Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Topher's Terrible Day

Yesterday Christopher had a MOST terrible day! Those are his words. Bless his heart! The really sad part is that what made his most terrible day terrible, all happened in about 2 hours time.

First, I met the kids at the bus stop and drove them to the beginning of our neighborhood where there's a car wash. They love going through the car wash. Really, who doesn't?! -wink Well, when we go through the car wash we crank up the music and have a little party in the van. It's a lot of fun! This time Kaleb had me in stitches right off.

As soon as we pulled forward a VERY R&B song came on and Kaleb jumped up out of his seat to the middle of the van close to the front and started dancing. REALLY dancing! The kid's got natural talent! OK, I got a little side tracked, but my reason for starting there was poor Topher kept trying to tell me something that was very important to him but it just wasn't going to work in that moment. He told me he would tell me after the car wash, he just wanted to enjoy that first. He really talks this way, isn't it adorable?!

So, on the way home he tells me the bad news. For the bus ride home and here after, the bus would be divided. Girls on one side, boys on the other. This doesn't sound like a bad idea to me -especially since they ride the bus with kids in ALL grades. Well, to Christopher it's horrible news! One of his best friends that rides the bus with him to school and also goes to church with us is a GIRL! Now he can't sit with her on the bus. Poor guy was pretty broken up about it.

I reminded him how often he gets to see her and that the 5 mins he's on the bus with her isn't very long. After a few mins he agreed it wasn't the end of the world and put on his roller blades. He had a great time for a while until the second terrible thing happened. He crashed, not for the first time that day mind you, and then Kaleb ROLLED OVER his HAND!

Christopher has a pretty high pain tolerance where PHYSICAL pain is concerned. Emotional...well, not so much. So when he started crying I jumped up right away. He told me he didn't think they were broken but that they hurt REALLY REALLY bad! I looked them over and decided he was right, they weren't broken. I sat him down on our brick flower bed wall with a bag of ice.

He sat there for several mins by himself. After a bit Kayleah went and sat with him. Then the third terrible and I mean TERRIBLE thing happened to him. He felt a BIG drop of WARM rain...but the rain was BROWN and WHITE. Kayleah being the sweet sister that she is, tried to help him wipe it off. I saw her wiping down his arm and went to help...and...yep. That's right!

She wasn't wiping off a big warm RAIN drop. She was wiping off BIRD POOP! GRROOSSS! Well I sent her in to wash her hands and took Topher straight to the SHOWER! Poor kid had it on his head AND shoulder. Standing in the bathtub waiting for the water to get warm he said, Mom-this has been the MOST TERRIBLE DAY! First, the bus driver made me not be able to sit with Cindy on the bus, then Kaleb hurt my fingers and THEN a bird POOPED on me!

I laughed sympathetically and agreed with him. I told him for a kid his age all those things would make for a pretty bad day. BUT he did have a pretty great story to tell his friends! At that he started laughing and I started laughing and just like THAT-his day was good again.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spring Break Teazer...

Wow. Two weeks. Wow. We have had a lot of fun! It's going to be hard to get back into the swing of school, homework, soccer practice (oh ya that started up again...first game was today!) So here's some highlights that will be coming in my SB post:

Musical adventures
Backyard Baseball...and home re-modeling
Moon Walking
ER Visit
Sisters and Scars
Tooth extraction
Shotguns and Sheriffs
...and more!

Yep! I have a lot to blog about!

Music. Where would I be without it.

So this isn't a spectacular post of anything REALLY important...but I had to share this album with ya. It's not often that I find an album I love almost or all of the songs on. Very rare. Usually I like 2 or three songs and feel utterly RIPPED OFF on the rest. Filler songs-ugh. I have three that are all around greats!

First, Travis Tritt's Greatest Hits. Say what you want-the man can sing!

Second, Faith Hill's Fireflies. I can not say enough about that album! It has great variety! Since country isn't my number 1 of music genres I love that listening to her CD I don't feel like I'm listening to hours of country. My FAVORITE song on this Album is Paris. sigh.

And third, Nora Jones Feels like home. Ah-LOVE this album!! My dear Amanda sent it to me one year for my birthday. I had never heard of her before, not that I was aware of anyway, and instantly fell in love with this album and her!

