Thursday, February 26, 2009

Am I a Bad Girl?

My friend Liza sent me an email this week, I think it was this week-if not I just LOOKED at it this week, with a link in it to find out the number one song on the charts the DAY I was born. HELLO this is SOOOOO up my alley! And now here it is! *use an announcers voice when reading this part. An announcer with a love for the color pink and flourishes! wink wink* the song that topped the charts the day yours truly graced the world with her beauty- cone head and all, loud voice and strong opinions:

"Bad Girls" by Donna Summer

ROTFL!!!! My honest first impression was-of. course. OF COURSE! This would be the #1 song the day I was born. The irony is that I'm not. Not in the fun, exciting, biker chic way that, let's face it EVERY girl wishes she were. Though I could be with the right resources and incentive. wink wink and a nod...

On the other hand, I am a Bad Girl. I'm afraid that's all I can say on that note. No, no. Please don't try and get me to elaborate. Your begging will be for naught. But if you would like to see what song people dug the most the day you were born then click here:

Don't forget to post a comment on here and let me know what yours was!

In other random news...I got a hair cut. quite a bit of length I might add. And the blond calmed to take my hair back to more it's natural color. Whatever that is?... And I love it! Thanks Amy for doing such an awesome job!


Es said...

Well, hello. My name is Esther. Nice to meet you. Wait, don't I know you? JK okay, enough scolding for now.
Love the hair! I liked it longer too, but I also know how annoying long hair can be. Your hair looks great no matter what. It is so full!
The hit song the day I was born was:"How Deep Is Your Love" by the Bee Gees. Your is just prefect!

Hannah said...

You are hilarious! Thanks for the compliments on my hair. FYI It's still longer in the back...the picture is a bit deceiving. Thank you for not noticing the BAGS under my eyes! GRRRRR xoxo

Anonymous said...

OK, my song was Lady by Kenny Rogers! Not even sure if I've even heard it before! LOL. And I do love your hair......beautiful! You always are though! Love ya! Ruthie

Liza said...

mine was Crocodile Rock, Elton John. oh gag the way i have all these kareoke games for my play station and we have been having a blast. I keep saying i want to sing with Hannah! see if Simon puts her down! i doubt it LOL (after a while you have to skip the commentary, its disheartening to be put down by not only Simon and Randy, but when Paula joins in, its depressing!)

mistyb said...

Lookin' good Hannah! :)