Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sarah lost her FIRST 2 teeth...on her own!

Several weeks ago we noticed Sarah's two front teeth were loose. REALLY loose. But she just wasn't ready to get them out...until NOW!
Aunt Janece encouraged Sarah to put her first tooth out by offering her part of her Christmas present right then! Well WHO can resist a Christmas present?! NOT Sarah!! So, in no time at all she ripped out that first tooth. And I mean SHE ripped out that tooth! Aunt Janece brought out her present and it was a Junie B Jones book, Toothless Wonder! *wink*
It was soon after that first front tooth came out that Sarah was wiggling at the second one...and soon it was HANGING in her mouth!
And at last, here's toothless wonder! *wink* She is growing up on me so fast!

Christmas Concert

Kaleb and Kayleah are in the school choir, two actually. One of the choir's they're in performed Thursday night. They did SUCH a good job! I was really impressed!! They sang 7 songs. The kids harmonized, sang rounds and really impressed me with how well they worked as a choir with their director. The second song they sang was "Do You See What I See"...brought me to TEARS!! To see and hear my children appreciating and singing music filled me with joy. I'm hoping one of the parents there will burn me a copy of the performance. I did get a few pictures though. *wink*goobers!
Leave it to Kaleb to ham it up!
aww now THATS sweet!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


I finished going through papers from the kids that they brought home the beginning of this week and wanted to share them!

This is Topher's Turkey, on the back he had several things first I thought it was a list of the things he was thankful for...but after I read potatoes I knew that COULDN'T be it! *wink*
Here's a collage of things that Kaleb's thankful for. What I find most amusing is that he has pictures of lots of ducks and then a hunting jacket...hmmm LOL!
Emily drew this holy all by herself! I thought it was I'm sharing. And here's just a cute picture she drew. Funny story-several nights ago we were eating dinner and Kaleb called me Ms Wilson. I said who?! Ms Wilson is his teacher *wink* I then started pointing out how I didn't even LOOK like his teacher...I said she had blonde hair I have brown she's REALLY short I'm just a little short *wink* Then Christopher piped in and said, "ya she's skinny and you're fat" I turned around and acted REALLY shocked that he just said that! The kids were all laughing. I was standing by Emily and she reached over and while squeezing my stomach said "Mom's not fat she's just squishy!" LOL!!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

It's COLD!!!

This morning we walked outside to find everything covered in frost! The kids thought it was GREAT! Me...not so much. Why? Because I had to scrape the car!! hands were FROZEN by the time I was done. But I changed my mind when I got to my best friends house and saw her frozen rose bushes. So beautiful!