And I now have a FOURTH favorite album...Kelly Clarkson's All I Ever Wanted. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE! I seriously JAM to this album all around the house. Being that I discovered it over spring break and the kids are here all day with me, they now know all the songs too. And believe me, they can JAM! There is only one song that at first I kept skipping over, but here the last couple of days I have just let it play through and I'm warming up to it. The song is whyyouwannabringmedown. no lie. There are no spaces. It's very rock-probably the most rock on the whole album. But my FAV line in the song is the second sentences that starts out-I'm not your love monkey... LOL ahem.
My ALL time fav song on this album is Cry. I can listen over and over and over again to that one! Next, Save Me.! Another fav-If No One Will Listen. OK-really the WHOLE album ROCKS!!!! Check it out and let me know what you think. Do you have any albums that you love all the tracks on?

I am in LOVE!

About a month ago the kids and I headed over to their elementary for the school's book fair and parent-teacher conferences. Sarah's teacher was the only one to request a conference. So instead of being stressed getting from room to room, at the right time slot mind you, we were able to shop around in the Library.

The kids don't get an allowance. This is for a lot of reasons, but to spare you my soap box speech on it lets just say I simply don't believe in giving kids money-just because they want it. But kids these days aren't dumb deaf and blind to money. HA! Total opposite actually. And they naturally want to purchase things...or ask you to purchase for them. So, in our family the kids earn money for their grades. $1.00 for A's, .50 for B's, .25 for C's and nothing for D's or F's. Seeing as the schools around here, and maybe everywhere aren't allowed to give students D's or F's on report cards...ya.

Well, the kids LOVE books and decided to save their grade money for the book fair. Can we say hello proud momma?! wink wink! On our way to the book fair the kids scored with Grandma and Crappa who added $2 each to their totals. Thanks Grandma and Crappa!

Ok, I have to back track a little here...but don't worry-I haven't forgotten the title of this post. And no, it wasn't a ploy at ALL to get you to tune into my blog again and forget all about the fact that at the beginning of Spring Break I promised you posts and pictures and video, etc. No, that was NOT my intention at all. mm-mm. well ok, maybe a little. But I really am in love with...

A Pigeon! Have you heard of this fabulous little book series by Mo Willems?! This bird is sassy, spunky and down right HILARIOUS! A couple of months ago during our Dentist adventures, ha ha (those are sarcastic laughs), Emily started going through the book selection in the waiting area. She picked out a book I had never heard of before called, The Pigeon Wants a Puppy! I really do! We started reading it and laughing!
Don't get me wrong, I LOVE to read to my kids but sometimes I'm just not that excited to read the same story to them again. Kind of that-isn't there another book you want me to read? kind of attitude. Not this book! After I got through it the first time she of course said-read it AGAIN mommy! This time I didn't even hesitate and started all over. Well I tend to be an animated sort of person-shock, gasp I know! ahem. Just before I finished reading it the first time around people in the lobby area started to listen in. Other children in the room weren't shy at all about gathering around! What was kinda of humorous to me was seeing Adults listening and shifting in their chairs to hear the story better! Even the front desk staff all quieted down and listened in! I had a little fun with it though-wink wink!

ANYWHO!- Imagine our, Emily's and mines, giddiness when we found the Pigeon book at the book fair! AND we found a second one there we hadn't heard of called-Don't let the Pigeon Stay Up Late! SUPER hilarious as well. I have never before made my adult friends sit down for story time with me, until the Pigeon. She's changed our lives. Go get the books, there's several in the series. Let us know what you think of the sassy Pigeon!
*side note, after the first time we read a Pigeon book, Emily laughed and said-That Pigeon sounds like Sarah! That made ME laugh! Poor Sarah gets a bad rap for her dramatic flare. Truth is, she's got too much of her momma in her! -wink

