Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I'm back baby!

I would make all kinds of promises that I won't get THIS behind again...but let's be realistic. wink. Rest assured I still have Thanksgiving, Christmas AND New Year's Eve still in draft modes and WILL post them...eventually. And with Valentines Day just days away...I'll just let you know now, it MIGHT not be posted about for awhile either. As a heads up I'm WAAAYYY behind in reading other peoples blogs get ready for comments on really old posts. lol!

So here's a VERY condensed reader's digest update on what's been going on with us. We have all been sick. I mean REALLY sick. First we went through all the nasal sinus crap. Then the flu hit us. Then the nasal sinus crap came BACK. And we are just a few days away from finishing up antibiotics for STREP THROAT! Honestly! I feel like a Children's clinic!

To back up just a tad...The week after Sarah had her teeth removed, Christopher had four teeth removed as well. All of his baby K9 teeth were taken out. We joked that he would no longer be part dog. lol! He thought that was funny. The nurse that assisted with his removals told me that she hasn't had a better patient she was so impressed with him! She let him pick out two toys from the treasure box (that was kinda funny to watch cause the poor kids was so drugged up that he doesn't even remember picking what he did!) and she told me that I just HAD to brag on him for how well he did. It's even more amazing because one of the top k9's didn't want to come out. The roots were so strong and long that the tooth actually broke in half! So that part of his mouth was pretty bruised up-poor guy! He was such a trooper though and did REALLY well.

Topher's tooth extraction happened on a Monday...the next four days ended up being snow days! Yes, I said the next FOUR days. Those were some fun, and ROUGH days people. We did have a good time playing games and hanging out. After awhile though the kids were bored stiff with the indoors and the need to burn off energy was high! Monday we were all so glad that school was back on. wink wink and a nod....oh yeah.

More big news was the big move. The addition to the house is finally....almost finished. LOL! It's finished enough to use though and that's what's important. So, now the girls have their own room and LOTS more play space for both the girls AND the boys. Which is GREAT news for me cause they are so happy with more space to spread out and play in. The new family room has been a huge hit as well. It's in the perfect location. We can see in from the kitchen or dinning room. The way the room is also contains more noise than the old family room did. Making the rest of the house feel more separated. Nice. I also now have my ya let's go with space. wink.

My new room is actually the old family room. With Janece and Jeremy moving in, things shifted around and this is where I landed. As far as location is concerned it's great. I'm right down the hall from the kids, bonus for Emily who still crawls into my bed in the wee hours of the morning. Plus I'm RIGHT off the kitchen making it a breeze to get late night snacks! lol! The only down sides are that I'm RIGHT off the kitchen making it a breeze to get late night snacks...blast. And being right off the kitchen leaves little to no privacy for me still. This last one will improve some once I get doors on my room, but walls are thin. wink wink. It's taken me quite some time now to get reorganized in my room after moving things around and believe me when I say that I'm no where near DONE. I can however get to my desk, sit down at it AND type on my laptop! So life is good. I can blog again. happy sigh.

Still, the new space and shifting has been great. The biggest bonus for me is that the kids have SO much more room to move around in. It's amazing really how much of a difference the extra space has made. We've been pretty tightly packed in for the last 2 years though we've been/are grateful to have had a place to be packed in at all.

So there you have it. All my excuses basically for why I haven't taken the time to sit down and blog. MUCH to blog about. Just NO time to do it. Knock on wood that will now turn around. wink wink!