Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Pioneer Day

Happy 24th of July! Our Stake primary put on a 24th of July Pioneer celebration day that was loads of fun! The kids got to dress up, I made the girls skirts but they made their hats and the boys made their vests ;)

There were several "stations" set up that the kids had free reign to explore. First up they picked the Laundry station...super fun!

Watching them "milk a cow" was really funny!

Who can resist a petty zoo?, I can! I can resist a petting zoo...but my kids can not.

Tug of war! YE-AH!! (don't worry, the gun in the background isn't loaded...hee hee)
Can I dig for gold?! PA-LEEEASE?!

She is a cute pioneer farmer don'tcha think? ;)
Makin' necklaces and pounding nails...does it get better than this?

And FINALLY they got to ride in the cart!! Sarah seriously tried to do this ALL day. I would look around and say "WHERE is Sarah?...STANDING IN LINE FOR THE PUSH CART...grrrr" All day she was sneakin' over to that line and then she would get SO mad when I'd find her and make her get out and stay with us. LOL When it finally WAS time for us to go over to the carts, they were the 2nd to last cart that was taken for the day...PHEW! I NEVER would have lived that down.

We really had a good time. Maybe a tad exhausting though...
and yes Virginia, I made her lamb a matching skirt too. ;-)

Friday, August 14, 2009

We are alive!!

OK! We are alive and KICKIN' ;) I'm working on getting internet at my house so I can come alive again in the cyber world. And let me just say....I HAVE MISSED YOU!! I am SO behind in blogs and everything else internet related...grrrr