Sarah picked out two Barbie books-big surprise! LOL She just LOVES them though. I could only find one to scan. Chances are the other one is in bed with her, under her bed, in her special drawer, in one of the many play bags she fills on a daily basis with her treasure, etc. That's my Sarah!
Kayleah wanted a chapter book. She is such a reader! She picked out this Tinker Bell book. She has already read through it a couple of times. Since she was reading a chapter book she needed a book mark for when she had to put it down. After all I have bookmarks for MY chapter books-wink! So she and I made her a cute bookmark. Kayleah had money left over and could have maybe purchased another small paperback book or set of stickers, but she decided to save the rest...for ice cream money at lunch time! That's my girl!
Christopher was too fun to watch scan through the books. Honestly if I hadn't given him a couple of reminders on how much time we had left I think he would have been there for another hour trying to decide! He REALLY wanted a chapter book as well, but it had to be the RIGHT one. Finally we found a series that looked really interesting but they only had the second book left. We bought it anyway, once Topher sets his mind to something it's pretty hard to change it, wink wink. He also bought this Amelia Rules-Funny Stories book.
Kaleb had the hardest time of all finding a book. Mostly because he just didn't really WANT a book! LOL! This boy is about action, movement, the tangible. He was all about the movies and great toys that have also found their way into the BOOK fairs sales table, ahem. So sitting for a long period of time READING isn't exactly his idea of a good time. But he wasn't going to be left out of the book buying fun. So he found a Spiderman Comic book that cost a small fraction of his earned money. He was happy to point out to Kayleah that he had a LOT of ice cream money! *I would have a picture of it here for you, but I couldn't find it?'s here, where is the question...

So that's our book fair adventure!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Spring Fever!

Last Sunday we were "snowed in", this Sunday we wore sandals to church! LOL-seriously it was in the 70's here. LOVE IT!

A quick update: Kaleb and Emily have started soccer again and both are loving it. Emily's entire team returned to finish out this year and she couldn't be more excited. Kaleb is one of 3 returning players on his team AND they have a new coach. He is still excited and confident that all will be well. What will be interesting is that one of my best friends son, Gabriel is on another team in the league and they play against each other in the first game of this season! Look out people!

No worries though, it's all good. wink. The boys will have a BLAST. And we mom's aren't competitive people at all! We just want to see everyone having a good time. Winning?...what's that?...pish posh-it doesn't matter who wins. Right?! (wink wink and a nod) hee hee

Other than that, we have just been enjoying the super warm spring weather and the energy it bring with it. The kids started Spring Break Friday after their Spring Concert (blog post and hopefully video-if I can get it to work, coming soon! yay!) it lasts for two weeks. Biggest bummer is the 5 days or so of rain that's been fore casted. ugh.

OK-like I said, more posts coming. With pictures. And some with video.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Build A Bear

I have wanted to take Sarah to Build A Bear since she was like 2. She has ALWAYS loved babies and stuffed animals and being that I've called her Sarah Bear from birth, how PERFECT is B-A-B for her?! I decided that I wanted her to be able to remember her experience so I decided to wait for her 4th or 5th birthday.

Well....much has been going on with us lately and her 4th birthday just didn't work out. Her 5th birthday was quite a big deal as it's the first birthday the kids invite friends from school or church to celebrate with her. She had an amazing Princess party hosted at her Dance Studio. So adding a B-A-B to that would have been over the top and I feared lost in the frills and tiara's. yes-tiara's.

So for her 6th Birthday I FINALLY gave my Sarah Bear a gift I've been waiting to deliver for years. So, on February 16, 2009 Sarah and I headed out on our adventure to build her a bear! Yep. That's right. It took me 5 months to deliver on one of her gifts! What can I say. I'm a mom. Single mom. With LOTS going on. AND B-A-B is an hour away. AND It was suppose to be just Sarah and Mommy-that's not easy when she's in school I had to find the RIGHT day, the RIGHT time, and an amazing friend to entertain my other 4. Okay-no more excuses. I'm lame. We had a GREAT time though and Sarah was so thrilled! Sarah and I had dinner at McDonald's to start off the evening. She wanted to go to CiCi's pizza but the two locations we know of were closed down. So McDonald's it was. wink! After that we headed to the Mall to build her bear!

