 mins.

In addition to have three teeth pulled and one cut out, the doctor also clipped Sarah's tongue. She was tongue tied. Her tongue barely came out over her bottom lip. And she had/has never licked the roof of her mouth with her tongue. Even now, she still hasn't mastered the lifting of the tongue skills! lol but she LOVES to show people how far she can stick her tongue out now. hee hee The procedure was quick and we were home in no time. Only hitch to this whole experience was when we got home. The numbing medications had worn off enough that she could FEEL her tongue and mouth again. Well, while moving her tongue around she felt something...a hair or string she said. Only she didn't tell me about this until AFTER I saw her reach into her mouth and PULL on something! Oh that's right. She pulled out one of the stitches! I just about died. I quickly called the surgeon and told them what had happened. The doctor took the call and asked me to describe where and what it looked like and then decided that he thought it would be fine and could look at it tomorrow to make sure when he was back in town..OR I could drive ALL THE WAY back to the hospital and have him look at it that day.
I took option one AND three. I made up option three all on my own. Surprise surprise right?! wink. Well I called up her Dentist who IS just right here in town and only 5 mins away NOT 45. He said to bring her in and he'd look and see if he felt I needed to take her back. Well, fortunately he agreed with the Surgeon and Sarah will be fine.

Sarah looks just as beautiful as she did before she lost four teeth and had her tongue sliced. :) She's excited that she has now lost MORE teeth than Kaleb, wink wink, and how far she can stick her tongue out. AND we are all excited that she is no longer on the prescription PAIN meds. They may have taken away HER pain...but they only ADDED to ours! LOL...seriously-her mood swings were so bad I ASKED the doctor about it and he confirmed that a pretty grouchy attitude was an unfortunate side affect of all the meds combine....and MOSTLY the pain meds. lovely. Thank heavens for Children's Motrin!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

That letter/card I promised earlier

I didn't forget the yearly Christmas letter/card I promised, promise. So here it is:
In case you're wondering, the word the kids spell out IS the letter and the picture IS the card. hee hee

I figure my typical sum up the year letter is already done. It's my blog! So, if you want to know what we've been up to this year-read it. *wink*

Monday, January 5, 2009

Do you have the time to listen to me whine?...

For some reason that song is going through my head today. It could possibly be because I kept the girls home today to get them to the doctor...blast this warm/cold roller coaster weather! Having the girls home, when they're feeling less than their best pretty much guarantees not much productive work will get done.
Usually that wouldn't be too much of a problem. I love snuggling and just sitting with my kids and when they're sick my heart goes out to them and I can't help but throw all things necessary out the window and just cuddle. Today that wasn't exactly how it went. nope. Janece and Jeremy joined our ever growing home lots to do!
Jeremy is going back to school for a two year degree and with the addition to our house being done, for the most part, we were able to shift things around and make room for them. With today being D-day we were quite busy around here. Today was also the first day back to school and about 10 mins before the boys came home I found out school had dismissed 1/2 hour early today! I still have no idea why, but I'm glad that I was home seeing as I had very little warning.
Thanks for letting me whine about my day a bit. lol!