She was SKIPPING into the store and just taken back when she saw it. I'm sure you can imagine Sarah's face, body language and squeals of delight. Well, double your imagination. At least! After picking a couple of different bears and being unable to decide she finally did fall in love with a pink and white bear. Shock. hee hee. The girl who helped Sarah stuff her bear was just wonderful. She loved helping Sarah and got a kick out of her spunky personality.
After she stuffed her bear, Sarah picked out a beautiful.....PINK heart! There were many designs to choose from. Red, pink, hot pink, pink and white checkered, red and white checkered and I'm sure more. She hardly hesitated when she grabbed a pink heart took it over to place it in her bear. The sales gal had Sarah warm up the heart in between her hands. Then place it over her mouth, forehead, arms, cheeks, legs...etc. She had a cute little reason for each-but like I could remember all that!
Finally she had Sarah make a wish and kiss the heart. They placed the heart deep in the bears padding and then a really cool thing happened. I got to place a SPECIAL I Love You heart in Sarah's bear with a wish for her. It really is ONLY fitting that Sarah's bear has TWO hearts. Sarah has so much heart and love. She loves the two hearts! After her bear was sewn up it was off for a brushing and bath. This was Sarah's favorite part she said. I think she could have stayed there for a LONG time. And she WAS there for a decent amount of time. When a couple more people came into the store I was able to convince her she needed to finish up so they could give their bears a bath. Now that her bear was cleaned and groomed it was time to name her and give her a get a birth certificate. Sarah named her bear Ella. In her words-Ella, like Ella Arell in that movie...she means Ella of Frell as in Ella Enchanted. wink wink. We printed her certificate and the sales girl presented her with her brand new baby girl bear! She had her in the carrier and Cinderella high healed shoes Sarah picked out for her. lol! I really wish I could remember the sales girl's name...She thought Sarah was so cute she dumped a TON of bows in her box to play with. Sarah was speechless. On the way out the door she was skipping again and just in heaven! To top off the evening I took her to my favorite ice cream place ever...COLDSTONE! I've never taken the kids and Sarah is the first, and still only one who has been. She really enjoyed it. Even though she could see it eating in the dark car on the way home. Ella was safely tucked in her box in the back seat so she didn't have to worry about spilling or dripping ice cream on her. Even though I would have LOVED to have done this two years ago for Sarah I'm so glad I finally got to take MY Sarah bear to get HER very own bear. Sarah has loved dressing her bear up in little clothes outfits from my friend Jen. She can't say enough about accessorising with the bows. Because Sarah loves to actually dress the bear up, and really any toy-especially barbies-she will do this for hours, I have been an ebay junkie watching for GREAT buys on B-A-B clothes. Can we say Easther?...Brithday...Christmas...just being cute...bribery...LOL!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sunday Snow Day

It snowed again here! A dusting more like it, lol. But enough for them to cancel church. Seriously. I remember days in OH going to church and school in snow that we had to DIG our way through to get to both. Yet…here in the south white precipitation is cause for total shut down. Grocery shelves go bare after the first weather forecast. Trucks are out salting the roads or distributing a brine mixture. Funny thing is, we rarely get snow after all of that. So when we do, it’s a big deal.

The kids and I had a GREAT day! The only thing that could have made it better was if we had been able to sleep in instead of getting up, showering and THEN finding out there’s no church. wink wink. Oh well-lol! After the news came, everything slowed down. sigh. In a good way for sure. The kids started playing games with Grandma and Crappa and had a ball. After awhile I photocopied some church activities out of a couple books I had been given. I turned on a playlist of the 2009 Primary Sacrament Presentation songs and the kids started singing the songs and coloring. It was wonderful hearing them sing, seeing them sitting together around the table happily working on their “church homework” as they call it. wink.

At one point during our coloring and homework, Christopher got a bit slap happy to say the least. Emily, Kayleah and I were around to witness his hysteria. He had us all laughing with him and we didn’t even know why?! He is such a hoot! If you look closely at Christopher’s hair in this picture, you will see a ponytail. If you look at the girls hair, you’ll see lots of braids in their hair. Janece did those. And apparently she thought Christopher shouldn’t be left out. Or it was a subtle hint that the boys need hair cuts, like YESTERDAY. tee hee. Well, good news is my friend Amy is going to save the day, and then they will look FABULOUS! *yep, that was for you-and you know who you are, wink*

To end the day on a perfect note, we had been invited over to dinner by our good friends the Taylors. The kids had a blast, the adults had a blast, it was perfect. We played games, ate good food, laughed and laughed some more. Good day.